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  1. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    What is Insanity?
    Insanity is alot like Love,
    You're never finished after you're done.
    Insanity is alot like Hate,
    You cannot remove the rebellious streak.
    Insanity is alot like Sadness,
    You never can quench the incurable madness.
    Insanity is alot like Bliss,
    What would you like to drink, Miss?

    Girl From the World of Her Own
    She’s the girl,
    Everybody knows,
    Lives in a world
    All of her own.
    He puts his hands around her waist
    He rests them on her chest
    He runs them through her hair
    And she just doesn’t care,
    ‘Cause everybody knows,
    That’s the way things go
    With the girl
    From the world
    Of her own.

    She lives all alone,
    In this world of her own,
    She’s got no friends,
    No family,
    No home.
    And everybody knows,
    And nobody cares,
    For the girl
    In the world
    Of her own.

    Then he came,
    He was the boy
    All alone in the world
    From the world
    Inside his head
    He didn’t give a da*n if they cared.
    ‘Cause he just didn’t need them
    In the way that she did,
    And then catastrophe struck.

    He was alone,
    As he laid in bed
    Living in the world
    Inside his head.
    And then the ghost came to him,
    Told him what to say,
    The earth spun around him on that day,
    ‘Cause everybody knew,
    But no one seemed to care,
    As he ran his fingers
    Through her brown hair.

    And now

    She’s the girl
    That everybody knows
    He’s the boy
    Her sanctuary
    Her home.
    He’s who she goes to
    When she’s all alone.

    They live together now,
    In a world all their own,
    And they’re happy.
    Shouldn’t we all be?

    My Bleeding Heart
    Sitting here alone,
    I wish for you.
    I wish for the days when
    You had feelings for me, too.

    Those days seem,
    Oh so far away by now.
    When we sat together at
    A cafe on the town,

    And you told me that you loved me.
    And that this was always true,
    Now it's just a broken promise.
    One made by you.

    We were young lovers,
    So tender, and bright!
    Now it seems that you have left.
    You, my only light.

    So now I sit here writing this poem
    As my heart begins to bleed,
    And it seems unfair that so far away,
    Yours still sometimes beats.

    My Poem for My Feelings
    Sitting in life's eternal mist,
    We look at each other,
    And see the good times.
    Making check marks on our list,

    The list of things to do,
    Before the summer's end.
    Whenever we are feeling down, look at me.
    And I will look at you.

    When we look at one another,
    I feel as if we were connected.
    You and I.
    Like sister and like brother.

    Like the soft colors
    Of a sunset on the waters,
    Like Two children who have just matured
    Into fragile lovers.

    So if you feel down deep,
    Look for me,
    And at me,
    And soon our hearts will link.

    For: Jake

    Hoping for forgiveness,
    Begging on my knees.
    God give him back,
    Oh please.

    You took him before his time,
    I know it's all because of me.
    But I'll promise I'll shape up,
    Just you wait and see!

    I know that I've been bad;
    I know I've ticked you off.
    But you took it out on him,
    So from my team: You're off!

    Just a p o e m
    Not cut,
    But bleeding.
    My heart
    Is shedding
    Black tears.
    Floor beneath,
    But falling.
    My Angel's
    Wings have
    Fractured, broken.

    I thought that you loved me
    I thought you really cared
    I thought you'd stand beside me
    Even as the sirens blared

    But then you went and crushed my heart
    Erased my forbidden hope
    I had even thought of proposing
    But now I lie and mope

    The knife is in my hand
    The noose around my neck
    The note is sitting on the desk
    Here's hoping you go to heck

    breathe in the spring air
    run a hand through your hair
    watch the birds fly away
    save your breath for another day

    make the most out of life
    live no longer in strife
    exhale deep down and bring
    from the depths of your heart the spring

    your children see a different you
    in the way your smile is now true
    you live in winter spring summer and fall
    riding bikes and playing baseball

    Your boys Andrew and Johnny sing:
    "Mommy's heart belongs to spring!"


    I think something
    Is wrong with me,
    When I look at our world
    Here's what I see:
    Hate, destruction,
    And poverty.

    Or maybe, just mabe,
    It isn't me,
    But other people!
    Here's what they see:
    Everything is always peaceful,
    No one's ever needy.

    So do you think
    Somethings wrong with me?
    Or other people,
    And what they see?

