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Traverse Town Homebody, from In The Land of Propane and Propane Accessories

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Mar 5, 2012
    1. Hell-Sing
      Ah. Well, she'll be trying to fight her own inner demons, while trying to help everyone else.

      Like a boss. Wait, if she's the leader, then she's a boss.

      Thus, this is her new theme - [video=youtube;NisCkxU544c]

      (It's quite explicit, so be warned.)

      And that's an interesting concept.
    2. Hell-Sing
      I do not like that sound of that. What have I gotten her into. >>

      Okay, so Alucard is just hanging out until Jotaro gets to land. May stop by and see Mako after the fight, may not.

      She can lead, but as said before, she's not the best. Slightly above average. Okay. I shall get back to a flashback post for Alucard. When the fight goes on, or if someone annoys Alucard, I'll get him back into the interaction game.
    3. Hell-Sing
      She's a person who's willing to do anything to do what she percieves as right. She didn't blame the Church whom killed witches such as herself all the time, but she did blame the monsters. She's ignorant to a degree, but a warrior of what's good. She's srs bsnz in combat, and a competent enough leader. While she is srs bsnz mostly, she does like meeting other people and such. She considers herself fully human.

      Ya, but he can't tele over any Ocean of sorts. They'll have to be on the same landmass as him. He'll stick around for now, maybe leave after the fight. Of course, if Jotaro gets on his landmass at any point, even mid fight, he'll leave. If Jo isn't on the same landmass as him after the fight, he may go somewhere else. Probablly Mako, simply because she's a high level vampire. And I think I'll be tactical with Sypha; I think I'll insert her at the right moment.
    4. Hell-Sing
      Okay. I think I'll transfer Alucard over to the Middle of nowhere group, then. Who's there again? (Sorry. When I catch up and what not, you won't have to worry about me asking anymore)

      It's just best Sypha stays away from like, any vampires now. Things will get real bad, real quick. :( She no like them.

      So Alucard > Middle of Nowhere

      Sypha> Sub/somewhere else?

      And Tropes is pure evil. It sucks you in, and you never leave. It's a trap!
    5. Hell-Sing
      I believe that group is on the train-train, correct?

      Alucard's teleporting abilities may come into play, if that's okay. If Alucard is located in the same area as Sypha, she's going to try to kill him, and everyone else near. The same goes if she starts on the train train near Mako, though to a lesser degree. I think she'd be fairly reasonable if she had time to meet people, such as on the subway.

      So, Alucard teleports to Train, and I introduce Sypha tomorrow on the Sub-Way?

      (To be honest, I want to see a Mexican standoff between Mako and Alucard. I am evil. :Awesome: )

      (For awesome vampire battle = Awesome. Would we have time to do that, if it gets that bad? (And knowing Alucard...) But I don't want to interrupt what Wesker has planned, or stall the plot or anything.
    6. C
      Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that you should head over to the Postbox! There's a surprise for you there.
    7. Hell-Sing
      Well, that's two of three. I like to vary my characters to get my writing skills up.

      And I totally am not going to have her beat Alucard to death. Or anything. :Awesome: (He'll regen like the crazy he is)

      Anyway where should I bring her in? She's balanced, but her defense is awful. She can only create barriers for that, otherwise, she's a slightly tougher human. Her healing counters that, but meh. Anyway, she's a swiss army knife mage, so where do you suggest she go? (I'm horrible at bringing in people. >> )
    8. Destiny's hand
      Destiny's hand
      ...........Aren't we all?

      AW, Capri got to see HER BIRTHPLACE?
      Awwww, that must be nice.......
    9. Hell-Sing
      See you in the morning, I think I'm going to sleep soon.

    10. Hell-Sing
      Okay. Thanks. We generally don't use chat; most of us use chatango. Sadly, no one is on tonight. :(
    11. Hell-Sing
      That's basically Hellsing, but in England.

      Dracula with anti air caliber Hand guns versus Nazi Zombies and Nazi Vampires. In England.
    12. Hell-Sing
      Alucard actually did shape shift into a little girl one time, in WW2. Alma, much?

      He never uses his powers. Just shoots people. >>
    13. Hell-Sing
      lolicard: I'm Dracula's descendent!

    14. Hell-Sing

      Oh yes, though it only has one episode so far, I'm so going to refrence that.

      Site's a bit disorganized for now. We're in the middile of a re organize and what not. Sorry if it's confusing. Just adding in Codex stuff, moving things etc.
    15. Hell-Sing
      Well, I made a post. Alucard is a to the point man.

      I'll be sure to ask about that. I know a little about Silent Hill, not so much for the others. >>

      Ya', I understand. Everyone's watching? EVEN IN THE BATHROOM? 0.0
    16. Hell-Sing
      Well, I generally gravitate towards crossover RPs. They have a tendency of having a good, thought out story, being what they are. Yours is the one I liked the most on site for crossovers, so I picked it. I actually got to this site by looking up Role-plays, not KH. >>

      But I think I did find my way here a few months ago looking up KH wiki. Disturbing in a way, cool in another.

