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  1. Maka Albarn It's called love

    May 7, 2008
    Fairy Tail
    HEY GUYS! So sorry for the late delay and stuff. I'm planning to take this to work with me so I can get it done. But since you've guys have been waiting so patiently for it, I'm going to post a sneak peak of what I have so far so you can see that I'm STILL working on it. I swear I am.

    Sneak Peek of Chapter Two:

    Willa Rose Coleman exhaled as she whipped the crumbs off of the table and into her hand. The Little Dragon was already open, but customers weren’t showing up yet.

    ‘Well, it is only like eight in the morning,’ she thought as she made herself busy placing bottles of soy sauce on the tables. Still, she couldn’t help but to mentally complain that it was so sluggish and boring right now.

    The old couple, who owned the Chinese restaurant, once told Willa that they wanted to create a place for customers to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea before the customers faced the long day. It was strange to her, people were just people. They got up, ate, worked, and slept. There was nothing more to it. Who needed a cup of coffee every morning anyways? Why couldn’t they try something new like hot chocolate or orange juice, put a little sugar and spice in their dull lives?

    As she was placing the utensils on the tables, a short lady with a messy bun walked in from the back room and looked around. When she spotted Willa, she looked up at the taller girl and beamed.

    “Ah, good morning, Willa,†she said in a thick Chinese accent. This was Mrs. Chun, a humble old lady who always had an optimistic air about her. “How are you?â€

    “Great!†the girl said as she looked over her shoulder at Mrs. Chun. “How are you?â€

    “Fine, fine. No customers so far?â€

    But as Willa opened her mouth to speak, the front door swung open.


    Willa and Mrs. Chun glanced over to see a tall, slender woman waltz in, her blood red high heels clicking as she walked across the wooden floor to a booth in the shady corner of the humble restaurant. She wore a burgundy headscarf that wrapped around her head and neck, and only her gorgeous blonde bangs poked out from underneath. Her lips were that of a ruby, making her pale skin almost look like a surface of a pearl, and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark shades. The woman looked rather high class in her claret knee length business skirt and her garnet blouse to match. This woman sure liked her reds; Willa almost felt skeptical to serve this customer, and that was saying something.

    The teenage girl glanced at Mrs. Chun with raised eyebrows. Did she have to do this? But with an enthusiastic nod from the owner, Willa held back an eye roll and marched her way over to the lady sitting at the booth.

    The stranger didn’t even look up at Willa but kept looking ahead as though she didn’t exist. Willa pressed her lips firmly together and took out her notepad and pencil out while eyeing the customer suspiciously.

    “Welcome to the Little Dragon, Ma’am. Would you like anything to-“

    “Just a cup of jasmine tea will do.â€

    Willa made up her mind right then and there she didn’t like this lady. She was stuck up, and very suspicious; like one of those classy villains someone would see in the James Bond movies. However, she jotted down what the lady wanted and then stuffed her notepad in her apron pocket. “Coming right up…â€

    Mrs. Chun, hearing what the customer had ordered, brightly smiled and then disappeared again into the backroom.

    Willa sighed out, knowing that Mrs. Chun was off to get the jasmine tea herself. Sometimes the girl thought she was hired just to keep the old couple company when there was no customers. But work was work though, and she knew it. Besides, this was better than being forced into summer school. She didn’t wanna run into the cheerleaders practicing their fancy twirls and flips or the football jocks working on plays and whatnot for next year’s game. She had enough of that this year.

    Besides, had she not found work here, she wouldn’t have made the friends she made. Willa would still be alone, labeled as a loner as she walked down the hallways of her high school.

    Willa noticed a movement from the corner of her eye where she was standing by the kitchen door for Mrs. Chun and looked to see Apple sitting at her usual spot by the window. Willa sighed out in relief, grateful for the familiar face so she wasn’t alone with the creepy, antisocial chick. Apple was considered as Mr. and Mrs. Chun’s granddaughter, and to Willa, her best friend. Since Mrs. Chun subtly made it clear she would serve the customer in the corner, this gave Willa an excuse to visit with Apple for a while.

    “Hey there, girl!â€

    The red head looked up when she heard the familiar voice and then smiled when she met Willa’s eyes. “Hey, sorry I missed ya yesterday, got kind of busy.â€

    Willa only chuckled as she stood by Apple’s table, putting her weight on one hip and letting her hand rest on the cool table top. “More newbie fights? Girl, you’ve been working too hard with that fight club.â€

    “Hey! Not so loud!†Apple hissed, quickly looking over her shoulder at the visitor in the crook.

    Willa glanced over at the woman to see if she was paying attention to them, but she had pulled out a magazine from her purse and had it propped up in front of her face. Willa couldn’t tell if the woman heard her or not, but it seemed like she wasn’t paying much attention to the two teenagers. Still, Willa would have to be more careful next time. She knew that Apple’s fight club meant the world to her, and if the popos found out about it, her dream and her paycheck could be washed down the drain.

    “Sorry about that,†Willa muttered, looking back to Apple who still had somewhat of a glare on her face.

