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    Explanation: So I had created a small manga that is more of a parody of Kingdom Hearts. It involves 4 teens (two are 14 and two are 15) and of course, they all involve keyblades. So you may have a general understanding of what they look like here is a link of each of them:
    Rika Nina Kyo Shin

    Now read the prologue and enjoy for a little bit!


    A young girl of about the age of 7 came running out of a home. She whizzed past her parents while they were talking to a moving man. She had just moved to these island chains when she ran off to explore. Not long after she came to a beach and saw off in the distance another island that had many wooden structures on it. She looked to see a vast sea separating them and she sighed. She was turning to leave when she heard a girls voice call out, "Hey you, girl with the dopey expression, come here!" She was confused and ran over to the blonde headed girl and asked "What? Why am I dopey?"

    "Well for one, if you want to get over there you need a boat." she laughed at her and then continued, "By the way, I'm Rika."

    "I am Kyo" said the boy with dark blue hair.

    " And my name is Shin" said the other boy with red hair.

    "My name is Nina" said miss dopey. She looked at them all but blushed when she looked at Shin as he was putting things in the boat. "Can I come too?" she hesitated and expected the answer already.

    Rika scratched her head and then laughed, "Well alright but make sure to come back everyday dopey!"

    Then on for 7 years she came back to that beach. Our story takes place exactly 7 years later. They were wanting to discover the worlds and where Nina came from now....

    *************End of our days*************

    The sand felt very warm and it seemed a nice place to sleep. Nina thought so too, and she soon had drifted off not long after laying there. Though her sleep was a little short. A blonde headed girl came up from the ocean and splashed cool sea water on Nina. She jumped up and screamed. She saw Rika and frowned.

    "Ugh, why did you do that Rika?!" she got up and swiped the sand out of her hair and off her overalls.

    "Well if we're going to build a raft then how else was I supposed to wake you up fast?" she walked up to Nina and patted her shoulder, "Besides, Shin and Kyo are tying everything together while we are supposed to find them a cloth and about 3 more logs." She grabbed Nina's hand and pulled her off to collect the items.

    It had been a painstakingly 20 minutes before they could find that last log that was big enough. Nina and Rika had finally reached Shin and Kyo when it was almost sunset.

    Rika checked her watch and said "Well I guess we can call this a day. If we don't get back by night our parents will flip!"

    "Yeah, I guess so..." Nina was tying the cloth down to the raft so it won't blow away and she followed back with them.

    When they reached the bent over paopu fruit tree, Shin and Nina jumped on it while Kyo sat on the ground and Rika just stood there. They all were watching the sea when Rika broke the silence.

    "Do you guys know that it has been exactly 7 years since Nina joined us?"

    Nina was startled at Rika's question but she thought and answered, "Well yeah of course. But why did you bring it up? Want to celebrate or something?"

    "No it just seems that we are getting older and older yet we haven't had one adventure...." she looked in the sky and continued, "I only wanted to make the raft so we can go see other worlds out there....If any exist that is...."

    Rika checked her watch again and said, "Well if we don't leave now we won't make it back in time."

    Nina, Shin, and Kyo started to walk off. "Nina! Catch!" Nina turned to see a paopu fruit flying at her. She put her hands in the air and caught it. She looked at it and then back at Rika with a puzzled look.

    "Wha- what's this for?!" Nina was afraid because of the legend of the paopu fruit and what it means.

    "Nina, don't you remember the legend of the paopu fruit?" Rika began to walk past Nina as she was just staring at the fruit. "If two people were to share it, their destiny's would become intertwined, they would remain a part of each others lives, no matter what. Come on Nina I know you are desperate to share one with a certain boy."

    Nina was startled when Rika said that but she soon recovered. "Let's just go home..." they began to run to the boat before the daylight disappeared.

    But before Nina made it there she pocketed that fruit. Just in case she was able to share it with him.
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    Wow that was really good pretty much like the story of the first kh1 when Riku,Sora and Kairi are still in the islands.:)
    Check mine out its like an alternate story of Kingdom Hearts

    Tell me if you like it or not:)
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    Thanks I'll post a chapter two when I have time later but not yet