      I'll be sure to ask about it, my knowledge of most other Anime's is a bit limited. I'll be asking questions very soon, wiki is so limited.

      I see you’re a fan of RE. Wesker was an excellent choice for a villain; He's extremely powerful, enough to contend with the likes of Alexander Anderson/Wolverine in regeneration, and his full powers have never been seen. He's an enemy that could stop most people here physically, which is a good thing for a villain. Even better, his intelligence is the best in RE, belaying Alexia. And that is very much debatable.

      Oh, and we can have one shot villains? I may have to bring in Walter to attack everyone one day, if that's possible for the plot, and the setting is right, and you're okay with it. He only has a few hours to live post FREAK; but he was the strongest FREAK to ever live. He could give everyone a very long run for their money. Sadly, Herr Major is more of tactician than anything. It's debatable whether he was a true hero, or a villain. Of course, Revan (The guy I recruited's CC) is quite a tactician himself, one of the best I know of in fiction. An invaliable assest if war comes. Though being a Sith(Albeit one who's out for the greater good) I doubt he would be controlling an army would be out of the question. He'd be more likely be tackled by everyone.
    17. Hell-Sing
      Tower of Eden. It's an RP Site I founded a year or so ago. We're going steady, though school has slowed things down, no one on mid-day. It's a crossover RP as well, that focuses more along the lines of total freedom. Everyone can do what they want, though bigger things require approval from mods. I can link it if you want. It has an annoying Chatango. >>

      Thanks for the compliment, I don't get many. And I'm sure you're good at describing things. Your description in role play is nice from what I've seen, and that's what RPs about. If you need any help with Hellsing at all, just ask. Also, I've recruited one-maybe two people from Eden. They're going to mainly join your RP, and the "Inventory" one I made. Though Inventory is focused on more laid back RP. Just Characters hanging out and such. Anyway, he'll be online at about Five to six o clock tomorrow. He's going to make Darth Revan, whilst I make the Jedi Exile (RPing Alucard is fun, but he's not a person who can interact freely). I may make the Exile with him now, or later. Though, I'm really in a fit over whether or not I should use someone from TF2. I'd probably use the Medic, or the Engineer. Anyway, thanks for the chat. Stupid MSN never works for me. >> You'll have to ride with me on that, MSN has its evul moments.
    18. Hell-Sing
      Oh, I recruited a friend from a site called "Eden". It's an RP site. I wouldn't tell you here, but since Alucard takes a looooooooooong time to even dev with people, he's making Darth Revan from SW. He started war with the republic, he was a Sith. But he did it to save everyone. He's easily translatable as a "good guy" in here, though he may manipulate/Confront people, he's not a villan by far. Anyway, is it okay if I make the Jedi Exile to be with Revan? Like I said, I love to RP Alucard, but he takes along time. But it's worth it.

      Anyway, that was our plan. He makes Revan, and I the Jedi Exile.
    19. Hell-Sing
      FREAKs can only be harmed by an extreme amount of weapon fire, Silver/Magic weapons. It's really dependent on the FREAK.

      You've got Spammed freaks like that FREAK in cheddar whom can move extremely fast. To the point where he can't be seen. (Though it depends on the FREAK. It's complicated, FREAKs can be essentially zombies, all the way up to tearing buildings down with a flick of their wrist. But I'll get to that in a sec.)

      Mid-level FREAKs almost always have some sort of special power. Rip Van Winkle could control bullets, allowing her to make pin point shots, and actually have them come around for multiple hits, and the bullets were far stronger than normal. The highest level of FREAK was Walter, I believe. He used his Nano Wires (They can cut through virtually anything, or simply be used to grab things with a skilled user) to grab a building, and pulled it down quite easily. Honestly, FREAKs can range from the likes of Walter- Who is stronger than the Captain, who in turn could simply punch you one time, and you became gib, to slightly better than humans. Mid-level and up generally have some sort of special power. They're quite flexible in power level, ranging from slightly above human, to Uber Walter level. In theory.

      When the doctor created FREAKs at first, they were simply all Ghouls(Zombies). Within Fifty years, he had made them up to the Uber Walter level. Generally, the stronger the FREAK(Generation), the longer it takes to refine the process via FREAK chip, or viral agent to. The stronger ones take more resources, so Doctor generally spammed the weaker ones to annoy Hellsing . With proper help, Wesker could most likely catch up to where Doctor was quite quickly. The longer he creates and refines them, the better they get. And with Wesker, the sky is the limit. This is his forte, after all.
    20. Princess Rapunzel
      Princess Rapunzel
      Thanks for the address.
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