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    This thread is backstory for the Cupid's Brew thread, explaining how Adrian and Tonitrui got into Fortissimo Academy.

    Now I don't need to say anything other than enjoy the thread, so yeah.


    5:30 A.M., Gloval Residence, Seattle, Washington.
    A cold wind blew through the floorboards and walls of the house. Toni laid down on the driveway, looking up at the now fading stars. She was thinking about how her parents were doing. Toni's family was a bit wealthy, thanks to them winning the lottery, and now the parents were taking a private vacation. It was eventful to both Toni and her younger brother, knowing that their house will be completely empty for the rest of their summer. It did have Pros to being alone, of course. Toni and Adrian didn't have their parents ordering around, and personally, they didn't care if their parents disappeared altogether. Their parents controlled literally everything in the Apathy Twins life, what they wore, their manners, their choices and careers. They both became musicians, which was alright, but it still wasn't right to do stuff. It seemed like a dream that they were leaving for an entire summer. And that was it.
    At first, the brother and sister wanted to mess up the house, but they couldn't find the willpower to. It soon became pretty bleak. They didn't have any friends staying in the community for the summer, so after 2 months, things got boring. Luckily, Toni had found a camp to go to spend the rest of the summer. Adrian didn't really jump to the idea though, but Toni, being the older sister, signed them both up anyway and managed to coax the parents to pay for the fees. Tomorrow would be the day that they would be leaving. Toni rubbed a hand through her raven-black hair sighing. She then said, "You can come out now Adrian."
    Adrian's head appeared from the right side of the house from out of the shadows. He pushed his glasses more onto his nose, then put a foot on the garage door and leaned against it.
    "Your minds made up?" He asked quietly, crossing his arms.
    Toni got up and looked at her brother. He was two years younger than her, yet the two of them were refered as the Apathy Twins because of the way they acted. Adrian was cold, and he couldn't care less if someone called him a *****, but he had his reasons. After Adrian's second break-up with a girl, something in him shattered, and he became cold and uncaring.

    Toni on the other hand, Toni was a complete hothead. Anything even slightly annoying sets her off. And right now, Adrian had already got her annoyed for being out past his bedtime.
    "Shouldn't you be asleep?" She asked impaitienly.
    "You may be the bigger sister," Adrian said, "But last time I checked, I don't need you to tell me what to do."
    "Well we have a big day today. Don't you wanna sleep in to be totally refreshed later on?"
    "I couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up and saw you. Now answer my question. Is your mind made up? Adrian asked more intently.
    Toni kept herself calm and not snap at her smart aleck of a brother, and said in response, "Yes we are going. And if you dissagree, I'm sure we can settle with a small struggle battle." She looked at him with an angry smirk.
    Adrian shrugged. "Nah. Too tired to." He said. He yawned, bored, "And anyway, I change my mind about not agreeing to go."
    Toni sat up in surprise and looked at her brother, searching his face if he was bluffing. Adrian's face didn't change.
    "What made you change you mind?" She asked.
    Adrian shrugged again. "They said that its a music camp. Music is the one thing I never said no to." He said in a flat voice.
    Toni nodded. That was the only thing that made Adrian happy. He managed to learn 3 different instruments, as well as using his voice to sing. Toni had only known how to use the Organ.
    "Glad to hear that your mind changed." She said, smiling, as she laid back down and continued to look at the purple sky.
    Something still bugged Adrian though. "Toni?" He asked
    "Yes?" Came the reply.
    "You remember the Cupid's Brew site, right?"
    Toni sat up again. "What about it?"
    Adrian closed his eyes as he said, "I'm not getting the product. It's just some stupid bottle that people sell for cash. And I doubt it actually works."
    Toni cocked her head at her brother. "And if it does work?" She asked.
    Adrian opens an eye. "Then it would probably have dangerous side effects. And besides, I'm not desperate."
    Toni smarted from that last remark. "Just because people buy that doesn't mean they're desperate," Toni snapped, "They could use that thing for helpful purposes."
    "Still risky in case it actually works."
    Toni stood up, her eyes flashing in bitter annoyance. "Why can't you at least give a less harsh remark?"She growls.
    Adrian let out a stiff chuckle. "Why should I? To me, it's all a bunch of bullshit. And you can't deny that you're thinking the same thing. You are always skeptical when it came to advertisments. And if I didn't know any better, I'm thinking you were planning on getting it."
    Toni opened her mouth, then closed it again. Adrian had a point. She sat back down and thought about it. What were the chances that this "love potion" would actually work? She grunted, "I'm not getting that crap."
    Adrian closed his eye again as he said, "There you go."
    "But what choice do I have? I'm so interested on how it works. And plus, can you imagine if a boy actually fell in love with me?"
    Adrian reopened both eyes and trained them on his sister. "Don't tell me your desperate."
    Toni spun arround, her eyes like daggers. "I am not deperate! I'm just sick and tired of people taking me for a complete hurricane."
    Adrian sighed. "My advice," Adrian inquired, "Wait for the right one. God made us to be with someone else. Although I doubt that's true, it's my advice nonetheless."
    Toni narrowed her eyes and sneered, "And how would you know that? Your love life was nothing but pain. And another thing is that you can't stop being cryptic."
    It was Adrian's turn to narrow his eyes, as he said, "One, every second I'm talking is a second that you are not, and two, shut up before I shove a baseball bat so far up your butt, that you'll be spitting out toothpicks."
    Toni giggled. "I'm kidding and I'm sorry Adrian. I just want you to lighten up. This might be a good experience for us ever since our parents left for their vacation."
    Adrian frowned, then smiled slowly.
    "We better have breakfest." Adrian said suddenly, "It's already 5:56. We need to leave by 6.
    Toni got up, dusted herself, then walked back in the house. Adrian followed silently.