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King's Apprentice, from the Void

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Dec 21, 2008
    1. twilit_shadow
      I do too....*drools*

      Not that much, but I do love him. ^^

      He kept on saying that it only took him a few days to do all of Mori's 20 lines. XDDDD
      (I think he was just being sarcastic though)
    2. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~

      That is so funny!

      ...I love Roy Mustang. <3
    3. twilit_shadow
      Travis Willingham.
      Roy Mustang's actor. XDDDD

      I nearly died of laughter when I heard about that.
    4. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I have no idea who is playing Mori.
    5. twilit_shadow
      Same here. ^^
      Kyoya's might be a tad deep for me...but like I said, the twins work. ^^
      Also, what's super funny is who's playing Mori... >,<
    6. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I like their voices too, and Honey's. <3
    7. twilit_shadow
      The links are in the words. I forgot that you can't hardly see links anymore. DDDX
    8. twilit_shadow
      Coolio. I think you'll like this one better. Has all the D.Gray-Man characters (in order, Lavi, Link, Kanda, Allen (main dude), then Lavi again) and a VERY addicting song. XD

      Meh... he kinda does... But I very much adore the twin's english voices. Check out this vid I found.
    9. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I like it.
      It's really cool.

      Vic's voice sounds really weird there. D:
    10. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Yes I would. 8D

      I didn't know that the english version of Ouran was coming out next month. o.o
      I just found out today. xD
    11. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Same here. xD
      All of a sudden I was like "I KNOW THAT SONG!"

      <---I'm obsessed with that song.
    12. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I haven't heard that song in a long time either and now it's even more awesome since it has ouran for the anime. 8D
    13. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      It's fine; a lot of people who haven't been on in a while forgot too. ^^

      Already did. 8D
    14. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      *spoiler*DP is a girl, you know.*/spoiler*
      And yeah, darkcloud and I talk almost every night.
    15. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Woohoo! 8D

      Now if only darkcloud was on...I could drag him to the KF...
    16. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Photobucket can be mean sometimes. D:
    17. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      It's still there, just like four new threads for it. xD
      GO THERE! 8D
    18. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I see you. 8D

      And that wasn't stalkerish whatsoever. 8D
    19. twilit_shadow
      Wow, I haven't been on this site in forever! Sorry Fruity~, my fanfics have been DoA lately... >.<

      Heya chicka! Yes, yes, the Ouran love has grown. ^-^
      And VK fluff = win! XD
      That newest chapter...gosh, I feel bad for Yuki. Zero needs to forgive her already! DX
    20. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      You have made me a fan of Ouran High School Host Club. xDD
      The one anime/manga I thought I would hate I can't get enough of.
      You are awesome for making me watch it! 8D back to Vampire Knight. >>
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