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    Author's note: Before I begin the next Story I've got up my sleeve, I'd like to say that: A). Hopefully, I shall be updating every two weeks on Saturdays, if not, Something Good/Horrible happened and I failed to notify you guys. B). This is rated PG-13 for Language, Themes and Crude humor!

    Now that's out the way, I'd like to start my new Story! Enjoy~


    They called us names we cried over day and night.




    Worst band of all time.

    But, our supporters, they helped us out all the time. Weither it be defended from the football team, Fashion don'ts and Alli herself, they wouldn't stop until the fighting stopped itself.

    I remember how this all started, right there in Lauryn's Bookstore on a rainy day in the middle of April. It was a day I would never forget. Surronded by your best friends, the same people who would go on to be your tour mates. The same people who didn't give a damn over what others said. They were going to change the way we lived, all for me.

    And even though they did, I wish I could've changed it. That way, we wouldn't have gone through so much pain.

    Her white heels clacked noisily across the tile floor as she clutched my hand. Nervous, her blue orbs make their way to mine, and we share a small smile. It's nice to have your best friend of ten years so close to you when you feel like getting sick.

    "Sophia, we're up next." She says, her head motioning to the stage a mere two feet away.

    I nod, sighing with all the breath I have left in me. "I know. I just wish I wasn't as nervous, Jynx. I feel like vomiting."

    She shakes her head, pulling something out from her pocket. "Then I know what'll make you feel better." She sings, reminding me of why we were here in the first place.

    Grateful, I pluck the brown square out of her hand and plop it into my mouth. Analia's chocolate never ceases to help me with my sickness. One bite, and I instantly feel relaxed, at ease.

    The crowd suddenly becomes defeaning, and I chuckle. "Just think. That crowd is full of people who hated us just last month."

    "I know right? This is gonna be fun, I can just tell. Just relax, and it'll be over 'fore you know it." Jynx whispers, just as the bouncer directs our Bandmates up.

    "You can do it, you two."

    "Break a leg. Not literally, but still."

    "Alli's goin' down girls. And you know it as well as we do."

    Tears block my vision, and I wipe them away with the hand that isn't holding Jynx's. I knew they were just trying to calm my nerves, but at the same time, they really meant it with all their hearts.

    "Don't worry! We're kicking some Alli and the Sparks ass even if we lose!" Jynx shot back, a confident smile on her face.

    I grinned, feeling someone's hand on my back.

    "It's time, Sophia. Good luck." A soft voice muttered, her hands gently pushing us up to the stage.

    "Wait!" I whipped around, watching helplessly as my mom walked off, my little sister behind her, trying to turn and wave back to me. "Mom! Monique!"

    Hold on. I know you've got questions like, Who the heck are you? Who's Alli? Why is Jynx talking like that? What is going on?

    Well, I'm going to answer them. So, why don't you sit down and get comfortable, Cause my story is long.

    And it ain't too happy either.
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    I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?
    Author's note: Chapter One! :3 Enjoy~

    Chapter one

    A Broken Family

    "Monique!" I say, ever so sternly as I place my finger on her nose.

    "Sorry Sophia! It slipped!" She explains, her giggles getting louder as she puts her own finger on my cheek, which is doused with sticky maple syrup.

    "Uhh. Momo? What'd you do to poor Soph now?" My mother comes in the dining room, drying her hands with a paper towel as I turn to her, my tone light but stern.

    "She took her finger, like so," I say, dripping my left index finger into the syrup's light blue pot Mom always pours it in. "And threw it right on my face." I flick it to Mom, who flinches as it hits her cheek.

    "Momo. What do you have to say for yourself?" She asks, giggling as she wipes it off all of our cheeks with a white towel.

    "I'm sooooorrrry!" She puts her head on the table and pouts, her arms crossed under the table.

    This is how my family is pretty much all of the time. Mom is random, not all strict, and very helpful with my English homework, while four year old Monique, aptly nicknamed Momo, is one of those "Tomboy" girls; the one's that hate skirts, hang with guys, ride skateboards, kind of like my best friend Jynx. I love them, even though they aren't my real family.

    "Alright you two! We gotta get dressed, I'm taking ya'll out tonight!" Mom says, standing and hauling Momo over her shoulder with a playful roar. "I want you out in twenty!"

