A Broken Heart String

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    Dr. Seuss's worst nightmare
    Alright, this story is about Demyx and how I imagine he came to be. I accually like this story alot, I thought it was kinda sad at some points...It was diffrent than my previous story, Roxas's Days in the Organization...And it accually had a real title....You know I love deh comments so hit me up with some, good or bad, any comment is a good comment.


    “Eight members are not enough.â€

    The thundering voice of Xemnas cascaded off the marble walls of the meeting room. Everyone sat reluctant in their chairs. For endless weeks, the eight Nobodies have been searching every corner of the universe for more recruits. Xigbar was lucky enough to find one more nobody by the name of Axel, but that was at least two weeks ago. The members of the Organization had become reckless and unruly, doing whatever they wish when ever they wanted to. Slowly the Organization was falling apart.

    “Each one of you must go out and scope every world and every street for more members.†Xemnas looked at every person sitting in a chair. No one was able to meet his stare. They all sat in their chairs, trying to hide from the malignant orange glow protruding from his eyes.

    There was a silence in the room that seemed to take the air right out of their lungs. Eventually, Xigbar teleported down to the floor and walked through a corridor of darkness. Xaldin followed him, opening his own corridor, and the rest of the Organization followed. Zexion was the second to last person to leave, watching the faces of his piers try to mask the reluctance in their eyes.

    Zexion ran his fingers through his hair that dangled in front of his eye. He started to walk away, but a presence behind him made him turn around and look into luminous eyes.

    “May I help you, Superior?â€

    Xemnas’s cold face remained hard as ever, but his eyebrows dipped turning his eyes to gleaming slits.

    “Do what you must to help us, Zexion.â€


    When I said that Mercy stood
    Within the borders of the wood
    I meant the lenient beast with claws
    And bloody swift-dispatching jaws.
    --Lawrence Spingarn

    The wooden door to her bedroom opened suddenly. She dropped her necklace that was dangling from her fingers and spun around to eye the intruder in the doorway.

    Myde started at her sudden reaction, but quickly caught himself and raised his hands defensively. Upon recognizing his face, she calmed down and her cautious look was exchanged with a gentle smile. She turned around and started to look for her fallen necklace on the ground at her feet.

    Myde lowered his hands and walked over to her, his heavy work boots thumping on the lilac carpet of her room. He threw himself on bed - a small mattress placed upon the floor - and lay upside-down on his back, his head hanging down the side of the mattress and his cerulean eyes staring longing at her. She gave a sideways glance at him and smiled before getting back to putting on her makeup and fashioning her jewelry. Myde’s blood started to rush to his temple and he sat up straight, turning his head around only to stare at the back of her head.

    “I’m not going on until two more hours. What’s the rush?†He asked her, swinging his legs around the bed and sitting close to her.

    She shrugged. The reflection in front of her in the mirror showed a young girl in her early twenties, with perfect features and a gentle expression. Her light blue eyes matched only the finest blue skies in the spring, when the clouds painted pictures among themselves, and the only ambiance was birds and happiness. Her full lips met together in a perfect line and curved at the edges, showing a never-ending tender grin. The slim nose in the center of her face formed her thin eyebrows at the top and ended pointy at the bottom. Her complexion was fine and pale, but a glow emitted from her pure being. The long brown hair fell down from her head and caressed her shoulders and back, falling in stunning long curls. Upon seeing her, the men would stare in longing, the women in envy. She was quiet and noble, beautiful yet prude.

    “Well, I might as well get ready myself.†Myde said, leaning his head on her shoulder. He stared at the reflection of the two of them for a moment, before kissing her cheek and standing up. She didn’t pay any attention to him, but smiled playfully in the mirror showing flawless teeth.

    Myde grinned back and stepped between her and her mirror. She gasped silently and started to giggle a sweet laugh. He bent at the waist, careful not to knock down the mirror and lowered his head eye level to her, almost touching noses. She blinked slowly, her long thick eyelashes barely missing his face. The edge of her lips rose in a sly grin, one that many had found hard to resist. Myde did the same and brushed his lips against hers gently, and she returned the kiss.

    Myde slowly knelt down and sat on his knees. In each of his hands was one of hers, their fingers interloping with each other. He locked her gaze within his and they stared at each other for a few seconds before she finally blinked and stopped smiling. A look of happiness crossed her face, but she didn’t smile. Myde leaned forward to kiss her again, but she pressed her finger against his lips and guided his head backwards.

    “Do you love me, Myde?†She asked, a tiny wisp of concern escaping from her mouth.

