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Mar 6, 2013
Dec 18, 2011
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Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)


Merlin's Housekeeper, 29, from Canada.

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Mar 6, 2013
    1. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      Eh, it was alright. Been stressing out about different projects coming up but I'm almost done with them. >< Hopefully...
    2. Daxa~
      I might be half disappearing again in a while, to dry my hair. And with luck I shall not be kicked off the Internet. So yesh.
      And they really are, I adore them. Yesh, I feel all lovely and clean and warm and cosy and my hair smells like vanilla. Omnomnom~

      Yesh, she is at work, and getting a massive tattoo on her back, which is why she did not come down with my other sister. And the sister who is down now is staying...for another day or two, not really sure actually.

      I shall probably not be able to get on msn until the weekend sweetheart, and if I do get on later today, it is because some of my friends are going crazy and need me. Blargh ;;

      Yesh I do mean it. Yesh yesh. I can not get over the fact anyone would want me in their signature, as a quote or otherwise. It is amazing. And kh my, I have no clue dear.
    3. Daxa~
      Ever so sorry for the late reply my darling, my brother final,y got out of the bathroom, ski decided to have a lovely late night shower~

      It is lovely to see her I must say, although I wish my other half sister could be down aswell. But meh, I am enjoying having her here right now, it is lovely.

      Oh good, nothing bad happened yesterday did it? As if it did...then your stomach could be magical.

      And I would be honoured my dear, just honoured!
    4. Daxa~
      Alright, had a super long busy Dayan school, but meh. One of my half sisters is down on one of her four or five times a year visits, so the two of us are catching up over tea and nail polish.
      Oh yesh.
      How are you?
    5. Daxa~
      Hello dear~
    6. Maka Albarn
      Maka Albarn
      I am, I just haven't logged onto MSN yet. :'D Been recording something.

      How are you?
    7. ShibuyaGato
      I'm sorry. I saw it at school and when I got home, I had to focus on my AP stuff while I refreshed for other VMs/PMs.

      Really, I'm sorry.
    8. Daxa~
      Well my friends know I never sleep, so generally assume I am tired. Add that to my naturally super pale skin, and yesh. Silly people they are, silly people.

      Well I am here, for a while at least.
    9. Daxa~
      One of my friends decided to carry me around all day, as he decided I looked all tired. Not that I was complaining. And my other friend carried my bag. Goodness I love them <3~

      And blargh, what kind of feeling?
    10. Daxa~
      I am rather good, was my first day back at school after two weeks off. But it was rather lovely I must say.
      How are youuuu?
    11. Daxa~
      Hello there dear~
    12. Jayn
      Whoo! Got it. Thank you. c:
      And yayyyy. <3 Can't wait.
    13. Dinny
      ahurrhurrhurr we're the best 8D
    14. Dinny
      stick? xD

      Awww, yey . <3
    15. Dinny
      Ahaha xD

      I'm still sickish tho D:
    16. Dinny
      uwaaaaaahhhhhh 0:

      <3 *surprise cuddle*
    17. Dinny
      Ahahaha XD I was just crying the WHOLE movie. Like, the entire frick film. It's crazy. Even the funny parts. Oh dear gosh, I'm never watching that again AHAHA

      Oh and we totes will be .
    18. Jayn
      Well, I don't render things either, so. x:
    19. Dinny
      Ahahaha, I love Toy Story <3 I can never watch the 3rd again though. I've only seen it once in my life and I'm just crying all the time etc. ; ;

      Ahahahahaha lol maybe one day XD
    20. Dinny
      Ahaha, that's cool c:

      YUS. Exactactly! ;D
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    Aug 4, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Music, Gaming, Animu.


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    "Lose yourself in battle, and rejoice!"