    I laugh, getting up from the table and heading to my room to get out of my Kermit the Frog Pajamas. Shutting the door with a pale foot, I grab my Ipod and shove it into the dock, turning it on and looking at my closet with determination. I see lots of bright colors-Pink, light blue, green, yellow, red, orange and light purple- take up one side of it while the other side is dark, mostly clothes from my post Real Mom-Jail phase.

    "Live your life, live your life, Let the love inside. It’s your life, it’s your life, Got to play it right. Take your time, take your time, Take your sexy time."

    With a hard sounding but addictive beat, Chris Brown sang some of the lyrics from his new single "Beautiful People". I threw my arms in the air, shaking my hips and dancing like a drunk person. I danced my way to the closet, cursing when my phone rang.

    I flipped it open with a sigh. "Hurroo Jynxie. What's up?"

    Jynx screeches, the noise in the background suddenly stopping. I hold the phone away from my ear as she continues to scream like a fangirl for thirty more seconds. After her wail comes to an end, even though her voice is sratchy, she asks, "How long was that?"

    "Thirty seven seconds. Exactly. Have you noticed what powerful lungs you have?" I joke, turning my Ipod down a bit so I can hear her.

    "Yes. Now, where are you?"

    "My house. We just finished brunch like," I glance at my Hello Kitty wall clock. "Five minutes ago."

    "Lauryn made you get dressed, right?"

    "Yup. How'd ya know?"

    "Just do. And, I know you aren't." She says, and I hear an echo coming from my balacony. I walk over to it, spotting a certain figure waving to me. I snap my phone closed, open the window, and watch as Jynx jumps through it, an excited expression upon her face.

    Jynx and I have been best friends since fifth grade, the year she moved here. Back then, she was really impulsive, and the other kids had written her off as one of the kids they weren't gonna mess with. I mean, why fight a girl with flaming red hair, passionate blue/violet eyes, and a fist that hurt when shoved up your stomach? Unfortantly, if the kids couldn't fight her, they would turn to fight Me.

    One recess, I was hanging out with my Ex-Best friends, Alli Summers, Megan Grace, and my other best friend, Christina Hale. I was on the swing, racing with Christina to see who could swing theirs the highest, when suddenly, Alli whipped around.

    "Soooooooppheeeee-yaaaaa!" She sang, her short black hair tied in its regular pigtails on the top of her head. "Come here! You too, Chris!"

    "Okay!" We shouted, both of us jumping off the swing and jogging to Alli and Megan, who were on top of the Jungle Gym. "What's up?" I questioned, Christina panting beside me.

    "It's Claud again." She rolled her eyes as Chris and I gave her dual confused looks. "He's being a Perv, so I need you two to handle him, kay? Thanks!"

    Christina obvious hated the idea, her arms crossed, her eyes narrowed. "Nun-uh."

    "What'd you say?" Alli demanded, her head swiveling to my friend swiftly.

    "You heard me. No way. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not gonna happen." She said again, slowly this time, as if Alli couldn't understand.

    Megan jumped off the Jungle Gym and glared at Chris. "You better do what Alli says." She commanded us, her finger pointed to Claud, the fifth grade bully that was giving Alli looks. "Or we will have to kick you out of our group."

    "Fine! Go ahead!" Chris grabbed my arm, leading me away from the two evil girls. "Goodbye!"

    "You're gonna regret this!"

    And we did.


    A couple of days later, Christina and I were building a Sand Castle in the sandbox with Jynx, who had watched us-Well, mostly Christina- stand up to Alli and Megan. While I went back to the Water Fountain, bucket in hand, I turned the knob, sitting the bucket down and watching as the water filled it up. When it was done, I had a bit of diffculty lugging it all the way back.

    "Hey, Sophia." A voice chirped, making me jump in suprise. It was Claud, the same one Alli had ordered us to get rid of a couple days back.

    "Uh, hey....Claud?" I stammered, a deep red blush making its way up my cheeks.

    He pointed to my bucket, asking, "You need help? You look like you could use it."

    "Ah, sure. I was gonna need Jynx's help anyway." I muttered, watching in delight as he picked up the yellow container with no trouble. We walked back to the sandbox, and I sat down, my back hurting from trying to lug it over there. "Alright, Claud, right here please!"

    "Sure!" He laughed, turning the bucket over and empting the cold water onto the three of us girls. "There you go losers!"

    Alli then walked up, her hair down and a hand on her hip. Megan was behind her, a hand cupped over her mouth as giggles escaped her. Claud and his friend Austin burst out laughing, bending over as the other kids joined in, tears coming to my eyes.

