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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Loxare
      Pirate as in scallawags who traverse uncharted oceans with a captain on the quarterdeck, a helmsman at the helm and a navigator in the crow's nest. And I have no issues with pirates of the media kind. It's not technically illegal.
    2. Korosu
      Yes good sir, you are. Feel honored, I normally tell gent-like folk to leave me be in a rude manner, but don't worry, I won't with you.

      But it is true! I, Kelly, have said it! Therefore, it'll become true! Even if I have to kill a few people to make it happen. I don't mind blood on my hands. :B|: Another thing you will learn in time, I am a violent person, somewhat. I have a unhealthy obsession with gore and guts, anything along those lines and I love it. c: /useless fact. But yeah, you'd probably learnt it anyway if I didn't tell you.

      She is indeed worth looking up! I love her so. It's nice to see somebody with appreciation for nearly all types of music, it is rare to find these days.

      I have been told to watch it but my anime list is a tad long at the moment, I need to finish quite alot. I am talking about this member, What? He is such a gent, very kind and all that jazz. I think you and him will get along grand if given the chance.
    3. Loxare
      Indeed. ... How do you feel about pirates?

      I don't either. Let's sign a non aggression pact and agree not to argue! hehehe

      It's a pain but I'm used to it.

      I do. I don't get to listen to it much though... ;-;
    4. Loxare
      No I joined on 2009. I just never came on. Ever. Til around June-ish.

      I have every point. The same happened with Hitler.

      My spares alternate. One day it's after lunch, the next it's just before the end of the day.

      I have no argument with that. At all.
    5. Korosu
      Don't worry, you are succeeding triumphantly.
      But everybody knows, janitor's get all the chicks. Scruffy get's all the girls, he get's all the girls~
      Oh my dear, you're missing out! Emilie Autumn is truly talented! She is a singer, musician, author, poet, artist, and a model. Check her out, she is truly marvelous and she is my favorite artist.

      Ah, Steins;Gate. I have yet to watch that series, I hear it's quite good, very entertaining too. Jazz? Oh my. What? a member here would get along quite well with you.
    6. Loxare
      You will. You just need to stay active. I just became active this year and look how knowledgable I am!

      Anytime is the wrong time to invade Russia.

      Yup. Lunch hour. I have a spare next though so I'm happy.
    7. Korosu
      Madmae? Oh, what a gent.

      See? You're indeed, Scruffy the Janitor. c:

      Nothing much really. Listening to my beloved Emilie Autumn. Yourself?
    8. Korosu
      No problem. Hello, janitor.
    9. Cat~
      Ah, I see you've used a spanish term. You probably don't know that I'm half Cuban and half Italian, but I thank ye anyway.

      Good to know. XP

      Well, at least we've still got KHV.

      Now please excuse me while I try and use the emulator.
    10. Cat~
      Well, thanks for that.

      Yep. I personally hate bastards who would do that on a regular basis, and yet I'd probably resort to it if need be. I am such a hypocrite.

      Yep, and we've typed enough in all our VMs so far to make up a whole MSN conversation between a few people. X3
    11. Cat~
      It should, the emulator itself seems to be working fine, and I'm about to look up which game came first in the timeline.

      Well, gamers just go along with it because they have the money to burn and figure that it doesn't matter much, but when a company like Capcom makes a whole other game with bonus content (I guess I could mention Square with all the KH Final Mixes they've released for every stinking game) it's pushing it a bit too far.

      Well, that's quite an admirable trait.

      Yeah, so you still get the two weeks, you just start a week after we did. That's alright.
      Well, I can't exactly use the instant messenger... it's a looong story.
    12. Cat~
      Well, I managed to find one called iDeaS and I'm trying to export it from the .zip file as we speak. Luckily, I also found TnT and JfA ROMs. Also, just a side note, I use Windows Vista. Old school, I know, but I'm comfortable with it all the same.

      Good point, and if they have less content than they should, I think I'll just hold off on buying it until they let out a Greatest Hits edition or the like. Yep, that's also why I take the reviews from GI very seriously. For the most part, their criticism of a bad game is on par with my complaints, and my mom complains that I don't try a game she's willing to get me just because of another person's opinion. The thing is, I don't want her to waste money on a game I won't touch after a five minute playthrough; I want her to waste her money on a game that I won't put down for months on end and that I can pick up again without any trouble a year later.

