The Fuk?
Jul 2, 2008
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The Fuk?

Dead, Male


Goodbye KHV. You've been okay. Dec 5, 2015

    1. libregkd
    2. Janime6
      Sure, I'd love to try it out.
    3. Janime6
      Sure, here:
    4. Janime6
      I am a Vampire Lord with my Mage guy. Why?
    5. Janime6
      Would you recommend Company Of Heroes (seeing as it's just $2.50 now, and I noticed it had 93/100)?
    6. GhettoXemnas
      I like the way you think, good sir. I honestly don't understand how I never thought of it that. It's how I do everything else 0__0
    7. GhettoXemnas
      I appreciate the thought bro, and I wouldn't be too surprised if it ends up on sale again. People love their Skyrim. I'm just gonna try to have a bit more money on hand in case that happens.
    8. GhettoXemnas
      I'm currently 12 dollars short and unable to run to the bank and put that 12 dollars into my account because my brother ran off with the car at like 7 am. I'll probably end up buying it some other day if I get it at all. For now I'm just glaring at that timer.
    9. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Ah, same. Nothing much to do this summer.
    10. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Do you have any plans for the summer?
    11. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Definitely on the list. I studied that castle and wrote an essay about in my last year of highschool. Better go see it with my own eyes! I really want to visit the ancient temples and meet some monks! :3
    12. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      IKR... SO EXCITED. Haha, you don't need to be. I will be studying and working most of the time there. But Kyoto was the Capital of Japan, so it will be nice to go do some sightseeing of temples and stuff.
    13. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      September.... 19th. But the uni are sending me to Japan, Kyoto for an exchange, so I won't be back in the UK until Jan 2013 .. so new type of freedom!
    14. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I just got so used to the independent life of mine I have in uni, now that I'm back ... I'm back to doing chores ... being looked out for.. decisions made on me... no one wants to hear me and .. im not really kid anymore. I got not much time for private stuff I got so used to do. I'm not mad at them in anyway .. just really confused I guess.
    15. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Haham you may be right. I might have fun if I put my mind into it. Like I know I'm wasting my time on something so I would listen to my favorite songs instead .. to keep me from feeling bad. lol I donno if I even made sense, sorry. :P
    16. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I hope your doing fine.
      I'm doing good. It's just that time is running so fast and I can't catch up to it these days. Today wasn't much of a productive day anyway but I have to cope with it somehow tomorrow.
    17. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Yo Bro, sup? How's everything been going? ;3
    18. Sabby
      man i miss texts from you lol
    19. Kites
      just wanted to say hi :3
    20. Kites
      peek a boo lolol
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