    "...Shut up." I heard one tiny voice, a voice I had never heard before say, Claud's chortling stopping. "What'd you say pipsqueak?"

    Jynx stood, Christina following her lead. "Shut up! God, it's not even funny!" She snapped, both girls had hands on their hips, eyes squinted at everyone in their way.

    Chris nodded, cracking a knuckle. Even though she was bony, and the shortest fifth grader in the whole school, she could still pack in a punch. I saw this when she had to give some guy named Luke a shiner for touching her back on accident. "I would back up. Now!"

    Everyone backed up, eyes wide. The only one that didn't look afraid was Alli herself, who just sneered and said, "Oh come on, you guys are afraid of a couple a losers? Sophia can't even fight, she's such a baby!"

    Suddenly, I felt an anger swell up inside me, and then in a flash, I saw Alli on the ground, a big clump of her hair in my hand. "Oooooooow!" She screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Sophia, you meanie!"

    Hours later, I was in my real mother's car, my head against the window, Christina and Jynx sitting in the backseat beside me.

    "What the hell were you thinking Sophia? Wetting yourself in public, then hurting that poor girl Alli. What's wrong with you?" She gripped the steering wheel, nearly running a red light as she pressed down on the gas in stress. "Answer me!"

    "Nothing is wrong with ME. It's YOU!" I yelled, my two friends keeping to themselves as I let more tears flow. "You don't understand me! You don't care for me! You don't do anything!"

    And that's when the accident happened.


    It happened in a flash, one second we're rushed to the hospital, the next mom has handcuffs on her wrists, the next, Christina and Jynx, my only friends in the world-gone. I remember a young woman with long, dark brown hair and light brown skin walking out of a shop, her hand on her bulging tummy. She was appalled at the sight of this, running down to my mother and demanding what happened. Apparently, it was a lady that always came over for tea and cookies, a lady she knew well. The woman pointed to me, and asked a cop something. When the cop answered, she looked a bit relieved. Then, she gave my mother a little lecture, mom nodding with an excited grin.

    The woman came over, a small, pitying smile on her face as she crouched down with trouble. I glanced down at her protruding stomach, and gasped. It was huge! It looked like it carried twins, but as I learned later on, it was just one big baby. I must've looked very suprised, because she took my hand and put it on it, her smile getting wider. I felt something push up against it, quickly and often, and stumbled back a little. She laughed, and I began to laugh with her, as hers was contagious.

    "Sophia, you may not know me, but I'm Lauryn. Your mom is going to-"

    "To jail. I know. And I was put into your care for two years." I finished for her, looking deeply into her eyes.

    She looked a little sad. "No Sophia. Your mom has been sentenced to life in jail. I'm your adoptive mother."

    I don't know what happened after that, but I can remember the howls and sobs I gave off, watching as my only parent left me, a wide smirk on her face.


    "Sophia-Alyss Marie Heart!" A voice calls me out of my memories, and I see Jynx hovering over me, a stern expression on her face, and a newspaper that was rolled up in her hand. "What's with you? You were standing there with a blank look for like, five whole minutes! Did you see Jason again?!"

    "No!" I answered hastily, blocking the newspaper as she tried to whack my head. "I was thinking of that week."

    Jynx nods, exhaling sharply as she tucks a red strand of hair behind her tan ear. I don't see why she's so self-consicous all the time. I mean, she's 5'7, like Christina and I am, she's got straight red hair that falls down to her shoulder blades, thick eyelashes and big, bright blue eyes that turn violet when the sun hits them. Jynx is really pretty, prettier than me.

    "I am not prettier than you!" She says, her fists clenching. "You are totally prettier than me! It's true!"

    '.......Did I just say that out loud?' I think to myself as she steers me toward my floor to ceiling mirror.

    "You're blonde, you've got really cool eyes, a small nose, and you're tall. You're like, the Taylor Swift of Sywnpond!"

    "I am not." I laugh, rolling my gold eyes as I look us up and down in said mirror. We do look good, even though one of us is wearing a strapless dark purple dress with thigh high stockings and the other is wearing her old Kermit the Frog pajamas that needed to be thrown away.

    Jynx then pushes me into my walk in closet, shutting and locking the door from the outside. "You are not coming out until your butt is dressed in that Pink Strapless!"

    I chuckle, getting the floral summer dress off the hanger. Good Ol' Jynx, being a pain in the ass when she doesn't even mean it.

    Author's note 2: Just a chapter to fully introduce Four of Seven Protagonists, and to give a little light on Sophia's family life.