A Fake, a Copy, a Machine

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  1. Laplace TSUKI NO SHIHAI

    Apr 1, 2007
    Why I must be a copy?
    This isn´t fair, I won´t accept this
    But life isn´t fair
    But why he must everything, when I have nothing at all

    My father betrayed me
    He threw me in a cell, and left me here
    I was alone for years,
    Rusting there

    Until I was released, with a desire,
    Of revenge, and an intense wrath
    I may be a copy, I may be a machine
    But I have emotions, I will have revenge, for not seeing them in me

    Why I must be just a shadow?
    To not have a heart, and be in the inside with nothing, hollow
    I am machine, I am just a can full of chips and screws
    Now I can see it clear, for a fake, life is not fair

    Why, tell me why you have a better life?
    Tell me, you can´t see my pain?
    No, you are too distracted with your friends
    Now you will see my revenge

    I am just a stupid and rusty can
    A can full of scraps
    Why you can´t understand?
    Why you can´t see I only want a friend? Nothing else

    Why the Destiny must be so cruel with me?
    Why I must be a cold and heartless machine?
    I am just a shadow, nothing
    In the shadows I am lurking

    He has everything he wants, with friends and all
    When I have nothing, not even a stone to talk
    You don´t understand
    How´s to be a fake, only a machine that has no heart

    I based it on a character of a game.
  2. Destined Working for WDW

    May 6, 2007
    Lost in the Rockies
    Hmm interesting poem, But i won't lie, the wording really wasn't my favorite because it was in incomplete sentences. Does the character you based this on communicate in that way? If so then I can understand, but the poem has a strong sense of righting the wrong and I like the wording you have chosen.

    Only other comment is that this line:

    Has cell spelled wrong.
  3. Laplace TSUKI NO SHIHAI

    Apr 1, 2007
    Yes, he kinda communicates in that way, or is the way I thought he would communicate if he writed the poem, is been a long time since I wrote a poem, and I am trying my best ._., and thanks, I´ll fix that.