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Mar 5, 2012
Mar 12, 2011
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Traverse Town Homebody, from In The Land of Propane and Propane Accessories

terminallyCapricious was last seen:
Mar 5, 2012
    1. Hell-Sing
      Lol, okay. I gotta use Girlycard at a point here. Same with Suit and Tie. They both look win.
    2. Hell-Sing
      Yeah. Alucard's on the beach (I can edit/change it if they're getting off at the city) surronded in fog.

      However. He'll stick out like a sore thumb with Victorian Era clothes. So he's going to shape shift. We have two options. Suit and tie(He's awesome looking) or Girlycard?

      I have pics, if you need them.

      (I am horrible at descisions. >> )
    3. Pinekaboo
      You appear to have fallen off of the internet, and it's really late again, so I'm gonna get off to bed. G'night~
    4. Hell-Sing
      Well, I'm good so far. Alucard's on stand by, and Sypha is being tricky.
    5. Destiny's hand
      Destiny's hand
      Aw, the vocals were beautiful, and the piano is great.
      I wonder who it was...
    6. Pinekaboo
      Crap, I must have missed that part. I'll go back and sort it out now then.
    7. StardustXtreme
      it's a good series lol
    8. Itachilives
      i will i head back to jail i mean school next week so i get to see the person i missing (my gf) and lol its very nice to meet u btw
      its weird im looking forward to school just so i can see her :D
    9. Itachilives
      i will tomorow i just cant think right now sick and lovesick lol and hunbun? wow you just remind me of someone i know lol :)
    10. Hell-Sing
      I will lol when she see's any form of modern tech. She's from the 1600s..... So yeah.

      "THAT BE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL!" ~ Sypha's opinion on a cooler.
    11. Itachilives
      umm alright idk who to pick now he was my first choice ...
    12. Hell-Sing
      He's waited longer. He's patient. One of his only good qualities. >>

      Sypha is currently WTFing. She shall watch what happens.
    13. StardustXtreme
      Eiji can use the other medals as he wishes since the purple medals would only emerge if he is in danger or if Eiji calls them out, but the Purple Combo si the most powerful OOO can use currently but the exhaustion and strain is more taxing. all Combo's tax Eiji's body except for Tatoba as that is OOO's default Combo

      Gatakiriba, Sagozo, Shauta and Latoratar are the weakest strains while Tajadol is the second strongest with PutoTyra being first since the Three Core Medals he uses invoke that paticular Greeed's power through him and to the suit since Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Grey medals are formed through Desire of the humans while the Purple Medals negate Desire and have the ability to destroy any of the other Medals if given the chance

      The Greeed were originally homunculi based on desire and all five of them had sets of 10 Medals each but the Alchemists saw it fit to destory a Medal in the set and the Greeed soon awakened to the desire to be complete but never can be since there is no way to recreate a destoryed Medal so they try to fill that desire.
    14. StardustXtreme
      Well, Eiji is slowly undergoing Greeedifiction as time passes anyway, but the more he is forced to use the Purple Core Medals, the faste rteh process will be while he is in PuToTyra OOO but I will have to show the other Combos as well since Laorattar was light-based and speed whiel Shauta was water-basd and allowed OOO to breathe Underwater or become it.

      There's still Gatakiriba (Green Combo) which focuses on duplication and fighting style but Eiji can't exactly use the duplication abilty alot since it is hard to become one Gatakiriba then cancel the transformation, Sagozo (Grey Combo) will use Gravity based moves and Tajadol is fire based, Eiji will mix and match into different forms of OOO with different medals with their seperate abiles taht each Core Medal has liek for example

      Kuwagata (Head) woth Tora (Body) and Batta (legs) will conduct lighting through the pincers Kuwagata head has or OOO with Taka (Red Medal) Gorilla (Grey) and Tako (Blue) taka's abilites allwos him to pinoint or gain enahced vision like a eagle does, Gorilla has rocket powered gaunlets while Tako's octopus legs can ehlp him stike to the ground if forced back.
    15. Hell-Sing
      Sypha don like dat voice.

      Alucard's just going to wait on the beach, all awesome.
    16. StardustXtreme
      I'll wait and see and I have Eiji's Greeedification form.

    17. Hell-Sing
      Walter stepped on it I believe. Didn't destroy it though. I think he absorbed, when he was absorbing the blood after london was destroyed. Not sure though. I would assume that's how he got it. They really didn't say what happened to it, though.

      Abstract lets you see things in diffrent ways. Sypha is all srs bsnz again.
    18. Hell-Sing
      Abstract is fun.

      Lol, whoever uses the Nail would become plant monster thing. That can also be human. Poor poor Anderson. :(

      Ya, no one needs to use dat stuff without putting LOTS of thought into it.

      Jo would do good not to become a plant monster. Prickly leaves. And fire. FIRE WILL BURN. Even more.
    19. Hell-Sing

      Alucard is more of a passive angry, even with insults to his Master. But when Anderson injected himself with the Nail..... he was angry.

      As for that, Alucard still posses the Nail. We can't destroy it. Alucard isn't going to use or carry that stupid thing. It's up to you who it goes to. It gives power, but makes you a monster. Of god yes, but still a monster. He'd probably give it to Jo, and tell him not to open the box. Or use it.
    20. Hell-Sing
      Alucard is regen only pretty much. He can work around everything else. His regen is over complicated. >>

      Ya, he's just waiting now. Sypha is WTFing. The usual. Lol. Someone needs to make Seras. So Alucard can call her an idiot.

      Anyway, gravity defiance is or isn't telekinisis? I think you should make that call. I'm not even sure if it's something physical, a magic, or telekinisis. I don't know. Hellsing doesn't explain all of his powers. Annoying.

      And when they find out- If they found out Sasuke was disguised..... He dun got Dracula angry. I don't need to say much more at what Alucard will try to do.
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