'A Far off Memory is like a Scattered Dream'

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    Chapter 1​

    Hoshi was sitting on the subway staring out the window thinking about life. She wasn't exactly that thrilled with what was going on in the world with politics and war and it was all getting to her head. She almost started freaking out when she instantly heard a voice.
    "Hoshi are you okay? is your dad back to watching the news again?" said a brown haired girl with glasses sitting next to her.
    "I'm fine Colleen, and yes.. my dad is back into watching the news." she said turning her head towards her as the subway stopped at yet another stop and only a couple people boarded then the train took off.
    "That must stink.. paranoia will get the best of you. watch it." Colleen exclaimed, playfully punching her in the shoulder as the train stopped. "I have to go now.. this is my stop."
    "But your stop is with mine.." Hoshi said confused.
    "No.. I have to go to my dad's work today. he wanted me to get him something." she said standing up.
    "Alright bye." she said watching as Colleen got off the train and then the train stopped and continued making it's route. After about 10 minutes she got off the train and started heading towards her apartment.
    While she was walking she felt something strange and turned her head. She saw a portal pop up in an alley. In spite of her curiosity she went to go check it out. On her way over to it she tripped over the curb and fell into the portal. Leaving her alone in darkness.​

    Chapter 2​

    Hoshi woke up holding her head, she was in a place that was dark, But not too dark. There was some light coming out from cracks on the ceiling. There was only one problem. Hoshi somehow didn't remember anything. Not even her name. She somehow found a way out of where she was to find herself on an island. In the distance she saw kids hanging out with each other. She could only make out a few things. she saw 2 boys sword fighting with real blades. One boy had long gray hair and the other had brown spikey hair.
    There was also a girl sitting on the beach watching them fight. She was laughing. She had pink hair and a charm in her hand. There was also 2 little boys and a girl all playing ball near bye. But she didn't seem to pay attention to them.
    She started walking forwards until she got up to a tree and climbed down it. When she walked over to where the kids were she thought she heard someone say something behind her. She turned her head to look and then instantly held the back of her head and collapsed.
    Something had hit the back of her head. She looked to her right to see a blade that was shaped like a key. She looked at it confused as she passed out.
    "A key?"
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    This is really good so far. I wanna find out what happens! It would be easier to read if you spaced each group of senteces like this:




    And so on. Keep writing! ^.^