The Fuk?
Jul 2, 2008
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The Fuk?

Dead, Male


Goodbye KHV. You've been okay. Dec 5, 2015

    1. crazyaxelfangirl
    2. GhettoXemnas
      Thanks alot man, I'll be sure to download it.
    3. GhettoXemnas
      I have a few mics, but none are studio quality. I actualy know someone with a studio and I know a russian rapper who is working on some stuff and wants me to do some songs with him. If I knew what programs I needed I could probably get them depending on the cost.
    4. GhettoXemnas
      Haha sounds good to me, I'm always up for a track but I don't know if I've got the right programs and stuff but I've got a lot of rhymes and lyrics that I havent posted here and I can easily come up with more. If you do a search for threads made by me in the Creativity Corner you'll see some of my older stuff. And good battle to you too.
    5. GhettoXemnas
      Meh, probably not. And actualy I think the Spam Zone will get more attention for us.
    6. GhettoXemnas
      Lol sure. I'll make the thread.
    7. GhettoXemnas
      You hate the army and love in the same rhyme
      That was contradiction and I caught you this time
      Or maybe I misunderstood
      But that still aint good
      Gotta make your rhymes clear
      So I can see as well as hear
      As I fill you with fear
      Since you are no where near
      I'm the beast
      look me up in the bible
      I am the one that wins without using a rifle
      Joker was a comedy but ledger was a tragedy
      Since tragicly he faded out of this reality
      But I kick back and laugh
      Because you aren't even half
      Half as good as me
      As good as I can be
      And if you aint as good as me
      Then what the hell you gonna be?
      You just talk about puss-c
      So its easy for me to see
      You just like the industry
      Which does not include me
      You just run your mouth about sex and drugs
      So take some salt you stupid slug
      You have no awareness of the world around you
      You are lucky that I even found you
      So I can end you and your stupidity
      And unlike you, they can't get rid of me
      So I'll blow you to hell with a bit of C4
      Then kick back and laugh like no one did it before
    8. GhettoXemnas
      Never in the office? I used to live there
      I was a free spirit so I didn't even care
      But I'm different know so envoke my spirit
      Look deep inside and learn to fear it
      Potential so raw that hell couldn't hold it
      My flow is wild, no one can controll it
      My **** is just straight up outrageous
      Like going through the bible and tearing out pages
      Life is a movie and you're a comedy
      I'm a documentary about the world econmy
      From the mind of Peter Joseph, call me Zeitgeist
      I will sieze world power and pull a little heist
      You're a lyrical hostage and you wont survive
      I'll cut ya head off, eat your brains and thrive
      I'm the answer to the problem *****, I solve
      But you will die because you can't evolve
    9. GhettoXemnas
      Time to dust off my mic and play the rhyme game
      But I'll be sure to finish within your time frame
      Since I know it's almost past your bed time
      I'm a murderer so call this a dead rhyme
      Like a vetran who just came back from the border
      I'm crazy with post traumatic stress disorder
      And I'm gonna go hard like it's the fourth quarter
      So just sit and watch like a sports reporter
      My vocab is unlimited, but you are finite
      I just sleep by day and kill your people by night
      I spit deadly poison worse cyanide
      Hard body ***** so call me iron-hide
      And I'm techno-robotic like a transformer
      I stay in the street like a street performer
      Failure and success, later not the former
      I'm changing the world like a terraformer
      And the first change will be to end your life
      Which was filled with failure and endless strife
    10. GhettoXemnas
    11. GhettoXemnas
      lol okay
      you go first
    12. Johnny Bravo
      Johnny Bravo
      random ninja! :ninja:
    13. Cloud of darkness
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