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Gummi Ship Junkie, from United Kingdom

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Feb 19, 2012
    1. Ol'Sephy
      Oh, and by the way, I got something important to tell you and my other buddehs. GET ON SKYPE WITHIN THE NEXT FEW HOURS. Do it. Seriously, my flying monkeys are getting hungry.
    2. Ol'Sephy
      I read your convo with Atira. My PSP broke, (*sniff*), so I can't join you guys. I wouldn't have been able to anyway, though -- my LAN switch was the problem that caused my PSP to stop working! [rage]

      And, by the way, what code is it that you helped on? I didn't know that you did coding! xD Check out the Kingdom Hearts II NTSC U/C thread in the Code Vault, last page. You might be able to help me test out some ideas with the code idea that I posted there...

      You going on Skype today?
    3. ◄Slip►
    4. ◄Slip►
      Yea your voice does suit him
    5. ◄Slip►
      Dont know yet xDD
      I need to keep trying my voice on every character.
    6. ◄Slip►
      Ye and i've been working on the Riku Fix and it's GOIN AMAZING!
    7. ◄Slip►
      Sup Vader.
      We havent chatted in a long time xD
      Been working on Awesome code without me.
    8. Maggy
      ok, no prob.

      I use Cloud xD watch out!
    9. Maggy
      what's your Xtag? xD (if you have one for xlink kai)
    10. Maggy
      yeah! it's so cool xD
    11. Maggy
      it's a lot of fun! xD
    12. Mike
    13. Mike
      [KHV] KINGDOM HEARTS: Birth By Sleep is a new production for KH-Vids. In the past couple of weeks, the team and I have felt down over actions of hateful comments for our last production (KINGDOM HEARTS: 358/2 Days). I just did a check of what we received in views from our production this week and the results are in. Believe it or not, but the production went well in views as we received over twenty-one thousand (21,000). That's right, because of you guys the production has received a great amount of publicity. Not only that, but there were also so many fans that enjoyed the project. Fans rated all five videos, which gave us no less then four stars. The most was a five stars. YouTube members have also set our videos as favorites with 173. HeartStation, KH World and KH13 have also added our videos into their own websites. I've recently also added our videos to and our user portal in KHV.

      Let's continue the production and beat the clock with Japan in the new title for KINGDOM HEARTS "Birth By Sleep." We are getting ready to show an amazing comeback. Not only do we have to cast for new characters, but we will need a lot of voice overs for the Disney characters. I've decided that we will join forces with VAA and get some voice overs from there to voice act in this production. This time around, I'm not looking for understudies, so if you apply to this, please be available till January 2010. If you are interested in this production, please email me at
    14. Maggy
      haha thanks, I'm good :)
    15. Ol'Sephy
      Oh, yeah. And one more thing...

      Skype, beeyatch!
    16. Ol'Sephy
      Are you gonna send it to me? xD
    17. Ol'Sephy
      There's a DEMO?! :O I must get it. Where can I obtain this demo?! Speak!!!!!!!!!!!
    18. Ol'Sephy
      Pfft. :P

      I actually got it on there by breaking my battery. >.< You might succeed if you do it, though...

      Well, I think that, if you have OFW, (the firmware released by Sony through updates), that is older than the custom firmware that you want, (the latest from Dark_Alex is 4.01, I think), then you can just download the UPDATE.EBOOT from anywhere that allows it, (Google is your friend), and put it in the X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder, (where "X" is the letter of your PSP's USB drive). If your current firmware is newer than 4.01, then you'll have to downgrade using an app called ChickHEN, (Google a tutorial on how to use it, as I barely got it to work, myself), and get Hellcat's Flash Downgrader. You'll have to be careful around these two apps, as they can BRICK YOUR PSP if used improperly. That means that it will become as useful as a brick. You will have to get it professionally fixed, as far as I know, and that, too, can be a sketchy area to mess around in. Just do what you need to do, then get rid of those apps. Savvy?

      [/long mini-tutorial and falling wall of text]
    19. Ol'Sephy
      You exist. Isn't that just cause enough to bash on you?

    20. Ol'Sephy
      You suck. Seriously. Blah. En la cara.

      . . .

      I'm just kidding...

      Or am I?



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