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Mar 12, 2011
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Traverse Town Homebody, from In The Land of Propane and Propane Accessories

terminallyCapricious was last seen:
Mar 5, 2012
    1. Pinekaboo
      Well, not sure if it's forever, since it's been a whole five pages since it happened, BUT STILL.
      There are inanimate reactors he can use instead to keep control. That way if I get bored of him being an hero I can throw him in as superboss.

      I will enjoy trolling him with Berserker later. He can use anything so long as it can be indentified as a weapon. SO HE HIJACKS AN F15 FIGHTER JET.
    2. Pinekaboo
      I just look forward to him getting on a plane. Or any other vehicle.
      "I've been in three plane crashes!"
      - "I'm never flying with you again."


      Yes, yes they are. Although Thoma's is a bit of a cop-out, since he unison's with his love interest once and suddenly he's fine forever.
    3. Pinekaboo
      I saw, and I lol'd. Oh Josef. :lolface:

      Yeah, they're technically living programs, like Reinforce. Same for U-D, when she's awakened at least.
      Big groups are fun, but confusing.

      Very fun; he has a super-powered evil side. And you know how I enjoy those.
    4. Pinekaboo
      Nobody ever stays dead anymore. It's like everyone has unlimited continues.

      Yes, I am. The three Materials.
      It's funny because Defence turned out to be canon, albeit blonde, even more loli than the other girls.
      Also playing Thoma, the magical boy. Because I can.
    5. Bushy
      Hmm. Never expected to see you again.
      Indeed, hello again.
    6. Korosu
      Yeah, there's an example. Damn Mary sues. Indeed, it is terrible. I will cry ever so much if my beloved Dexter or Supernatural does something stupid.

      I see, I liked that season, most or at least some of the fans disagree with my opinion, though. Ergh, when people spoil things, it makes me rage. Hahah, I see. I guess that's good then.

      Yay, good. It is! I feel so out of place normally, having to be around people who do not share my taste and who don't desire to speak with me because of it. I'm forever alone.

      Ah. Eh, everybody has their tastes, I guess.
    7. Pinekaboo
      I am laughing hard at those. All of them.
    8. Pinekaboo
      Yeah, Cas. Looks fun to watch.
    9. Pinekaboo
      Oho, I look forward to seeing what the troll does then. (late reply is late. Went to sleep)

      I like the look of him already.
    10. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Ah. I see.


      I'm pounding!
    11. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Yeahhhhhh that one.
    12. Korosu
      Ah, what season are you on? If I may ask, that is. Sorry if I am being overly forward!

      Ah, I see, I'm liking you more and more. Don't ever leave again, please, it can be difficult to find somebody who the same tastes as I.
      Horror movies do make me laugh ever so much. I was watching the "Wrong Turn" films, one of the reviews said it was "stupidly scary" or something along those lines, oh how wrong they were.

      Yes! The plots must be delicious! I cannot stand it when a good show pulls such stupid plot lines, it makes me rage.
    13. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      I went with Jack Ryan from BioShock.

      He's an amazing character.
    14. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Meh. Those happen to me all the time.

      And sure, RPs are always fun.
    15. Korosu
      Ah, alright.
      And I've heard so much about Dexter and have been wanting to try it but ajskdfljfsdoawfl sort of put it on the shelf to watch a bit of Bones(although I'm sortof starting to leave it), Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, and rewatch That 70's Show.

      But asjdfklsa Too boring; didn't read.
      My answer is not yet, but, planning to.
      Bones? Okay, you are now my official TV buddy. Why leaving it? Same reason as other fans? "It's lost it's appeal" or something along those lines? Oh, you like blood and such, like myself, you'll love Dexter.
    16. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Sorry for the late response.

    17. Korosu
      Supernatural avatar and sig. Dude, I love you. <3
    18. TwilightBlader
      Hey there I'm surprised to see your back =D

      Glad to have you back
    19. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Gah, I must start reading Homestuck soon...

      I just haven't gotten the time to start reading it.
    20. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Same here.

      I don't think it ever will... <__-
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