~.-_-=|[O]*Oblivion Tone*[O]|=-_-.~

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  1. Mathias Jay beauty is in everything

    Oct 22, 2006
    ~.-_-=|[O]*Oblivion Tone*[O]|=-_-.~

    The moon
    So bright
    So beautiful, too
    Though clouds cover it
    Only to darken our fued
    When I see such splender
    I think to November
    And feel the chill that saddened my mood.

    Why is it, that darkness is overdue
    When it's the one that cloaks the dew?
    And why is it,
    That we've been so crude
    To the other we love
    And polished the rude?

    Oh, march with me young fighters!
    To those who've called you nutters!
    And cast them into the unknown
    Where they'll be bestown
    Upon which is a throne
    To the onward
    Oblivion Tone.