    Hold Me
    Hold me so tight
    Hold me through the night
    Wipe away my tears
    Hold me close and rid my fears
    I wanna be near you
    I hope you feel this way too
    In the middle of my dreams I think
    Without you I would sink
    No matter what you say
    No matter what you do
    You will always be the one
    I will always love you

    I will always love you

    I know we'll be together
    For now and forever
    Please don't let me go
    Fall with me into the snow

    undeniable navy blue eyes
    piercing through
    who i used to be

    standing in the dark
    still not knowing
    death or life
    edges and 50%s lead me on

    questions crowd my head
    and a name is called
    i discarded it long ago
    but i turn towards the caller

    a familiar face, an unforgettable expression
    my mind is overwhelmed
    what's coming forth after years of
    innocence and purity

    screaming and running
    i now know who you are
    the white suited man
    hovering over me

    years in the dark can't shield me now
    my memories are returning so rapidly
    my head is aching
    as my death replays itself time after time

    "we've done it"
    "brought her back"
    "her life has returned"
    my rebirth was bittersweet

    named anew
    taught new tongues
    dressed differently
    my personality was even changed

    there was no greater good
    no one else has been bought back
    my existence was remade
    and for what?

    so that you men in suits
    could benefit and prosper
    while i couldn't remember half my life
    thinking of you as friends?

    now i can't be fooled
    so stay far away
    and don't bring me back to this dreadful place
    i have places to be

    Blood Will Spill Tonight

    push and pull
    all that upstate bull
    fight me with your hands
    before i send you to holy lands

    the devil, satan, is waiting
    through the fire you are wading
    settle this like a man
    not like your brother, who ran

    afraid to hit a girl?
    into a ball i'll make you curl
    before i give up this fight
    blood will spill tonight

    on this backroad path
    you will feel my wrath
    your brother made the same mistake
    and his life, i did take

    i may be a girl,
    my hair put up in curls,
    wearing a sunday dress
    god, you'll be a mess

    and once your blood has spilled
    and my empty heart has filled
    you'll know that you weren't right
    and that blood spilled tonight

    Where are you?
    where are you my silver wings to fly on
    my angel to caress in the snow

    where are you my mr. wrong-to-right
    my unknown challenge in the dark

    where are you my blackest light
    my love and sacrifice in the fire

    where are you my beloved hatred
    my tear in the sunlight

    where are you the one who'll see me in the crowd
    my eagles eye in the fight

    where are you my soldier who i can fight beside
    my true equal and opposite

    Everybody Hates Me and I know it.

    Everybody hates me and I know it
    They talk all about me and try to show it

    They say I'm so stupid and fat
    How do they know that?

    They don't even know me or who I am
    I wanna hit 'em with a mallet

    Just 'couse I don't talk that much
    And don't really eat at lunch

    They think I'm trying so hard
    They think my existence is so marred

    They all feel so sorry for me
    But they won't when they see

    All that I really am
    And when they're dead
    Sucks for them if they hate
    Better lean to 'preciate

    The Epic of the Red Moon King
    He sat, transfixed, on his onyx-black throne
    Covered by the blood of the woman his own
    His kingdom knew that all was lost the day he snapped
    When his young daughter died as he laughed
    Every peasant still remembers the light golden hair
    The ringing voice vibrating the air
    Her blue moon eyes as deep as the sea
    The startled face of her husband to be

    But everything changed the night the moon turned bright red
    So many were dead, so much bood was shed
    The king cracked like glass without a reflection
    Cursing the daughter while causing infliction
    The pain like sharp ice shattering her porcelain skin
    The stinging poison, like tiny sewing pins
    And then the blood gushing like a cataract of the nile
    Spilling onto her pearl-white dress as she was thrown into a pile
    Of every dead person, every soldier, every mother
    Every child the king smothered
    Every man is paranoid, women scream at his name
    Children run and hide from the horrid Red Moon King
    Peasants call for help, afraid for their life
    Shopkeepers lock away theirs when they remember his wife
    Even the bavest wake up at shrill screams
    Remembering the dreaded night in their dreams

