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Apr 18, 1996 (Age: 28)
Film Student


Transformation, Male, 28

Premium Jun 10, 2018

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    1. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Sorry for the late response...I'm Jaden Yuki Again now!

      I really needed to be Jaden Yuki again too...It was causing Total Chaos when I was The Supreme King...It seemed nobody could stand seeing me as a Bad Guy...Well...I do make a much better Hero than I do a Villain...

      It was absolutely heartrending seeing the affect it had on my Alexis...

      But now I'm Jaden Yuki again Permanently![IMG]

      Never again will The Darkside taint me with it's evil!
    2. Geezernorts_Apprentice
      Thanks for the rep and support :D
    3. ^_^Xion^_^
      It's okay lil sis^_^
      lol, you're really nice about your mom;)
      In fact I am^_^
      Okay I'll watch them^.^
    4. Aurangzeb56
      lol thats nice ^^
    5. ^_^Xion^_^
      Yeah I'm glad you're lil sis^_^
      Too bad you're leaving again...
      Umm...I'm going to log off in a while...
      Quick question:
      Do you have a myspace?
      If so, can I have your e-mail?
    6. Aurangzeb56
    7. Mielé
      i WANT negative rep lol. i used to have 1800 rep or so, but now i want -1,500
    8. ^_^Xion^_^
      Okay so you've been added^_^
    9. Dark Link
      Dark Link
      Sure, that's fine.
    10. ^_^Xion^_^
      Well I guess we can play with them?
      Ask dark link I'll ask keybladewarrioroflegend^_^
    11. ^_^Xion^_^
      Yeah, I'm not a miley lover^_^
      Sure, you first?
    12. ^_^Xion^_^
      Anytime, lil sis^_^
      Umm..I actually don't like her, a lot!
      It was a dare to copy this guy's profile and well I had to, it was a dare
      But yeah don't get the wrong immpression...
    13. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Hey. Not much, you?
    14. ^_^Xion^_^
      Hello again^_^
      Okay sure thing sis^.^
      So, how are you?
    15. ^_^Xion^_^
      What is the video called?
    16. ^_^Xion^_^
      That's so radd!
      We can if you want, yeah?
      Since I'm 8 days older, you'll be the younger sister^_^
    17. ^_^Xion^_^
      What's new?
    18. Mike
      Hey, what's up?
    19. Beau
      Yeah, you do too?? I like Temari!!
    20. Koushiana
      koushiana:I think thats cool.
      koushi:I think thats a piece of sh!t
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    Apr 18, 1996 (Age: 28)
    Film Student
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    Cat<3 Sora / ЅкyCɑт / Skitty / €atastrophe / Doctor Who? / Christmas Cat / Tony Stark / iCat / Princess Yue / Chipster the Cat / lawlCat / ɪenzo / Cat~ / Terrible Ten-inch / Naoto Shirogane / Dean Winchester / Oswin Oswald / Ten / Yui / Damon Salvatore / BARRY... / Doctor / Koki Kariya / Nui Harime / NubCat / anelg / Crowley / Mega Man / Arch Hates Dean / ShibuyaGato
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    I share a birthday with David Tennant. This is all you need to know~

    Interests? Why yes, I have many.
    CatxKT 5ev-shot-

    "I'd want Sherlock to be canceled." ~Ienzo
    "Majestic fat flaps." ~Ienzo
    "I will accept anything right now... I was under sleep-deprivation." ~Ienzo
    "Yeah! Get muscly man legs" - Ienzo



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