Sep 16, 2008
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That's me inside your head.

    1. Llave
      That's completely understandable, knowing when it ends so you can delightfully pace yourself through it. However, Steins;gate is a finished anime series, it only has 24 episodes. I highly recommend it.
    2. Llave
      Well I am unsure if you've seen Steins;gate, that is very recent and really good.
    3. Llave
      We all have our rises and falls. Sometimes you get back up, and sometimes you're only a memory in long dead threads. But at least you're still around.

      Yeah, I like Durarara!!, a really good series. I can get really picky with both anime and manga, but more so on manga. All the characters complimenting each others personalities with their own really made it beautiful.
    4. Llave
      Nope, I joined KHV back in June of 2010, and wasn't active till July of 2011. So not really. hahaa! But I saw you around and wanted to say hello.
    5. Llave
      Hello, random KHVidian here. Just thought I'd pop in and give a greeting.
    6. Makaze
      It is not as if I have a personal interest as of yet, I am just curious. I will probably forget about it soon. Just remember that I may be interested if you get done, so keep me in mind.
    7. Makaze
      That is correct. Or more perfect, as it usually goes.

      I might be interested in this novel if ever move past a snail's pace. Let me know if you get done with it, will you?
    8. Makaze
      Depends on your perspective. I wish to become perfect, but I have no specific field that is more perfect than the others. I guess it depends on what I wish to do at the time. If I were passionate about everything, would that not be the same as being passionate about nothing? Meh.

      I suppose I move toward what seems most enjoyable to me at the time. No real hobbies as a result.
    9. Makaze
      No, it's understandable. Though I think he may use reading glasses in the books, I am not sure.

      Ah, well. Jack of all trades but master of none... I guess I will find something eventually, or master everything. Honestly cannot tell which is more likely.
    10. Makaze
      It is fanart, so expect some people to be liberal with their tastes. Many people make his eyes red in artwork though there is nothing in the series to justify this. And so on.

      Sometimes. I am not the most creative person, but I am taking part in the KH-Vids Graphics Worm for example and have participated on the KHV Chorus before. I like to have a hand in things, but I do not have any specific passions. Are you the same?
    11. Makaze
      I mean, just about anything that could be called one. Do you do anything of a creative nature?

      It is Orihara Izaya of Durarara!!. Recognize him now?
    12. Makaze
      Never do any projects? Do you watch things often? You like Lain, so that is something, but...
    13. Makaze
      Fair enough. I guess I have too much free time, or I would do the same. You start to recognize said members if you read their threads even if you do not post in them. I guess that does not make them more interesting. What do you do, then?
    14. Makaze
      Correct. At least we know both of us can be right.

      I do not see you post often. Is there a reason why you lurk so much?
    15. Makaze
      Glad we could agree on something. It was nice arguing with you. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to. I believe this was a draw? All in good fun either way, I guess.
    16. Makaze
      I do not go bananas... But I prefer to know where someone is coming from. I would go about it by speaking with them further, baiting. Has not failed me yet.

      I get that. But I am a bit more confident than that. I do not "fall in love" until I am willing to say it outright. And I fall hard... Without restraint, unlike Sforzato.

      I have never been rejected, so I am not one to speak on this, but I can certainly understand why someone with less guts would have trouble. I would sooner have others be more conscious of their actions than make shy people grow spines because I like variety.
    17. Makaze
      Well if we are going to nit-pick, then "popular" is a wrong word to use. Justin Bieber is popular but whether you want to marry him or rip his face off and feed it to pigeons, you are contributing to his popularity if you do as much as think about him. You're very right that you shouldn't take it as a compliment but consider the following.
      Try"People like your style" which fits even better. It's not too hard to see that being taken as a compliment, because it can very well mean "including me". And even if it doesn't, you still have all those other people who like your style. Even if it's not a personal compliment, you are being noticed for a good choice or good trait.
      Sorry, that was a bad choice. Thank you for correcting me.

      Eh, personal bias. I would consider either statement an opening to an analyzing of my reputation rather than a personal discussion and would respond to it as such.

      If you have no knowledge about how the other person is feeling, then yes.
      And this is where the puzzle's falling into place, because in the vast majority of situations you have no clue why (s)he's beating around the bush. Are they afraid to lose you completely? Haven't they made up their minds yet? The option that lets a glimmer of hope shine through is obviously the preferable one.
      However, what if that other person already knows how they feel and your hope is in vain? For the purposes of this discussion, the person has already decided that they have no interest in you. If that is the case, then does that not change things? I personally would feel more betrayed later on, and logic would tell me that a sharp pain now is better than a huge disappointment later. Subjective?

      The assumption you're guilty of is thinking that you have your conversational partner all figured out. You have no idea that they have no interest in you. And if you do, you've obviously been preparing for the worst so what difference would it make how they tell you?
      I am not assuming that. I am stating that if you, as that partner, have no interest on your end, then leaving the other person hopeful is not a good idea, or not what I would do. The if is important. Both my statement and Sforzato's spoke to those who might say "I am surprised that you are not in relationship" rather than those on the receiving end.

      My own ability to perceive would not change the effectiveness of the compliment in other cases. I consider myself a fair hand at detecting lies, but does that mean that a lie is an effective way to convey the truth, or that I am good at perceiving the truth regardless of the speaker's failings?
    18. Makaze
      Yes, there is a difference. No, it isn't relevant. Take another look at the paragraph where you found the example. Your correction doesn't undermine my point that a single compliment doesn't leave the door open at all. Dawdling on these technical issues is wasting both our times.
      I believe it does. "Your style is very popular" is far less personal than "I like your style", and I do not consider it a compliment. Impersonal. If you wish to convey that you personally like their style, then it is more efficient to state it directly. We spoke of the efficiency of communication just a bit ago. Waste of time? Meh.

