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Feb 19, 2012
    1. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah, i was thinking about the fight scene thing. It's just i was waiting for one more person to send theirs, so they sent it really late. I just wanted to get it done.
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Here's the first episode of the radio play. It's in two parts because it was too long for youtube. I'll email the second script tomorrow.
      pt.1; pt2
    3. Nathaniel
      Hi, how are ya?
    4. Nathaniel
      I think BOTH Xion AND Naminé are Kairi's Nobodies, I don't know why but I just think so.
    5. Nathaniel
      Dunno, just wanna know your personality better? :D Mine are Luxord (Same reason as you) and Roxas (He just kicks ass).
    6. Nathaniel
      I'm doing fine, thanks.Who's your favourite Organisation XIII Member?
    7. Nathaniel
      Hi Vader, what have you been up to?
    8. Nathaniel
      Yeah, I'm getting the SM too, and I won't really have to learn Japanese, as I know almost the entire stuff by heart, and watching videos on youtube, and if I need something, there's always GameFaqs. AND I have French, and boyohboy it's awful.
    9. Nathaniel
      I will definitely (or however you spell it, I forgot) get it for my birthday, because I've been wwishing for this since Christmas '07. And KH2FM+ costs just as much as KHFM, even with RE:CoM, so it wouldn't really matter.
    10. Nathaniel
      I've just found it out. KeytoTruth isn't working on our project, but on a DW Sora with growth abilities code. He said so in the FM+ Thread. NineTailedNaruto is doing it too, but with Vexen's Shield and Lexaeus' Tomahawk. Looks pretty cool, too, I might be getting FM for my birthday this July.
    11. Nathaniel
      Yeah, goodnight. I'm gonna play some KH before I go to sleep though.
    12. Nathaniel
      Heehee. I live in Germany, that's one hour later than you, and you're three years older than me :D
    13. Nathaniel
      Well mate, coding is a "Trial and Error" game, after all. All we can do is just keep trying.
    14. Nathaniel
      The code is useless. I just watched the video on Youtube and he's just wielding the second weapon backwards. If anything, we'd have to make the right hand Keyblade vanish. So, nothing to our project. Unless we ravel the whole thing up again.
    15. Nathaniel
      Uhm, the code's invalid. The RAW has an error: Code contains an invalid
      number of 8-digit values,
      or general crypt error. Check your input.
      I just tried to convert it.
    16. Nathaniel
      Yeah, I'll try the code, and no, I have never used the other one before. I'm trying it on my other memory card. And what do you mean, "It's being annoying"?
    17. Nathaniel
      Did it work? I had an idea as how to monowield Master Form, but my AR MAX said I already had the code in my database, but I'm positive that I'd never used it before.
    18. Nathaniel
      Oh, then probably Xarkm took the code and reposted it.
    19. Nathaniel
      Who? Xarkm or the other bloke?
    20. Nathaniel
      Ok, they've already tried a monowielding Roxas code, but bungled it. It won't be converted to RAW to see what codes are in it, and it can't be entered in AR MAX. More work, here I come...
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