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Mar 12, 2011
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Traverse Town Homebody, from In The Land of Propane and Propane Accessories

terminallyCapricious was last seen:
Mar 5, 2012
    1. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Why, yes, it is.

      You like Hetalia?
    2. Droid
      Glad to have you on board! Enjoy our madness and have fun~
    3. Pinekaboo
      That'd be why I don't remember him; I've no memories of him at all since I've never watched the show.
      Ah, that makes sense. Not Badass Grandpa version then? Part 3 was always my favourite, of course.
    4. Pinekaboo
      Heh, I remember saying I would try to keep my count low. Such a failure that was.

      Young Josef, I'm assuming? Though I can't actually recall Castiel properly...
    5. Droid
      Why it's never to late to join in, If you'd like info on what's happening you can talk with the guys in OOC thread, but I'll give you my best try at a quick recap.

      Currently the important info you'd need to know is that allot of members are in a place we've deemed Sky City, a floating city somewhat derived from Star Wars. There Yoda is leading a group of mercenaries and good guys, at this moment a large airship that was formally commanded by Wesker(from Resident Evil) is crashing into the building Yoda is in.

      In another location, Castle Oblivion, allot of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc. characters are quarreling over issues at hand.

      And at Pride Rock King Scar is leading a large group of evil doers and not so evil doers. Planning on attacking Sky City. You can get more info and such by picking any character from anything and looking at the Out of Character thread in the RP section. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.
    6. Pinekaboo
      I'm somewhat better myself. Went through a couple of things, and I'm better for it. It's good to hear you're well.

      I'm certain Droid would be glad to accept you, so go ahead if you want to. I think the current maximum is eight characters. Predictably, I'm overbooked with people I intend to be/promised to be. I should probably stop promising people things.
    7. Pinekaboo
      Hey. Didn't expect to hear from you again, if I'm honest. How're you keeping?
    8. Jayn
      I've been told you left the site. I've locked your RP until you give me permission/ask me to unlock it.

      As for anyone remaking it, if they decide to it won't be allowed until you give them permission to. It's still your role play. So lemme know if something changes.
    9. Bushy
      Hey, Capri, I know you're messaging me on MSN but I can';t get through.
      I send messages and it sends them back.
      Just so you know, I'm not ignoring you. lol :P
      Anyway, I've sent you emails in response to what you were saying to me.
      I hope you got them.
    10. Pinekaboo
      D'awww, I'm like a person-sized stress relief ball.
      Except, don't squeeze me too hard, that'd hurt.
    11. Hell-Sing
      Right then. Alucard's ready to rumble.
    12. Pinekaboo
      Well that's poop. Something must be done about this.
      (Though what, I have no idea.)

      Yeah... I miss talking to you.
    13. StardustXtreme
      The post is forcing Eiji to use the Purple Combo, well he didn't have any Medals since Ankh holds them all so eh coudl onyl resort to using the ones he holds, plus, each time he uses it, it slowly speeds up his Greeedfication.
    14. Pinekaboo
      Ah, is that why you've not been on? Will you be able to get it back once you're cured?
    15. Hell-Sing
      Is it okay if Alucard starts a little fight with DP, so long as it isn't slowing us done from where we need to go. Don't want to stall things.

      Alucard loves regenerators. I think he's going to like Deadpool, as he'll find him amusing. (Because trying to kill you is how Alucard shows affection!)

      Oh, and I may have another person who may want to join. They'll be RPing Walter BEFORE he was a FREAK, so he'll be an old man. And the other friend will join this weekend, if I annoy him enough.

      But alias, people are lazy, and I have no guarantees that they'll join this weekend.
    16. Pinekaboo
      These past couple of days have been extremely dull for me.
      Come on MSN and talk to me for 10 minutes before I have to go?
    17. Destiny's hand
      Destiny's hand
      Ahh. Well, okay!
      Aw, you don't have to make me anything. I'm fine with just being your Hunbun.

      Lol, that busy huh?
    18. Pinekaboo
      Capri, I'm sorry that you have anything to do with this at all, but I need for you to tell Chris everything now, or at least the main part of it. I really am sorry to have got you involved again.
    19. Destiny's hand
      Destiny's hand
      Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Capri!
      Just wanted to say that I love the work that you did for Darky's sig, it's beeautiful.
      And, I think you should do a Graphic shop! It's all up to you, I mean, but I think it would be a fun thing to do outside of The Crossover.
    20. Hell-Sing
      Argh, am I up with Alucard? I'll post with him, and Sypha. I just need to know when to bring Alucard in.
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