      Maybe, but you could always go back to someone you did hours for and ask if there's any way that they could say that you did a few more. Sympathy is quite the tool.

      Yep, and I'm quite enjoying it, though I feel horrible that there are people who still have to go to school until the 23rd. Yes, it's quite the good read, and I also read The Hunger Games and The Power of Six (sequel to I Am Number Four). When it's something I enjoy, I can cruise through it in eight or so hours. When it's something big and bulky, I'll usually read it in small bits wherever I go, the car wash, school, etc. I get my fill any which way that I can.
    13. Cat~
      Well, it's fine. I was just saying so that you could hear my voice (since you sold your PS3 and we can't play now).

      Yeah, but we're only talking about it through VMs. If it were in an actual thread with links and everything, it'd be different. Still, I need the actual DS emulator before I can try and find the files of the games themselves.

      Yeah, well I don't really ever buy DLC and I would enjoy having monsters to help you fight bosses that'd kill you right away otherwise. And wow, 40/40 from Famitsu? I guess I'll just wait and see what GameInformer gives it, as I have a subscription and get it monthly in the mail.

      Try volunteering at an animal shelter or joining Key Club (if you have one at your school). If all else fails, you could ask your parents if they know of anything.

      I just had breakfast (and it's 12:48 here. EST) and I'm planning on getting on Uncharted 3's multiplayer component later. I also hope to read another hundred pages of The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. It's over 500 pages and I've been putting it off for far too long.
    14. Cat~
      Quite the contrary. If you want to hear me, get on Youtube and type in KHVChorus. Click on the one that says "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and you can hear a solo and a duet of my voice. I swore to Jayn that I'd do one and I did.

      Yeah, and I think TnT was actually eighty. They don't make them anymore and getting your hands on a copy is tough. Well, I can try looking for an emulator, but I can't guarantee I'll find anything. I can understand your perspective on that matter but I actually enjoyed getting a new spin on things. Maybe it's because my I went totally out of order, but that's just me.

      Well, they're going to seriously fix it in XIII-2, so I'll be waiting. Oh, I have the collection and all three original titles, so I've had enough of a recap for one decade. XD

      Yeah, we all have to get community service hours to graduate. I only have two years left, and I'm the kind of person who likes just hanging out. It's gonna suck. D:
    15. Loxare
      It's ok. You know now. Soon you will know most there is to know about this site!

      Yeah, I do. People should experience at least one full blown Canadian winter in their lives. For example, if Napoleon had know how cold winter could be, he never would have invaded Russia. If you ever try to conquer the world, skip Russia.

      Well, it's morning now and I'm in school. Bleh. Oh well. It could be worse.
    16. Loxare
      Last Person To Post V. LP2P is the abbreviation. Silly newb. ^-^

      I feel sorry for the people in Florida who have snowless Christmases and no tolerance for temperatures below ten. I wait eagerly for the day we get a transfer student. >:D
    17. Daxa~
      Because of magiccc.

      Alrighty my dear,have a very good sleep and I shall probebly not be on,so hopefully talk tommorow?
      Much love to you my little Fluffykins,and sweet dreams~
    18. Daxa~
      Oh goodness me.
      I am the perverted one here dear,not you.

      Hurrah! I am happy now.

      Yesh,it is a very good thing.
    19. Daxa~
      Hurrah! Be sure to call into me,I have lots of tea and Tim Curry magic.

      Yesh,my little Fluffykins,and if you do not stay,I shall hunt you down <3
      Oh god yes,we have. Now while I will be the first to admit my spelling is awful...
      Some of the new members makes me cry.
      And they text talk.
      Its all "hay bbz how r u? kkthx,g2gbi" stuff,and it makes me raggeeeeee.
    20. Daxa~
      Oh youuu.

      I do live in Ireland,and yes,before you ask,we are all drunk gigner leprechauns who sing odd rebel songs in pubs and grow potateos.
      The awkward moment when,if you take out the leprechaun bit,its all true.

      Oh good,I do so hope you shall stay.
      Between you and me,it is amazing to have a new member who can spell properly <3
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
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