    Marionette, Marionette
    Marionette, Marionette
    Sing and dance one last time
    I’ll beat the drums
    You’ll provide the rhythm
    Set us on fire
    Dance us full of hot desire
    Marionette, Marionette
    I see you twist and turn
    I see you as you begin to burn
    The fire smoldering your wooden body
    Marionette, Marionette
    Your strings are tangled
    Like your hair
    Dance faster make us sing
    Shake and waltz with your last breath
    Marionette, Marionette
    Smile like sunshine
    Before you are ashes
    Before my heart disintegrates
    Pinocchio bow your head to beautiful Marionette
    Watch as she is dyed a blood red hue
    Watch Marionette, Marionette, twist and turn as any real girl would do

    Some of these have bad punctuation, or capitalization on purpose!~
  2. Cleopatra King's Apprentice

    Mar 9, 2009
    Skyway Avenue <3.
    awesome/sweet/beautiful/sad/passionate/inspiring, there are many words to describe you poems. They're all so beautiful and deeply passionate. I think that Blood Will Spill Tonight & The Epic of the Red Moon King [unfinished] were my favourites :'D I really like your poems and hope you finish The Epic of the Red Moon King [unfinished], it'd be a shame if you didn't. Keep up the awesome work! :'D
  3. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void

    Aww, thank you x3
    I'd like to continue my Epic if I get out of my writer's block : D Maybe after my current fanfic is complete. My problem is once I post something anywhere, I never finish it D: I have to finish it then post things in moderation D:​
  4. Chevalier Crystal Princess

    Jan 8, 2008
    Trapped on an Island
    Hey, you should try to acomodate this better...They are great...as I've said before, but they just seem cluttered.

    And I really love your epic.
  5. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    I'm glad yall like 'em! I just added another. Marionette, Marionette.
    I'm gonna try to organize them better once I get time.​
  6. Stardust Chaser

    Apr 17, 2007
    I adore your poems <3.
    You have such a great sense of rhyme! Major kudos! ;o
  7. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    Kore wa...sensou...ne?

    Remember the sad little girl who you changed into
    A heart shaped grenade so ready to explode
    Only so long ago?
    And then you left for war,
    Decided to face the world,
    Left her here behind-
    Choking on the bitter smoke and flames
    Rising from the pits of the hell you created
    Somewhere in between your love and hatred.
    Her pain feels like an ice cold blade-
    I can only imagine you feel the same-
    For you know she would never admit
    That she felt feelings just as strong.
    Knowing you felt,
    She felt she was all wrong.
    She says that she won’t combust if you return,
    But maybe your feelings have turned,
    Maybe another has captured your heart,
    And it was never true love from the start.
    She won’t explode when you’re by her side,
    She knows it would hurt you, too,
    If only somewhere deep inside.

    I know it doesn’t mean much
    When I say I’m sorry.
    Do you even believe me?
    You say it’s all you,
    But the way I acted
    So erratic,
    Out of control,
    A spinning cyclone
    Of the insanity we have both
    Come to call a safe haven.
    I feel all wrong when you say my name.
    Or should I say right?
    It feels like a fight
    Between warring sides of myself.
    “It’s good that he’s gone,
    “Maybe he’s healed.â€
    “I feel all wrong,
    “Without his protective shield.â€
    And I’m really not okay
    Because my heart’s a ****ing grenade.

    meehhhhhhhh haven't posted poetry in forever. title being in Japanese just kinda fit with the situation... 'cause it's a real situation xD [points to usertitle]
    Sorry if it sucks and that this is just pushing more beautiful poetry into the depths of the untouched Creativity Corner.​
  8. Stardust Chaser

    Apr 17, 2007
    IT'S AMAZING <3.
    I loooove it. So much emotion and feeling you put into this!

    The title reminds me of the Hatsune Miku song "Love is War." <: I love that song, too. Haha.
  9. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    Thanks ^^
    It just kinda came to me, as usual, while doing something totally unrelated.
    And yeah... I was wondering why "Love is War wasn't being put on my iPod and then started singing it and that line just kinda... fit xD​
  10. Sumi suicidé

    Jan 12, 2008
    the void
    Your arms wrapped around my waist-
    [My finger's on the trigger]
    It's a deadly embrace.

    And suddenly we're not here,
    But floating amongst the stars above Earth's polluted atmosphere.

    Eyes widened you quickly hold me close-
    [I'm sorry]
    But realise its me who you despise the most.

    My lips curve up in a fatal smile,
    Your eyes widen and you feel the bile
    [rising up your throat and spilling onto your precious blue polo].

    [I did love you]
    You push away from me and see the gun laying in my hand-
    And then you die like would any mortal man.