A Day in the Life of Organization XIII (Chapter 4)

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    Chapter IV - Dodgeknife

    Main Characters: Organization XIII

    The Organization met in a circle, discussing games they could play. "Oh, how about dodgeball?!" Demyx suggested.

    The Organization decided on exactly that, dodgeball, but with a little twist.

    Six Organization members on each side, with Vexen as refferee and medic. Medic as in "ER" medic.

    On the red team, Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Xemnas, Saix, and Xigbar. On the blue team, Vexen, Zexion, Larxene, Lexeaus, Marluxia, and Luxord. Vexen started counting. "1, 2, 3! GO!"

    Everyone, including Vexen, summoned their weapons. They then started fighting.

    Xemnas threw laser blasts, Xigbar shot energy blasts, Xaldin threw his lances, Vexen blocked deflected attacks away from him, Lexeaus threw large rocks, Zexion cast only magic that required throwing, Saix hit attacks away from him, Axel threw his charakams, Demyx threw bubbles and blasted water, Luxord threw his cards, Marluxia sent sharp pedals, Larxene threw her daggers, and Roxas sent bolts of light.

    Roxas and Zexion hit each other, Axel and Vexen steppped out of bounds, and Xemnas and Luxord knocked each other out. That meant that two were on each team.

    Saix and Marluxia acted as defence which Larxene and Xigbar shot at each other. Larxene got Xigbar and Saix in the legs, blue team won. "Yay! Go sadism!"

    Vexen, eager to grab the championship title, demanded a three way battle. Marluxia, Larxene, and Vexen fendng for themselves in a fight. "Whoever wins is the champion!"

    Marluxia and Larxene double-team Vexen, Marluxia beating down Vexen's walls of ice and Larxene throwing daggers while he's distracted. Vexen lost by the cheap shot, so it was down to Larxene and Marluxia.

    "Ready to lose, Flower-Power?" Larxene giggled with delight.

    "Not really, Ms. I-killed-#XIV-through-XVI." joked Marluxia.

    Though Marluxia had the advantage with projectiles and a weapon, he was defeated nonetheless. "Ha! In your face, flower-power!" Larxene won, having braging rights for the whole hell-of-a-week.
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    COOL!!! That was awesome!! Your battle details are improving,which makes it cooler! Gawd...I never knew Luxord was strong enough to beat Xemnas!! I shall stop stealling his cards now...

    Luxord: "WHAT??!!!"
    FireNanaki: "Uhhh...not YOUR cards..uhh...*runs away*