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Mar 12, 2011
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Traverse Town Homebody, from In The Land of Propane and Propane Accessories

terminallyCapricious was last seen:
Mar 5, 2012
    1. Hell-Sing
      The test never happened. Sasuke did the one thing NO ONE should ever do to Alucard. Insult his Master. Hes only been angry twice in the entire series. One for someone calling his master a sow. Sasuke just opened up a can of angry.

      No moar telepathy? :x I'll have him do an epic reload by calling a magazine from across the room into his gun later then. Look mom. No hands!

      I need to have him leave soon. When ever Jo gets near land, he gunna leave.
    2. StardustXtreme
      Oh wait until you do another intermission, I'll blow cameos out of the water.
    3. StardustXtreme
      Maybe there shoudl a Karoke test lol all of the anime characters get to sing their own opening themes to their series or insert songs.
    4. StardustXtreme
      Just a little note, Eiji's Purple Core Medals shouldn't be removed, hsi Greedification s a nice plot twist.
    5. Hell-Sing
      Any others you know of? I need to watch a few. >>

      ALUCARD IS UNAMUSED. Sasuke don' failed. :x
    6. Hell-Sing
      I've only seen parts. I'll have to watch it soon. It sounds fairly good from what I've heard?
    7. NightofNights
      Um no. It was after I created the user name that I found out that it was a song.
    8. Hell-Sing
      Old vampire movies are great. New ones, not so much. Haven't seen many new good ones as of yet.
    9. Hell-Sing
      It involves dat fog. I think I'll save the bats for his first regen.

      We need a few good vampire movies. Like a new Dracula movie. Or something.
    10. Hell-Sing
      When Brows posts, I'll have Alucard start the test, then go to the beach with a dynamic entry. Dracula style.
    11. Hell-Sing
      Oh my god.... I have to post this new tech vid in the Fun section. Games made with limitless polys....

      Alucard test shall commence soon.
    12. Hell-Sing
      Alucard is going test the imposter, like he did Integra. He'll most likely fail it. Jo will pass, I'm fairly sure.
    13. Hell-Sing
      Lol, Coffinrot.

      Ya'. It all depends on what happens in the Subway of whether or not Alucard will be leaving early to see his master.
    14. Bushy
      I know you hate VMs, but I needed to contact you.
      I apologise for the fact I haven't posted the past few days. Yesterday was my birthday, so I haven't had much a chance.
      And today, I'm going out with (the other) family to celebrate yesterday.
      Long story short, I won't be able to post until late tonight.
      I apologise for the significant delay, but yeah. Sorry.
      I'll see you soon.
    15. Pinekaboo

      Everything is going according to our plans.
    16. Hell-Sing
      Alucard is preped. If you could PM me when he's about to hit land, I'll get Alucard there waiting on him.

      And all to true about the vamps.
    17. Hell-Sing
      He's sadistic like that. Lol.

      Okay, so I'll bring in my Mage today in nowhere. I'm assuming it's a forest like area, but to be safe, I'll keep it vague.

      As for Alucard, he'll stay for the fight, leave, say Hai to Moka (Aka Troll her) then go to the beach, were he'll simply stand until Jo gets to him. Like a boss.
    18. Hell-Sing
      Alucard likes games, and would loved to be toyed with. It's fun! (To him. >> )

      Now Sypha...... :( She doesn't like to be toyed with. At all. : (((((((((
    19. Hell-Sing
      I am now scared.
    20. Hell-Sing

      Anyway, remember- Alucard will update Jotaro on Control Art. Only he can allow Alucard to reach level 0. Unless someone randomly makes Van Helsing, or Sir Integra. Then that'd be awkward.

      ANYWAY, Alucard is a monster. However, he may load the gun, he may shoot it. But someone else must order him to kill. His gun only fires when ordered. He'll have to deal with the fact that innocent people generally die in such situations. The same thing happened to Integra; She had to order Alucard to kill innocent people to stop a certain terror group(Long story). But he has to live with that, as his Master.
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