"A" A Poem By Me

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  1. MARIExBRIARWOOD Destiny Islands Resident

    Dec 9, 2007

    A ball of pain, anger, disappointment
    Is me lying, trembling, on my bed
    And I sigh, I whimper, i groan
    I'm regretting words, goodbyes, left unsaid

    A daughter, forgotten, forsaken, non-existent
    Is me trying to make myself drop dead
    And I'm happy, oh now I'm pissed
    I'm an angry b**** who lost her addictive meds

    A fighter, gritted teeth and eyes closed
    Is me trying not to forget, lose my head
    And I no longer wanna feel this horrid pain
    I'm crying, evoking from veins a crimson red

    A lover, passionate, jealous, compulsive
    Is me bearing a heart that's easy to shred
    And a kiss from me can be worse than a curse
    I'm just trying to keep all my desires fed

    A mess, shattered, torn, destroyed
    Is me little more or less than depressed
    And I don't think that I'm worth s***
    I'm soon gonna find who's my real friend

    Don't worry.. I'm not depressed. I'm one of those writer's who can reflect to a point of my life and remember feelings and write about it, or reflect upon feelings of my friends, relate to it, and write about them. Most of poetry is about depression or heartbreak D: