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Apr 17, 2011
May 21, 2007
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King's Apprentice, from adrian, PA A.K.A the black hole

xemnasfan was last seen:
Apr 17, 2011
    1. bestchem
    2. GAG1
      sup my nigg*
    3. ILoveOrganizationXIII
      OMG another Xemnas fan!!! Hi, how are you? lol as you can tell, I'm not on here very much......but I too have an undying love for Xemnas, and have been searching for someone who feels the same way about him! wanna be friends?
    4. Machazo
      i regret ever agreeing with you now, after this day i'm going to need at least 15 more ansem retort comics to counter all this and maybe another anzity pill and two antidepressents so i can remember what happy feels like again. i get codes for someone which took hours and he doesn't even bother to click the link, i voice my opinion on several games and i get made fun of, i come on your topic being nice and agreeing with you and you bite my head off, i only got 6 hours of sleep cause i had a nasty stomach ache, youtube hates me, devaint art hates me, even my haven wrongplanet doesn't accept me anymore, and to make matters worse i ordered two things online one hasn't shipped and the other has been sitting about 20 or so miles from my house. buddy i can honestly tell you you picked the wrong time to boss me around.

      but at least i understand one thing now nts truly cannot exist with us who have mental disabilities, i'm an aspie, and i can't help that my comuncations skills are sub par. and that's another strike against me, when does it end.
      Please don't feel attacked, people have different opinions, and I wasn't trying to boss you around, so sorry if you interpreted it like that.
      I'll analyse what I post before I post it to see if it can offend someone, so that I can avoid it. Making people sad unintentionally is the worst thing ever...
    5. xemnasfan
      well since i'm probably going to be banned pretty soon, i have this to say. why does no one care about my opinion why do i have to think they way you all think. i thought with kh being a common ground for me things would look up but you guys can't except me as a person, is every site out the some kinda clique, what is it you all hate my undying love for xemnas, the fact that i talk different?
    6. xemnasfan
      i wish people would notify me when they mess with my **** online, how am i to know i did something wrong when you don't tell me. so many people do this to me and leave me guessing. it makes me mad. letting off some steam here.
    7. gag
      iwin hahahahaha what up?
    8. XVTheLightofDarkness
      You are a Xemnas fan thats so awesome, at least im not the only one.
    9. xemnasfan
      i'm not leaving when i said i was i was just frusterated and i spoke without thinking, but anyway who are you on devaint art i'm jetfox and dcnight.
    10. Zyborggian
      LOL dude!
      Dont quit!
      Im a HUGE Xemy fan.
      Lol and I also have a DA account :D
    11. xemnasfan
      my last post in the forums about xemnas gave me answers i did not want.

      i'm just a real big xemnas fan and i don't like to see him bashed though i should be used to it seeing as i'm on devaint art.
    12. Princess Celestia
      Princess Celestia
      why you going to abandon this place? did something bad happen?
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    i like kingdom hearts what else is there

    Xemnas, reserch, collecting, and coming up with weird theories


    my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jetfoxproductions

    mourning the loss of xemnas