55 Levels

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    55 Levels

    By Gem
    - Fallen-Serenity

    Just for my sake I dont own KH lol Or anything to do with Disney

    -Chapter 1-

    55 levels, 40 hours, 6 forms of Xenmas, a hell of a lot of healing later and she had finally completed kingdom hearts 2, she stood abruptly and pointed at the screen
    “Mwuhahahahaha I have defeated the many forms of mansex…†she looked around nervously for a moment “*cough*… I mean Xenmas,†she repeated looking slightly embarrassed.

    She sat down almost as abruptly as she watched the ending sequence, getting herself lost every few moments as the movie graphics began and Riku was in full view. If her brain was a whiteboard then as soon as he came on screen, she went into overdrive and became covered with graffiti in the shape of random nonsense.

    She was tingling all over as she reached the end of the film already questioning the ending plus the secret ending she had unlocked, staring at the end game screen she looked at her score. She beamed happily as she read of the lists of completes.

    Yawning she moved over to the TV turning all the systems off, she shuffled through her room changing into her nightwear. She flipped the light switch off and flopped into bed curling up under her thick mattress, the comforter killing out the chill of the empty house.

    It was still dark when stirred hers arms gripped around her plushie’s as she out of her window, a storm was brewing on the horizon as lights flashes on the nearby hills making her shudder, oh how she hated storms. She got up letting the plushie’s drop from her arms into a heap, she looked at them a moment and laughed realizing that only one had landed on its own, the one that was separated was a chibi version of Kairi while the chibi version of Sora and Riku were happily seating together on the mattress, well sitting was an under statement, yes she knew they were dolls but with one laying on the other and a mind such as hers then it was simple to picture a really cute yaoi scene and so she did.

    Lost for a moment she failed to realize why she had gotten up until a large flash of light hit her eyes. Shrieking she shut the curtains almost pulling them off the rails in the process then launching herself onto the bed scooping up Kairi as she went under the covers. Soon all four were huddled together as the storm picked up outside the girl was shaking like a leaf as the dolls just sat there in a squished sort of embrace. She could imagine the flashes and then she heard the thunder she shrieked and whimpered as it sounded, she really did hate the storms.

    An hour passed but still the girl laid awake under the covers her form still shuddering, as the storm seemed to grow worse by the second the winds battered against the glass and almost shook the very house. She cringed into the plushie’s her heart beating like an overworked drum she could feel herself losing to the exhaustion that began to take its toll on her stressed out body, though even as she willingly tried to sleep the lightening would flash or the thunder would rumble and stop her from trying.

    There were no options left for her, it was either fall asleep by herself or just to simply pass out from the exhaustion. The storm how ever had hit new heights with almost constant thunder and frequent flashes of lightening. She gripped the plushie’s hard as more lightening struck, after a few moments of nothing the girl moved her head out of the covers. It was almost a full minute of complete silence before the loudest thunder boomed shaking the house and lightening flashed; the girl’s world suddenly went from blinding light to oblivious nothing.

    “RIKU, RIKU WAKE UP!†cried the brunette as he ran into the others room
    “Huh?†The boy in the bed groaned and curled into his sheets, silver hair fanning across the deep coloured pillows
    “HURRY RIKU, there’s someone in the bathâ€
    “WHAT?†the silver haired teen cried as he sat up digging himself out of the many layers he was caught up in
    “I told you, someone’s in the bathâ€

    The silver haired teen ran into the bathroom and nearly had to do a double take of what he saw; laying in the corner bath asleep was a girl no older than himself. He moved closer to look as the brunette also came into the room.
    “Sora, why is there a strange girl sleeping in the bath? Is she one of your friends?â€
    “How the hell am I supposed to know I’ve never seen her before in my life?â€
    He looked at her, her nightgown wrapped her frame and round her legs as she clung to a large black duffle bag as one would cling to a teddy, even with the two boys I the rooms the girl still slept on soft snores emanating form her as she did.

    “Err do you think we should wake her up?†asked Sora innocently
    “Yea and I know a perfect way†Riku replied a grin on his face
    “How?†Sora replied curious
    “Just watch†replied Riku his eyes lingering on the shower head as he moved closer and closer to the dial at the end of the bath.
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