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April 6
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The Castle That Never Was...or Australia


Moogle Assistant, from The Castle That Never Was...or Australia

the depressing realization of coming back after several months and finding that my brilliant pride and joy of a group...is dead :( Aug 22, 2012

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Aug 23, 2012
    1. Namin3
      i sound like a creepy person. XD
    2. Namin3
      lol, awwww, how come. from now on ill point out every cute thing you do! X3
    3. Namin3
    4. Namin3
      you should. X3
    5. Namin3
      Exactly. No one steals you away from me! NO ONE!!!
    6. Namin3
      Yeah, i know, i'll feel sorry too... you know, afterwards. X3
    7. Namin3
      Exactly. Because if someone tries to steal you, and they dont have my permission, then there is going to be a problem. So im letting everyone know in advance.
    8. Namin3
      X3... thanx. I had to let people know, you know! X3
    9. Namin3
      I shall fight them. And i shall keep you... FOREVER!!! x3
    10. Namin3
      AWWW, TO CUTE. Im going to steal you and make sure no one steals you back!!!
    11. Beucefilous
      Hey. i'm about to post an RP and i wanted to know if you wanna join
      ok so here's the OP
      It is an ancient time where dragons and fairies still roam the world. Two great powers, the Union, and the Empire struggle in a bloody war for control of a goddess who protects the harmony of the world

      The Seals: Three seals help hold the world in place. One of the desert, one of the Ocean, and one of the Forest. If the goddess is slain, these seals will hold the world together for about 1 week to give the heiarch time to find a new goddess, provided they are still whole

      The Goddess: A young woman who is chosen to bear the burden of the goddess seal and keep the world intact. She is burdened by the weight of the seal which puts tremendous physical strain on her, as though her flesh is being torn from her. The goddess must be pure and therefore is not allowed to have a romance. The only release from being the goddess is death.

      Pacts: A pact is a sort of bond between a beast and a man. Those who enter a pact Exchange the irreplacable for great power. Pact partners can ear each others thoughts even at great distances. Upon entering the pact, the human pays a price (e.g. sight, hearing, ability to reproduce ect.) and are branded with a mark often relating to the price they paid. Since a pact binds the two's souls together, if one pact partner is slain, the other dies as well. Pact partners, when together, are said to have the strength of a small army.

      The heiarch: A high priest who is charged with protecting the seals and finding a new goddess upon the old one's death. He has no unordinary combat abilities unless he enters a pact.

      The Empire: A massive military force bent on destroying the seals and slaying the goddess in an attempt to totally reconstruct the world. They possess superior naval might and stronger elite troops and has developed a weak air force.

      The Union: An army forged of the remnants of the kingdoms destroyed by the empire that seeks to stop it. It possesses superior grunt ground troops and has an ever growing army.

      The cult of the watchers: A mysterious cult linked to the empire


      -No godmodding
      -Romance is to be kept at a PG13 level. If you really feel the need to do a sex scene, do a fade to black.
      -I Reserve the right to deny any character entry, though i probably won't
      -Don't have your character be one place then just appear somewhere else, if their pact beast allows for quick transportation then you can get there faster than others but still try to keep it realistic
      -Wait for the person you are RPing with to post and be patient. If they don't post for three days than you are allowed to move past them.
      -Try to post quickly so you don't keep others waiting.
      -I may have to godmod at certain plot points.
      -Cussing is allowed but don't go overboard.
      -Try to use correct grammer. you won't be kicked out for not doing it but it sets my teeth on edge.
      -If you want to use a character from the game, post it like an OC.
      -You can post however short or long you want, sometimes there realy isn't all that much to say, but be as descriptive as you can
      -Enjoy it.

      Character sheet:
      Side: (Union or Empire)
      Pact partner:
      Pact price:
      Mark location:
      Mark: (optional)
    12. Namin3
      You're so adorable! I always kidnap adorable people.
    13. Namin3
      Im gong to steal you and your avi! Soooooo cute! X3
    14. Sora's Apprentice
      Sora's Apprentice
      Haha its rare to see you on
    15. adamboy7
      I wouldnt doubt it. L is epic. Though, Death Note doesn't seem as epic without him. N is pretty cool, but not the same XD
    16. adamboy7
      I can kinda make gifs. Probably not in the most convienient manor, but meh XD. Where did you get it out of curiousity? :D
    17. Beucefilous
      alright, thanks
    18. Beucefilous
      hey would you be interested in my kh Re:CoM battles?
    19. adamboy7
      Thanks :D I didnt realise I hadnt replied XP I noticed the avitar (Quite epic by the way XD Deth Note is epic) You make it?
    20. Namin3
      XD, yeah. I have to agree with that!
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    April 6
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    The Castle That Never Was...or Australia
    I may not know everything about Kingdom hearts, but I do love it all! I know alot, but there are some area's that I'm not sure about. Btw...i'm owned my Namin3.

    KH (obviously) but more precisly 358/2 days, writing KH fanfics, cosplaying, yaoi/yuri


    It makes me feel special and fuzzy like a care bear in a microwave.Lovable like bag of broken glass.
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