    Myde smiled behind her slim finger. “Of course I do.â€

    “Do you love me?†She asked, leaning in a bit closer, her words sounding more concerned and questioning.

    Myde’s smile dropped from his face and his eyebrows ceased in confusion. He gently moved her finger away from his lips and ran his hand through his spiky brown hair.


    He looked up at her, smiling. He was always afraid to answer this question, not knowing what the result would be like.


    She looked at him sincerely, her blue eyes being the only light from the darkness around them.

    “I love you.â€


    Myde grabbed his guitar case hurriedly and stepped out onstage. Lights from overhead invaded his eyes and he raised his free hand to shadow them. As he got adjusted to the light, he focused on the audience. Many people stood in the small space of the bar his band was playing in, most of their anxious faces he didn’t recognize. But there, right in the middle of the audience stood Jayden, her azure eyes twinkling in the dark. He nodded in a small hello to her and she smiled back.

    Myde climbed up onto the stool in the front of the stage and adjusted the microphone stand in front of him. Settling his guitar on his lap, he glanced around at his fellow band mates, ready for the signal to begin. Everyone nodded an o.k. at him and he turned to face the audience. As he scanned the unfamiliar faces, one dark and sinister figure caught his eye, standing against the wall glaring back at him through blue-black hair. The figure uncrossed one of his arms and brushed the hanging piece of hair out of his face.

    Myde shook off the chill that ran up his spine and leaned forward into the microphone, concentrating on only trying to throw a great show. At last, he began to sing.


    Zexion cursed himself for letting the human notice him. At the same time, he was also glad that he found out a vital piece of information about him. Any normal human would have overlooked him standing in the corner. Yet, Myde took full notice of the nobody staring back at him.

    Zexion slinked off into the crowd making his way through the mass of people. He ran into exactly what he was looking for.

    There she was; the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. She stood there with her long curls draping down her back and her sapphire eyes staring admiringly at the human singing and playing guitar up on the stage. Her smile and pure face made Zexion crack that evil smirk across his own. There she was, and she was all his.

    He moved his piece of dangling hair out of his eye. He glanced at the kid up on stage with his spiky mullet and black baggy jeans, and he smiled. So she likes rocker guys, he thought. This won’t be hard.

    Zexion concentrated hard and distorted his Organization Robe into a pair of black baggy jeans, a tight-fitting black undershirt, and a pair of dark skater shoes. His eyes grew darker as if he had eyeliner on. He felt the leather of new wristbands wrap around his skin and embrace him.

    He looked like the rocker guy she’d date, he thought to himself, watching the human on stage. He moved his hair out of his eyes again and walked towards her.

    He slowly began to manifest the air around her, turning it icy cold. Zexion watched as she crossed her arms and shivered. She glanced around her, wondering if anyone else was cold. Her eyes met Zexion’s. She smiled briefly.

    Zexion looked her up and down, making sure her eyes were on him. He smirked at her, his dark eyes locking in on her and holding her gaze.

    “Cold?†He asked her, his voice smooth and calm as a dark sky. Transfixed, she nodded.

    He conjured up a red sweatshirt jacket from behind him and handed it to her. She took it and rapped it around herself.

    “I’m Ienzo. Come here often?†He chose his human name instead of his nobody name because it seemed more fitting. Zexion sounded too...threatening.

    “I’m Jayden, and yes, I do come here often.†She held a small hand to her chest when she spoke her name, and smiled when she answered him.

    “Well, I’m new here. I don’t really know my way around.†He was asking for her help. There was no way she could refuse.

    “Well, I would show you…but I’m with someone.â€

    Zexion bit the bottom of his lip. This was exactly what he wasn’t looking for.

    “Oh, I’m sorry…may I ask who your with?â€

    She pointed to the human onstage. Zexion nodded, although he already knew that.

    His big master plan was to take Jayden for his own, for the Organization’s own. She was beautiful, strong and free-willed, exactly what he was looking for. She also was righteous, and would never do anything against her lover. This called for a change of plans.

    Remembering how the human looked at him, he thought deeply. Jayden was still all his.

    “He’s a very good singer.†Zexion said, speaking about the human. She smiled and looked up at him, nodding.

    “He’s good at the guitar, too.†She said.

    He leaned in close to her, “I’m sorry, what did you say?â€

    She repeated what she said, and Zexion leaned in a bit closer. “Hmmm?â€

    When he leaned in closer, Zexion wiped his head around and kissed her full on the lips. Surprisingly, she didn’t fight back. As he continued to kiss her, she started to loosen her grip on him and started kissing back. Apparently she’s not the honest girl he thought she was.


