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Jun 23, 2011
Oct 31, 2010
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  1. gag
Anywhere safe from the Snatchers
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Undesirable Number 1

Merlin's Housekeeper, from Anywhere safe from the Snatchers

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Jun 23, 2011
    1. K u r o g a n e
      K u r o g a n e

      Harry Potter fan hello! :"D

      . . .

      -Walks away-
    2. Misty
      Horror movies just were never for me, I get scared way easily. D:
    3. Misty
      I like cheesy romantic films to be honest, haha.
    4. Sabby
      thanks so much. i love her too
    5. Misty
      I don't either, really--I do read a bit of manga though.

      I think if I had to choose a favorite anime (and I wasn't counting guilty pleasures like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!) I think it'd be Hare + Guu.
    6. Misty
      Alright, maybe I will give it a try, haha.
    7. Misty
      It looks serious. :x

      I like cheesy girly animes tbh, lol.
    8. Misty
      Well, we get movie channels and stuff on my TV, I'm happy enough with that. What I can't watch on TV/miss I either go through the On Demand things or just watch it online.
    9. Misty
      Well, then I guess I can see whatever they have on Netflix on television or on the internet, can't I?
    10. Misty
      Isn't it just movies and television shows?
    11. Misty
      Nope, I don't.
    12. Misty
      I haven't one of those either, haha. I'm plenty happy with my PS2 though, still a bunch of games I haven't finished on it.
    13. Misty
      Nope. :'c I tend to avoid watching those, it makes me want to spend all my money on a PS3/other consoles.
    14. Misty
      My mom watches that, and I've heard really excellent things about it. What's it about?
    15. Misty
      To what? :x BBS FM?

      I'm actually okay with the idea of a BBS sequel, it's a bit of a head-scratcher as to what it will be on, since they all are kind of waiting for Sora to save them, but the first one was really great story-wise (didn't play it), so I trust that the next will be good. Maybe more on Xehanort as Ansem's Apprentice?

      I've really never been a huge Final Fantasy fan, I think they're pretty games, but I just cannot complete them for the life of me. :x Stuck in FFX and haven't played FFXII in ages. I wish I was more into them.
    16. GAG1
      you know i dont know who i am
    17. GAG1
      yo what up random person hahah :)
    18. Misty
      I would really really like to see DH again, but I'm afraid it's out of all the theaters by me. :c I'll have to wait until it comes on my TV's on demand thing. I'm waiting to buy DVDs until they release a big box set.

      I actually just got back from Tron! I was a really big fan of the original, so you can imagine how excited I was. I was satisfied by the movie, but I felt it was kind of... unnecessary, in a way? I feel like it was kind of random to make. But still, it was good. I'm planning on downloading the soundtrack, Daft Punk is awesome and I like what I've heard so far.

      You too. :]
    19. Misty
      I want to go again. D':
    20. Misty
      I got mine like a week in advance and went to the midnight. :B IT WAS SO GOOD.
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