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Jul 5, 2011
Jan 16, 2011
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My girlfriends house :)
Inspiring others and helpin 'em 2


Moogle Assistant, from My girlfriends house :)

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Jul 5, 2011
    1. Laminate45
      Any1 whos going to be on this page best know now this is me LOL im back guys The lyrical Ninja is back to post more rhymes with nasirrich and more
      1. nasirrich likes this.
    2. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Anytime man. You're quiting? That sucks! Anyways, that's something yours to decide, keep it up even though you don't post here anymore. Don't forget you're a great rapper and a great person too :D. Goodbye bro!
    3. nasirrich
      Nice very well put indeed.^^ ^^

      Yes you will be missed the Rapper's Corner number 1 is gone. Man this bites well I wish you the best of luck in your life. And thank you you made me see Rap and Hip-Hop isn't dead.
    4. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Okay c u tomorrow
    5. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Hi :) long time no see and Happy 4th of July :D
    6. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Good one too but I prefer the other one. It could be me but in my opinion that one is like more relateable. As I said, it could be me like knowing a situation like in your previous work and not really experienced a situation like in your new one. Still, it's good so keep it up!
    7. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Yeah well, I mean it man, that text really touched me! Hehe, one of my raps was once compared to Eminem too, I know how good it feels xD. Posted a new one too.
    8. Roxas&Sora4E
      Haha, sounds epic. :lolface:
    9. Roxas&Sora4E
      Not much. Same old same new lol XD You?
    10. Roxas&Sora4E
      Havent talked in forever! D8
      Whats up? XD
    11. nasirrich
      Yea sure thing anytime man.
    12. nasirrich
      Damn man you just killed it with your raps. Your doing that next gen my dude nice.
    13. nasirrich
      Aite mane and I'm grounded to the point where I actual can't even get on here anymore.
    14. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Man, your last piece in the corner really phew, I don't have to words to describe it but it was real y'know. THAT is what I call lyrical art my friend, telling a touching a story in a way that it touches the one that reads it. It kinda reminded me of Beautiful of Eminem but yours was more personal imo. Really great job!
    15. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      Hey. Long time no talk.
    16. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      2 new raps in the corner
    17. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Thanks buddy n.n. But I'm not like quiting or anything, I wanted to write somethin' more serious and well it ended up having lot of symbology in it. What I really wanted to say with the rap is that I sometimes need rap to be happy and feel special and that I want to be able to be happy and special without it too (without giving up on rap but just not let my hapiness etc. depend on just that). I hope this cleared up a few things and again thnx for yer kindness but no need to worry n.n
    18. Roxas&Sora4E
      Hey Venixas!!! :lolface:
    19. nasirrich
      Yo there's a thread where we can rap.
      Its called lets make a rap together.
    20. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      New rap up, time to post some new stuff man :)
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    My girlfriends house :)
    Inspiring others and helpin 'em 2
    Im just, trying to make friends....

    Music is me, but My Angel for a girlfriend


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