    Apple just shook her head, running her fingers nervously through her hair. “S’kay,†she sighed, laying her hands on top of the table and then forced a smile as she looked back up at her buddy. “So, got any plans for the summer?†she asked, really wanting to change the subject.

    “Nah, just hanging out here. I don’t mind the pay; just want an excuse for not signing up for any of those stupid high school clubs my parents want me to go to.â€

    Apple chuckled. That was a prop for being here on her own, she didn’t have to worry about her parents nagging her to do this or that. She was a free soul; she could do whatever she basically wanted to do. But then again… she missed that life at the same time.

    “I hear ya,†Apple finally said, breaking the silence.

    Willa half smiled before standing up straight and folded her arms. “You want the usual for breakfast?â€

    The usual Willa was talking about was a breakfast plate with two fried doughnut balls Mrs. Chun made, rice with eggs, some toast, and usually a plum or a banana with a glass of milk to wash it all down. It was good eating for Apple, and she never got tired of it.

    “The usual.â€

    A smirk, and then Willa twirled away from the table and headed to the kitchen to get Apple’s usual. “Coming right up!â€

    Apple chuckled as she leaned back in her chair, starting to relax and plan out her day. Since there wasn’t any more fights until Tuesday, she could probably stop by Kyle’s place, get some training tips from him, maybe hit the mall-

    A buzz in her pocket broke her out of her thoughts.

    Curious, Apple whipped out her green phone from her jeans and looked at the screen. She got a text… from the ring leader.

    “Now what,†Apple groaned, opening the text message to read what it said. As soon as she read it, she wished she left her phone upstairs.

    Hey Apple, there’s a client that’s going to pay big time for their newbie to fight. They can’t wait till Tuesday, so we bumped it to this afternoon at five o’ clock. You’ll be paid double if you show up and win. Think you can handle it?

    Paid doubled? It was tempting… She was making more money than ever this week, which was a bonus for her. It meant more for her parents… her mother.

    Apple smirked to herself, flipping her phone open and began to text back.

    It’s on.

    Meanwhile, the blonde lady sitting in the back finished her text as well on her Blackberry phone. She pulled down her sunglasses, smirking at the unsuspecting Apple before getting up and exiting the Little Dragon.

    She didn’t even wait for her tea. She had other things that needed to be done.

    ‘It’s time to round them up…’

    “Alli! Snap out of it!â€

    Alli was being shaken by her shoulders, but she didn’t respond to it. Her eyes were blank, staring into empty space. Nothing could rouse her from her stone like state, not even the voice or the being in front of her could pull her out of this nightmare this time.

    Layla panicked, shaking her friend once more. “Wake up! Come on! Don’t let them do this to you again!†Tears were starting to form in her eyes, fogging her vision. Not another friend, not again. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She choked on a sob, trying to hold it back as she hugged Alli tightly to her. She could hear Alli’s heartbeat, thudding steadily, telling Layla that she was still alive. Her friend was stiff though, unmoving, unresnding like she was dead.

    “Take a long look at her, Layla,†a mechanical voice said over the intercom that was hidden in her little room. “You won’t ever see her again…â€

    Just... say if it sucks so far or that it's okay. D: I just need the reassurance. ;~;
  2. Britishism Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jun 4, 2011
    Radio Free Wasteland
    It's awesome! I liked seeing the characters really interact.
    I also loved that bit at the end.

    Take your time, it's always worth it.
  3. Destiny's hand Traverse Town Homebody

    Dec 27, 2010
    I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?
    *Sips on tea*

    I quite like this chapter, you portrayed Willa very well.
    She reminds me of me, that one!
    Anywho, I cannot wait for the next chapter!
  4. Heart ❤ Enjoy every moment with all ya got

    Mar 2, 2009
    Layla makes an appearance! Yay! I loved her character <3 You are awesome Maka
  5. Loxare Hollow Bastion Committee

    Feb 6, 2009
    Flower Field
    Great job! urgh! now im even more anxious for Chapter 2!!! meanie! *pouty face*

    the only mistakes i could see is in the first sentence "Willa Rose Coleman exhaled as she whipped the crumbs off of the table and into her hand." wiped, not whipped and in paragraph 17 "Willa sighed out, knowing that Mrs. Chun was off to get the jasmine tea herself." just sighed, unless you want it to say 'exhaled out' but you used that in the first sentence.

    hurry with the remainder of the chapter or i will have a smiley CURSE YOU WITH SMILES!!!!!! which really isnt that bad, its kinda nice actually BUT IT WILL HAPPPEN!!!!
  6. Jayn

    Sep 30, 2007
    I can't wait for this chapter. ;__; HURRY, MAKA. My soul can't take much more of this wait. xD You're so good at this.
  7. Loxare Hollow Bastion Committee

    Feb 6, 2009
    Flower Field
    NO JAYN, not your soul!!!!!! D8


    Maka, Maka hurry!!!!! The story is on the bottom of page 1!!!!!!!


    Now it's on PAGE 2!!!!!!!!
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