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Jan 9, 2014
Mar 31, 2007
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December 29
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Soras heartless

Moogle Assistant, from Earth

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Jan 9, 2014
    1. nasirrich
      Rosey- ^,^ Now try to concentrate on the on both Ashley and SH ok. Once you do that I need you to do a breakthrough, and you'll see why in a second.
    2. nasirrich
      Rosey- There that's it!!! Now just let it all flow alright don't force it out like you usually would just let it flow naturally flow out.
    3. NightofNights
      Chess:*dodges each one* Naw. you're kinda like NoN in a way. with a touch of hatter.
    4. nasirrich
      Rosey- Ok good now don't force it our let it flow so this way you won't have to waste so much energy just to release your aura even if your a very well balance fighter.
    5. NightofNights
      Chess: Pft you're not the only person to piss me off. *quickly slips away before Sensui could touch him* Alice does that alot too. NoN as well, and Hatter.
    6. nasirrich
      Rosey- Yea just go like...*Starts to charge up without having to do anything really, and just stand there looking at him.* Like this....
    7. nasirrich
      Rosey- Uhhh... Oh yea can you charge up for like 30seconds?
    8. nasirrich
      Rosey- PERFECT!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!*Goes over and hugs him, lets go, and gets what Sensui brought to her.*
    9. nasirrich
      Rosey- O_O*Sighs thinking of how else she can do that.* Hmmmm well do you have any other way to do something like that?

      Kim- Well maybe he can...
      Rosey-*Teleports to Kim covering her mouth teleporting to Sensui after.*

      Kim- -.-

      (Alright cool thanks man just wanted to get your take on it.)
    10. nasirrich
      Rosey- Ok now I need you to do that portal thing and fire two of your hottest fires moves every five minuets ok.

      (Yes Soul and Amy, but like that kissing thing I've seen people outside of gods do that so like did I start it or was it someone else? Just wonderin cause it hit me when I was re-reading gods of kh from the start.)
    11. nasirrich
      Rosey- Come on please don't die on me both of you.

      (Uhhh well like CR and Kim, or even before that? Cause that's the only thing I can think of.)
    12. nasirrich
      Rosey- Yes go in the back and get all the jello like vases in the back. And I mean all.

      (Yo quick question....)
      (Sorry about that CR I was just looking back on the gods like the very first post and how we developed as underground rp-ers... Well rp-ers and quick question was I the 1st one to do that thing with the kiss... Like kisses tenderly and slowly like that? Or do you know of someone else just wondering cause ever since I did that mad heads started doing that.)
    13. NightofNights
      Chess:*shrugs* hey. ma always said to do what you love. so it only makes sense, right?
    14. nasirrich
      Rosey- I wish I could, but not at this moment in time. I need my actual self to do this.
      Kim- I could...
      Rosey- Shhhhh....*Covers her mouth again.*
      Kim- -,-
    15. NightofNights
      Chess:*grins* Why of course. it's my job.
    16. nasirrich
      Rosey- Uhhhh why???*Eyes are twitching now.*

      Kim-*Sighs and lays back down going back to sleep.*
      Rosey-*Sees Kim going back to sleep and rushes over to her and slams on top of her.* KIM NO!!!!!
      Kim-*Jolts up and is scared now.* W-What why can't I...
      Rosey- Shhhh....*Quickly gets off of her, and goes back to trying to figure out how to help SH and Ashley.*
    17. nasirrich
      Rosey- Wait man geez...*Takes Kim and places her on the couch looking for something.*
      Kim- R-Rose...
      Rosey-*Covers Kim's lips as she tries to look for something on Kim.*

      (Yea I know I had something else, and it all got erased for some odd reason. Anyways I get what you mean sorry SH this sux so much.)
    18. nasirrich
      Rosey- Ok put Ashley where Kim is, and SH on the bed next to this one.
      Kim- Errr wait why do I...
      Rosey-*Covers her lips and cuts her off.*

      (Naw man see its like an outside story kind of thing. And besides your doing this thing with me so don't forget that.)
    19. nasirrich
      Rosey- Its not that I mean look at him real good, and his clothes if you get what I mean.*
      Kim-*Wakes up and stretching out yawning.* Oh wow what happened while I was out is everyone ok.
      Rosey-*Covers Kim's eyes.* Please don't look ok sweetie.
      Kim- U-Ummm ok? I'm not sure why, but...
      Ashley-*Comes back all injured and passes out on the floor.*
      Rosey- Awww come on!!!

      (Yo SH you should post in the new Gods thing the x-mas special man. I mean you can say and do whatever pretty much, and we gotta have you back in the story. Like its not gods without them all no matter how far we get. Don't forget your part of this too so you will not be forgotten and your like on of my fav's btw. Then there's CR, NON, and Joe. Nights is too I just love how well we all get our ideas to agree even though we barely know one another.)
    20. nasirrich
      Rosey- -;- I know he...*Sighs shaking her head and has no comment at this point in time.* So ummm what's burning?*Looks at you and her eyes widen as she blushes so much.* S-SH uhhhh... W-What happened?

      Kim-*Blasts off into a Dream.*
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    I am poetic nonsense. The invisible like that nobody can ever find. I am the one that's can be the ghost in the room. My ideals do not match the ones my family has. I choose to be free spirited. Live to the extent that I have laid down myself. I hate when people try to guide me to their ideal. I will argue. Note that past is in the past. And the future still can be changed.

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