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July 19


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Oct 14, 2021
    1. Terra254
      Why didn't you?That would have been AWESOME to see again
    2. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Now the main Decks I know of that use the Heralds are Herald of Perfection and Counter Fairies Decks. But Warrior Decks sometimes use them too.
    3. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Take Black Luster Solider Envoy of The Beginning and Honest for example. That should tell you something.
    4. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Jaden used Winged Kuriboh and Honest in The Anime. Both are Fairies. Warriors and Fairies have good Synergy with each other. And thereofre I can use them.

      Also, My Deck NEEDS them. You see, my Deck has one very fatal weakness. And if that weakness is ever discovered chances are I'll always lose no matter who I Duel. And The Heralds are pretty much my only defense against this said weakness.

      And before you ask, My Evil Hero/Supreme King Deck does NOT have the heralds.
    5. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      You're good at explaining things and you seem to be knowledgeable about this game so I think you may be up for it.
    6. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      She did need the help. Thanks again.

      You know, You just might be the Rule Moderator I'm looking for.
    7. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Thank you for helping Accalia.
    8. Accalia
      Okay but how do you know how many you need to tribute summon something?
      Also what is Ritual Summoning?
    9. Daxa~
      Hey again Fred!!!!
      Heres some Mulan for you :p

      For a long time we've been marching off to battle
      In our thund'ring herd we feel a lot like cattle
      Like the pounding beat our aching feet aren't easy to ignore
      Hey, think of instead a girl worth fighting for
      That's what I said:
      A girl worth fighting for

      I want her paler than the moon with eyes that shine like stars
      My girl will marvel at my strength, adore my battle scars
      I couldn't care less what she'll wear or what she looks like
      It all depends on what she cooks like: Beef, pork, chicken ...
      Mmmh ...

      Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer
      And I'll bet the ladies love a man in armor
      You can guess what we have missed the most
      since we went off to war
      What do we want?
      A girl worth fighting for

      My girl will think I have no faults
      That I'm a major find
      How 'bout a girl who's got a brain
      Who always speaks her mind?
      My manly ways and turn of phrase are sure to thrill her
      He thinks he's such a lady-killer

      I've a girl back home who's unlike any other
      Yeah, the only girl who'd love him is his mother
      But when we come home in victory they'll line up at the door
      What do we want?
      A girl worth fighting for
      Wish that I had
      A girl worth fighting for
      A girl worth fighting -

      Such an epic song :3
      Ok see ya!
    10. Accalia
      Uh Okay. O.o Need pictures lol
    11. Accalia
      Dude I was joking.
    12. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      I have a little proposition for you, How would you like to be the Rule Moderator of my Arena?

      I just thought I'd make you this offer since you seem to be very knowledgeable about this game and you seem to be good at watching what goes on in the Arena. And besides, it's the least I can do to make things up to you after that fight we had.[IMG]
    13. Terra254
      Yeah,him.He was awesome,he was the only one who believed in me in the arena,hes actually how I got better.
    14. Terra254
      You mean with Jesse?
    15. Terra254
      How do you know alot about everybody ? :/8D:
    16. Accalia
      Have you been stalking my vm box? O.o
    17. Accalia
      Uh me no understand.
    18. Accalia
      Uh thanks. But um could you show me how to tribute summon something?
    19. SonGoku
      Hello good sir :china:, I see your a very inspiring duelist, maybe after you're free, we could duel.
    20. Droid
      Hello good Sir, I see your challenging Jay again, but next time we're both free we need to have a match.
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