    Myde held the microphone and continued to play. He glanced around the crowd for Jayden to see her reaction once he began the guitar solo. She always would smile or laugh at the faces he made. As he scanned the face of every person, he didn’t find her.

    His fingers quickened and he plucked each string perfectly, nailing the solo. He flashed a huge grin to the crowd and halfway through the solo, his eye found Jayden.

    He stopped his performance suddenly. One of his guitar strings snapped. It curled backwards crookedly like a twisted finger. Myde’s fingers clenched into a fist, his fingernails driving into his skin. He stood up, the guitar dropping with a loud bang. He jumped off the stage and into the crowd.

    He shoved people out of the way, ignoring the shocked gasped of people and the grunts of angered fans. He grabbed Zexion by the back of his shirt and yanked him away from her. When Zexion looked at him, a sly grin on his face, Myde drew his arm back and nailed him in the face.


    Zexion fell backwards on the floor. He watched as Jayden tried to restrain Myde but he was too crazed. Zexion rubbed the spot on his nose where he was hit the hardest and got up slowly. Once he was standing he brushed the dirt off of him.

    “That was rude.†Zexion slid his studded wristband over his knuckles slowly and quickly punched Myde in the face.

    Jayden screamed as Myde flew backwards and landed hard on the floor, bringing the man next to him down with him. Zexion leaned over Myde’s body briefly.

    Myde was a bloody mess. His nose was broken, and blood was all over his face. He wasn’t unconscious, but he was a bit dazed. Jayden screamed for help and held his face, trying to soak up the blood with her shirt.

    The man that also fell on the floor rubbed his head. “What the hell was that for?†He got up and kicked Myde in the side hard, making him clutch his side in pain. He coughed since he was winded, spitting up more blood all over the floor.

    Jayden pushed the man who kicked Myde and screamed at him. Tears franticly rolled down her face. The man wrinkled his nose and pushed Jayden back, and sent her stumbling into another person who turned around and joined the fight.

    Zexion smiled and wiped his mouth, which was now bleeding. He walked away, his clothes slowly distorting back into his organization robe.


    Myde blinked away the blood and tears from his eyes and managed to see the ceiling. He forced himself to stand and looked around at what was going on. The entire place was filled with brawling men.

    As his eyes got adjusted to the light, he realized that Jayden was no where to be found.
    All around him, people threw punches, bottles, stools, and saliva. The entire place was completely out of control. He felt like he was in a war, and he just recovered his hearing from an explosion by him. His head spun, and he couldn’t feel his nose. There was blood all over the floor and all over his shirt. When he wiped his eyes, his entire hand came back bloody.

    He fought his way through the crowd, shoveling people out of the way. Strands of loose hair blocked his vision, and more tears crowed his eyes. When he finally made it to the bathroom, he collapsed on the floor.

    The bathroom was like a haven. Everything was silent, and nothing moved. Yet it was not the cleanest or brightest room, it felt like paradise to the soldier.

    Myde held onto the sink to his left and pulled himself to his feet. He leaned over the sink, spitting blood and sweat out and staining the white. Looking at himself from the cracked mirror, his entire face below the bridge of his nose was covered in blood. With a shaky hand, he turned the faucet on and splashed water on his face.

    Myde took on last glance at his ragged reflection and started to cry. Jayden was gone; she was somewhere in that war outside the door alone and afraid. If he were to go outside and look for her, he’d surely get lost in the crowd. But he couldn’t stand here and wait. He needed to look for her. He would die for her.

    Myde wiped the dirty tears from his eyes and stormed out of the bathroom. It was war outside. Myde ran a bloody hand over his forehead, and ran into the crowd.


    He sat on the beach, strumming the strings of his sitar. The sound was peaceful and calm, and made Myde’s eyelids close. He always liked the sound of the sitar for more soothing situations. It did wonders to soothe his aching body and restless mind.

    The sunset was red at the center, turning more orange right around the diameter of the circle and then flowing away and turning purple. The waves did not reach the bloodstained leather of his boots, and the salty air made his sweaty hair stick to his face. He watched the ripples in the shallow water dance with each other. He wished someone would dance for his music right now.

    The bump on his head throbbed. He couldn’t remember quite how he was given it, but it hurt. His right eye was swollen shut and black. His shirt was torn on the shoulder, and his jeans were stained with blood and sweat. It was difficult to breath threw his broken nose. He didn’t seem to care.

    As he strummed the sitar more quickly now, the music seemed to embrace him and hold him close. It made him feel secure and next to someone. Myde didn’t feel so alone anymore.


