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    Okay, I'm working on this story where this guy and girl meet (very original) and they become friends. The guy publishes a book of poems about the girl. You'll figure out the rest through the poems. Some rhyme, some don't. Others are free verse and others aren't. There are long ones, and there are short ones. You catch my drift? Anyway here's some of his poetry. They might be out of order because I don't have the whole story figured out but feel free to try and piece it together. I'll add more as I go.

    note: the ramblings of a man

    The Red Notebook

    It was an ordinary, The Red Notebook that sat on my shelf

    Still, you picked it up anyway and and opened the cover

    You read
    The Red Notebook and even dog eared some pages

    There was no emotion on your face and you didn't make fun of it either

    How was I to tell if you liked it?

    The Red Notebook was closed and put back on the shelf

    You walked passed my but not before you said

    “Your poetry sucks, do me a favor and spare that” and you pointed to The Red Notebook

    The nerve you had

    Saying it straight to my face

    Yet all I could do was stare straight ahead at
    The Red Notebook

    The only regret that I have to this day
    Was not having the courage to walk up and say
    How much I love you and hope you'd stay
    But now you've gone and with it
    My hope thrown away.

    [DOUBLEPOST=1398008048][/DOUBLEPOST]If You Weren't There
    The love of my life
    Swept me away with the wings of an angel
    You turned my peaceful life upside down
    And my tranquil oasis into a roaring turmoil
    If you were never in my life what would it be?
    Would I still be content with my life all alone?
    Not caring what went on outside
    Ignoring every call because it wasn't important
    If I had never met you would I feel this pain?
    A stabbing, aching wound in my heart
    The whole were you are supposed to be
    If I had never met you would my simple mind now true happiness?
    The sound of your laughter as you flew through the room
    Where we were the first time I held you as you slept in my arms
    What would I call call a life without you.
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