May 12, 2008
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Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
Dead God


Traverse Town Homebody, 32, from Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime

So bloody bored... people need to fix this -_-" Mar 9, 2014

    1. NikkiNoNo
      You are such a robot! Gosh im going to call you C3PO for now on

      I dont know what that is haha

      Beacuse i lost the page and i need to find it T.T
    2. NikkiNoNo
      Lol Yes! I am silly and with a silly friend you will be aggravated which more which mean you will show more emotions amd then you will get use to me and be funny! Haha my predictions


      Im not lieing i literally found questions to ask a guy and they also had pervy questions
    3. NikkiNoNo
      Lol if i was your friend your life wouldn't be depressing, just sayin' hahah xD

      Heeyy i can be geek! I am appalled now lol

      Hahaha xD really? Well of you must know i found these questions online and there were some pervy questions in the list so i was just going to skip those.
    4. NikkiNoNo
      Gosh, its depressing because you make it depressing -.- and please save me!

      Whats the book about?
    5. NikkiNoNo
      haha, i wish i were you. oh and yes, save me!!!

      ooh what book did you buy?

      Icing my wrist and just started some posting on this Orgy Members RP i joined.
    6. NikkiNoNo
      yes so 5 more days of this torture. i have never enjoyed the weekends this much lol

      so what are you up to Sessa-chan?
    7. NikkiNoNo
      I'm using my phone so all i have to do is slide my finger on the keypad, thank good forAndroids
      It is terrible but I'm looking forward for Friday. We have themes and that day is beach day, and practice ends at 4 plus we are having a balloon fight and the guard has 35 balloons so far because we learned guard work in two days for half of the song.
    8. NikkiNoNo
      Ugh, i dont want to go to practice im scared that if i continue and my wrist gets hurt it'll be hard for me to write.
      I cant even type or play video games without flinching!

      Ill check it out now
    9. NikkiNoNo
      Thank you for worrying about me. But if i die you always have my nobody, haha xP

      Just replied
    10. NikkiNoNo
      I almost died. I woke up Friday morning and was in so much pain i couldn't stand it! My while wrist was aching and i thought i had broke it. What actually happened was my wrist's tendons were stretched so far that my wrist could have been sprained.
      I am falling apart slowly.

      Okay i will post.
    11. NikkiNoNo
      oh, well there is always a cloud or two blocking the harmful sun,.a few drizzles
      -_- if i would, i would quit, that's how bad it is and its only been 2 days.

      have you guys started posting? I'll be posting on Friday evening for sure and we can talk more since its the weekend...
      That is if I'm not dead
    12. Krowley
      Kel is exiting the house, so hopefully you can interact with him.
    13. Jayn
      Edited! Also, will do the banner!
    14. NikkiNoNo
      I knew you were going to say something like that. Yes i miss our talks c:

      How are you?
    15. NikkiNoNo
      Just dropping in to say hi and how i miss our daily talks.
      Band camp is kicking my arss T.T
    16. Krowley
      Ahh yes, attempting to move the story along. Cloud Strife has to deliver his last pouch to Alan-a-dale.
      Currently prompting the sheriff to get angry and let loose some force so you will get to see how boss battles work soon.
      For now, just continue on with her currently inactive character to Otto's house, some more events will happen when you arrive there.
    17. Cloud.Strife.
    18. Cloud.Strife.
      Hey there, what's up?
    19. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Being in like ten RPs, I can easily become inactive a lot.
    20. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Oh thanks.
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    Feb 17, 1992 (Age: 32)
    Beyond the Trivial Aspects of Spacetime
    Dead God
    Howdy. I'm Sessamaru, though I prefer to be called Sess, and I'm a diabolical genius. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, gaming, amongst other things. I love RPing, too, because I believe it helps inspire further ideas for your own creativity, whether personal or public. I have been called "mad" and I take it as the greatest of compliments. Aside from this... I wish for everyone to appease my divine existence by offering me tribute in the form of milk and cookies. Or else...

    Writing, reading, gaming, and drawing.


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