    Zexion clenched his teeth as he continued to tread water. His hair was wet and sticky, and the salt water of the ocean made the leather of his robe smell. His plan was working perfectly, not one flaw in the process so far. If all goes well, Xemnas will hold him in highest regard.

    He had only one chance to make this right. If he were to mess up, everything would fail. Still continuing to tread water, Zexion changed his appearance. His body began more slender and curvy, his complexion tanner. His hair grew longer and blonde, magic curls forming at the center of his back. Although he couldn’t exactly see it, his dark eyes flashed a light blue, and his lips became fuller. Instead of the Organization robe, he had on a plain white sundress.

    Zexion teleported to the shallow end of the beach.


    Myde stared straight ahead with his one eye. He concentrated on a figure appearing a couple yards from him. Although she was hard to see, he knew exactly who she was.

    It was impossible though- Myde remembered what happened. There was so much blood, it got all over him. The man who did it…it was an accident. He missed his target…he hit her…he hit her head…

    Myde smiled at the woman waving to him. He continued to play the instrument, smirking at the smile on her gentle face.

    She raised a hand and beckoned him forward. Turning slowly around on her heels, she looked over her shoulder and flashed him a striking glance, and started to walk forward into the ocean.

    Myde stopped playing and shifted forward. She can’t leave without him, not again…

    He stood up and started to walk after her, sitar in hand. Stumbling almost blindly after her, he called her name. She didn’t stop.

    Even after it had looked like she was out of sight, he kept swimming farther and farther out. The waves were smooth and did little to halter him. He had to get to her. He had to, because he failed before.

    Myde’s arms got weaker, and the sitar strapped to his back didn’t help him at all. He was swallowing water with every breath he took, and was trying to grasp onto what hope was inside of him.

    She appeared, right in front of his face. But as quick as she came, she was gone and his face reappeared. The long shady hair, the dark eyes. It seemed all too familiar to him.

    Zexion grabbed Myde by his neck and shoved him under the water. Myde fought and flailed his arms around in the water, but the sitar on his back did little to help him and much to weigh him down. Zexion’s grip seemed almost inhuman…. Not only was Myde choking from being strangled, he was swallowing the salty ocean water.

    At the last minute, when Myde’s eyelids took control and started to close, he glimpsed something solid and black flash across his eyes. It was swift, and once he spotted it, he felt his heart stop.

    Or maybe he felt his heart disappearing.


    “Welcome, Demyx, to the Organization.â€

    Although it he was being welcomed into his new home, lifestyle, and existence, he did not feel welcome.

    The empty hallways…the white walls…the symbol, everywhere, watching, looking, listening, reminding…the hollow faces…expressionless voices…

    He hated it.


    “What’s up Demyx!â€

    The flaming red hair bounced around, his emerald eyes sparkled.

    The flaming chakrams spun and whizzed everywhere at once.

    “Too afraid to fight me?â€

    He gripped the fingers on his other hand and raised his shoulders, wincing back every time the flying weapon came close to him.


    “Then get your sitar out and fight me!â€

    Fighting…he couldn’t do it…those memories he had…they had fighting in them…

    The way Axel made a fist every time he clenched his chakram…it was a fist that killed her…

    He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t fight.


    He was forced to. He had no choice. He had to fight. And he failed.

    “Nooo waaaayyy!†He screamed. It was all over.

    He crumpled to the ground and fell on his knees. He gripped the ends of his robe, trying to hold on to what was real. He faded away, quickly, and before he new it, he was gone.


    In that last fleeting moment he had on the ground, he thought about things. Things could only get better from here.

    The torture.

    The pain.

    The suffering.

    Was gone.

    The memories.

    The battles.

    The feelings.

    Were gone.

    He was gone, along with every feeling he had remembered from those memories from him and her together.

    But he thought about it again, and maybe it was missing all along. Maybe nothing was there to begin with; maybe he was never there to begin with.

    Maybe it was all there. And maybe, everything wasn’t gone. Maybe everything was coming back together again, him, her, the memories.

    But he would never know.

    The End.
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    i like you're perspective on Demyx rock on!
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    cool but demyx is a guy not a girl
  4. Xx Axel xX Traverse Town Homebody

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    Dr. Seuss's worst nightmare
    ??? Yeah, I know that, but why would you think that I thought he was a girl? OH, and thanks for the comments people =D
  5. Sir Charles of Monocles The Fault in Our Stars

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    in my dorm room watching Tangled
    you are welcome
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    That Was Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!
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