      Logic would mean that you'd prefer a small chance (evasive ambiguity) over no chance at all (black-on-white rejection).
      Logic would prefer that there be a small chance in reality. However, logic would also prefer that the other person communicate the reality as efficiently as they can. By your logic, wouldn't being straight out lied to be logically preferred as well?

      And I gave you perfectly valid reasons why it isn't better. You haven't responded to them; you just regurgitated a paragraph from your previous post. Are you just debating for the sake of debating? Because we really are going around in circles on this one.
      You did not. You argued that it does not make it less painful. I argue that it does because I know how it would affect me in this situation. It would it far faster. But again, it is context dependent. They would have to know that I was interested for this argument to apply, and they would have to be willing to hurt me now in order to avoid hurting me later. Given those two things, it is better to make your feelings as obvious as you can. I suppose that was assuming too much?

      And I will not deny that I am debating for the sake of debating... Ah, well. I believe I am right as well, so do what you want with it.
    19. Makaze
      The difference between "I like your style" and "I am surprised that you are not in a relationship" is that the first one is an expression of personal taste. If you were to compare them, it would be more correct to say, "Your style is very popular."

      Ah, perhaps I am being too logical? I would prefer rejection because I lose less sleep over it. I move past things far faster when I know how they are intended. Other people are not like this?

      Like I said, there are far better ways to let someone know that you are not interested, but it is better to let them know if you are decisive about it. Dancing around the issue will drag out the pain until they figure it out for themselves.
    20. Makaze
      VMing so that I do not leave you hanging. First argument with you, I think?

      Whoa boy, this oughta be good...
      We both have rather large egos, don't we?

      Guilty as charged, but it's an assumption I make out of necessity. You can't interpret any remark thrown at you without assuming honesty or dishonesty a priori. Or you could choose not to interpret it at all and just sit there with a dumb look on your face. Not my style, funnily enough. Next!
      Fair enough, subjective to experience and so equal right to assume. I trust my intuition over your own, however, and in the majority of cases where I have heard this said in my presence, it has been generally dishonest or was said to be nice. Am I more cynical than you? I did not expect that, of all things.

      I do not, I merely used appearance as an example (and not just appearance if you read carefully). I used the term "attractiveness" as a blanket term for all of the above. Think of it as a report card. Obviously you won't ace every single parameter; you may even fail a critical one. But when someone basically calls you attractive, you must have done something right.
      Ah, I was hoping you would not catch it. I should know not to play faulty cards.

      Doing one thing right does not make you generally attractive. However, they may call you attractive because you have done one thing right regardless of your general attractiveness. I posit that this is usually the case based on my experience.

      Of course, and I never once said that said phrase is always translatable to "Hey honey, let's hook up.". My point was that it shouldn't be interpreted as "instant friend zone *trollface*" which still stands. And as far as the "false flattery" is concerned, It's a phrase used for a variety of purposes but seldom spoken as an outright lie. Like I said, surprised means surprised and nothing else. No one is going to lie about being surprised that someone is single when they saw it coming from a mile away. Not even when that person is standing right in front of them. They'd rather not remark at all, as logic would have it.
      I did not posit that it was an outright lie. When someone remarks upon your relationship status in this way, they reference the standards of others in relation to how attractive you are. This is an objective statement that avoids including the one speaking in said standard. You speak of how you expect others to see them when you say "I am surprised that you are not in a relationship", but not how you see them.

      You do not convey your personal feelings regarding them, but rather your feelings regarding how attractive they are in relation to the public standard.

      It's only ineffective if you expect it to do miracles. No single compliment is going to win someone over. Telling a girl that she has beautiful eyes isn't going to get you into her pants.
      It is ineffective if your goal is to convey personal interest. See above. All other goals follow after that one, including having them reciprocate.

      Not unless you put it in a quick-and-dirty "Person A says / Person B says" form. I'm in my exam month at the moment, so I have to deep fry my brain more than enough without the "administration of justice" speak in a KHV debate.
      How about a "Person A says / Person B thinks" form?

      Person B is interested in Person A.
      Person A is not interested in Person B.
      Person A says ,"I am surprised that you are not in a relationship."
      Person B thinks, 'Does that mean Person A reciprocates? Should I ask to find out?'
      Option 1:
      1. Ask Person A if they are personally interested.
      2. Person A does not express interest.
      Option 2:
      1. Wait for Person A to express interest.
      2. Person A does not express interest.Person B opts to wait, as most people would, to be sure, but arrives at the same result as if they asked.

      If Person A does not express interest, then Person B is left feeling even more dejected than if Person A had not said anything. In both saying it and not expressing personal interest, Person A has caused Person B to infer that they consider them good enough for others but not themselves, and that is a very hard pill to swallow.

      If Person A is aware of this line of thinking and says it anyway, then he or she would then be intentionally causing the other person to infer a lack of interest, and that is is known as implying.

      To make a more blanket statement about implication. If you know what someone will infer from what you say and you say it knowingly, then you are intentionally implying their conclusion.

      Pray tell.
      Gladly. "I am surprised that you are not a relationship. Not that I am interested, but I can see why others would be."

      While not much better, this is still better than leaving them hanging if you do not wish to convey interest. Any number of other clearer statements will be less painful for them as long as you make your intentions clear and do not let them sleep on an ambiguous statement. They may well lose sleep over it. It is not worth the risk to leave someone wondering if you are interested when you could tell them outright.

      Sorry about the thread getting locked. Not sure if you cared, but I did not want to pollute your VM wall with an arbitrary argument.
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