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Apr 25, 2024
    1. Sessamaru
      ...Slowly does he, Sess, creep into TB's dark room... preparing to strike...

      *Throws a rubber duck*
    2. Dexnail
      Well i guess my char Xeol will be joining organization 13 if thats alright with and my friend's char Gexlion will be with him
    3. Asterisk
      I could've swore I sent you a vm O_o..anyway, you should make Xemnas smack someone. xD
    4. fire mage
      fire mage
      A dusk was sent to Xemnas.
    5. fire mage
      fire mage
      Xenmnas Lexaeus wants to speak with you.
    6. water mage
      water mage
      Well after I'm done talking to you, you will see it either in my next post or in my future post. It depends on what Xemans says to Demyx.
    7. water mage
      water mage
      Xemnas you need more members since the other organization is growing. I have a way to recruit more.
    8. water mage
      water mage
      Do you need to know what is going on in War of Nobodies?
    9. fire mage
      fire mage
      It is said that Xenmas is the only one who can stop the beserker.
    10. nobodynerd100
      I'll let your OC join.
    11. water mage
      water mage
      Hey I was wondering in War of Nobodies if Xemnas can meet Verxonica that Demyx will introduce her to him and tell him about her traits and such. Plus she would be the only female in the group.
    12. fire mage
      fire mage
      The organization members from Castle Oblivion are all back in the castle and holding a meeting with Marluxia upset with their behavior on how they handled the fight. There is a new member on Marluxia's side who looks like a Resident Evil character, but has been in hiding.

      Axel, Demyx, Verxonica and Kuax are all in the castle now. Verxonica is accepted as one of their own by Xigbar who is still on the property, but walking around Dark City trying to light a cigarette. Sora and King Mickey are walking around the World Where Never Was and might end up running into Xigbar. Riku left in a portal someplace. Verxonica is being showed around the castle by Demyx.

      Zexion, Vexen and Onyx are in the labatory coming up with an experiment to try to get in Castle Oblivion with Zexion's dna and using few strands of hair using a insect in a cage.
      Axel is in his room, where Roxas knocks on his door.
    13. water mage
      water mage
      Here you go.Hopefully this clears things up for you.

      Simply, Larxene, Xain and Texkio went to Twilight Town to get some sea salt icecream. Axel stayed at Castle Oblivion and fought Vixtra and Raxged was watching until Axel was trying to talk to him. Demyx had left and went to the beach of Twilight Town only to discover Verxonica who happened to be from his past was now a nobody and they recently had a plan to fool the other organization. Xeltic, Larxene's best friend was spying on Demyx and Verxonica and used his telekinneis power to spill their food on them at they had at a diner. Demyx now with the plan, had Verxonica leave and she ran into Larxene and the others while they were leaving the world to return to the castle. Veroxica went after them, and met Xain who wanted to know the truth of what she was doing. This led to Xain being put in the castle by Larxene's clone and Marluxia who earlier given a lesson to Xengla had a meeting with Xain and was very harsh upon him. Axel continued to fight Vixtra and was caught by his aura, Demyx then returned and saved Axel from suffocating while Veroxica fought Xeltic. Xigbar then came from orders of Saix from Xemnas to have Axel, Demyx and KuaXa return to the Castle of Forgetfulness *World That Never Was* Axel is temporialy blinded from Vixtra's power and needs Demyx's help who refuses from being nearly slahed by the chakram and is upset that Vixtra referred to him as a woman. He kids Larxene of Axel falling on her, gives her a taste of her own verbal medicine. Seeing Verxonica being forced to be by Xeltic, he gets enraged and hurts him severely.
    14. water mage
      water mage
      Just sent you a summary of War of nobodies rpg through PM.
      Also I forgot to mention Xigbar is waiting for Demyx to bring Axel back to the portal that the older member had made for them.
    15. nobodynerd100
      yes you may have DIZ.
    16. *TwilightNight*
      Oh, alright :P.
    17. *TwilightNight*
      Blader, try not to sic that unknown guy on them [Larxene, Taxkio, Xain] just yet. They want to get ice cream T-T.

      Is that so hard? *sniffles*
    18. nobodynerd100
      Ok, was just thinking.
    19. nobodynerd100
      Judging by your post, do you want control of Diz.
    20. Deathsight44
      ignore the part of my last post on War of the Nobodies that says anything about the letter, alrite? (unless u didnt read it). I just editted it out
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