Sep 16, 2008
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That's me inside your head.

    1. LARiA
      Hehe, that came as a pleasant surprise. Maybe it shouldn't have. Happy holidays to you, too, and a merry Christmas-- or a happy Hanukkah, a happy Kwanzaa. A happy everything.
    2. LARiA
      I like to entertain the thought of a conversation between yourself and Jiku. Imagine it. Has it happened before...? Could be that I missed any interactions between you two cynics. But I, somehow, am doubting it.
    3. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Oh ok. :L *might respond to it anyway*
    4. Ars Nova
      Ars Nova
      Does it matter? You don't believe in something because you want to believe in it, or because it would have the most beneficial outcome. You believe in something because you think it makes sense and the alternative doesn't.
      Was this a response to me? I can't tell.
    5. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Ahaha, more like "good" luck.
      But I'm happy you noticed I didn't draw her shoulders that way on purpose.
    6. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on "The best Traditional Artist".
      I'm very interested how you figured out why I drew the shoulders that way. You had a good pair of eyes there.
      Thank you for voting me. Your comment touched me deeply :3
    7. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Indeed they are. Tick me off every second to look at the world.
    8. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Not me, just things with this country, and the world these days. Everything isn't going...too well..if you know what I mean.
    9. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Weather eh?

      Though I'm glad you're doing okay. All that matters. Me, I've been fine, just living life, and making sure all crap hasn't broken loose on Earth, even though it kind of has already. lol
    10. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Styx, my mate, how have you been within the past forever we've spoken?
    11. Droid
      You did great, I look forward to our next match.
    12. Droid
      I was worried about that happening...for some reason I thought only battle could activate that effect..ugg
    13. Sakura Angel
      Sakura Angel
      No I havnt titled any yet but I will let you know once I come up with them. I understand what you are saying though and thats a big help so thanks :'D
    14. Sakura Angel
      Sakura Angel
      I just went to my peoms thread havnt been there in a long time. I saw your post though about titles. I was thinking about that and you are right. But how would I come about comeing up with names?
    15. Terra254
      Yay!But i doubt i will......
    16. Terra254
      No,and you can go first.
    17. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      True true.

      I think you'll find these more to your liking:

    18. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta
      I found this card and thought it's one you might like:
    19. SonGoku
      hello Mr.Styx, nice wheather were having.
    20. Technic☆Kitty
      K ;) already forgot what it was lol
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