A Far-Off Memory

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  1. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky
    Chapter 6! Hoorah!

    School is starting soon. Blegh. I probably won't be able to write as ofen when it does, becuase I'll end up working on chapters in spare notebooks and such and will end up leaving them at school have to finish them in there before typing them up....which could take a while.
    *is showered by a chorus of boos*
    Sorry!! I'll have homework and Cross Country meets too!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy Chapter 6. I don't consider it one of my better chapters, but I like it still.

    Surprise at the end!!

    Well, kind of not a surprise for you...

    More of a surprise for the characters.


    Anyway, I'll shut up now before I give away the entire chapter before you even read it.

    So here it is!

    Sora noticed it the moment Kairi did and immediately ran up to her side.

    "Is it from the king?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Kairi must've sensed this, because she immediately took it out and began reading without giving Sora a word.

    Dear Sora and Kairi,

    You disobeyed me. I kinda figured ya would given the circumstances, especially Riku. I'm not sure if he toldja this, but now that he's gone, it is more important then ever that you don't do anything that I told you not to do in my last letter. The door Riku used was used wrong. I'm not sure where he came out. For now, I've got to stop my research and look for him, because that's more important. I can't give you any more information now, because it could put you in danger. Just try not to worry, and live your lives normally. Try not to think of us too much. I promise you'll have a part to play soon enough.


    King Mickey

    As soon as Sora was done reading, he threw the letter on the ground and began walking back toward the secret place. Kairi carefully picked it up and put it back in the bottle and ran after him. He was walking at a brisk pace.

    As soon as he got there, he sat down against it and sighed sounding annoyed. Kairi sat down next to him and sat there awkwardly for about a minute, debating with herself on whether or not to say something, when Sora broke the silence.

    "I can't believe him." was all he said. Kairi looked confused.

    "My best friend destroyed our only way out of this island, but not before using it the wrong way and transporting himself who knows where, I destroyed out childhood playroom without even realizing it and thought I made a promise to you that I didn't, while you passed out and had some weird dream thing about the promise I thought I made. And on top of it all, we're at home with nothing to live for except for letters that wash up on the beach! And what's in these all-too-important letters? The king writing to us telling us we're not allowed to summon our keyblades or even know why we're not allowed, and that there is some prophecy out there predicting what is going to happen with our lives that the king knows but won't tell us! Oh, but we must follow his orders and NOT WORRY!"

    He had shouted most of this, and barely taken a breath, so now he was breathing hard. Kairi looked astonished.

    "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" he shouted out of pure rage and confusion to nobody in particular, feeling like he wanted to scream.

    Kairi was completely confused. Sora was acting strange. This was not the Sora she knew. He hardly ever got mad. This was almost like how he acted yesterday when he destroyed the cave. She wanted to ask him what was wrong; to tell him that he was acting strange, but somehow she knew she couldn't. He was sitting next to her, staring at her, as if she could give him an answer. She looked back at him helplessly, her eyes saying "I'm sorry, I have no clue." He immediately understood, but got up and stormed away, still angry. Kairi thought for a moment, then jogged after him. They were doing a lot of this lately.

    She found him sitting next to the waterfall with his feet dangling in it, facing the ocean. Just like they had done millions of times (or so it seemed) in the last few days, they sat there for a while, each lost in their own thoughts. Kairi was the first one to break the ice.

    "So." She said simply. "We've got a lot of time on our hands."

    Sora just looked up at her like he had no clue why she was saying this.

    "Yeah..." he said, confused as to why she was saying this.

    "And we are a little too old now to play the games we used to when we were little." she added with a giggle.

    "Well, there's also the fact that one of our playmates is lost somewhere in the barrier between worlds and the base of all our games is now completely caved in by rocks."

    He finished this sentence with a smile, as if to say, "but that's not a problem at all"

    Kairi decided to make the best out of the situation as well.

    "Well, that's another small reason. But it seems like we're doing a lot of...just.." she couldn't finish her own sentence. She looked straight at Sora; he looked back at her.

    "thinking?" they both said at the same time, followed by large amounts of giggles from Kairi and blushes from Sora.

    "Yeah, I guess we are. But at least we have time to just to that. I've hardly been able to take time and just think things over at all in the past two years."

    "I guess..." Kairi responded, looking as though she was bursting to say something but debating on whether or not to say it.

    Kairi focused on Sora's feet. He was currently attempting to turn over a rock with his left one.

    "But that's just it!" She said suddenly. Sora, whose eyes had been wondering, looked at her with a questioning look, as if about to ask something, but before he could do so, Kairi continued. "I've been here! I haven't been out on an adventure! I've had all the time in the world to think!"

    She looked at him, intensity in her eyes.

    "What do you want to do then?" He said, as if choosing his words carefully.

    She shrugged.

    "Well, I think the only way we can work this out is if we talk about it." She said, seeming completely sure of herself.

    "Talk about it?" He asked, almost laughing. "That's what you want to do?"

    "Well...." She responded.

    "The king told us not to think about it. Maybe sometimes we could talk, but others we could....I don't know...." she was deciding which word to use.

    Sora was already smiling. He knew what she meant.

    "Do something like...this?" He laughed, splashing water on her.

    She gave a little squeal when it hit her.

    "Sora!" she giggled. He was already running away. "You're gonna pay for that!" She said, running after him.

    He continued to smile as he ran. He had already planned what he was going to do.

    Kairi had started chasing him, just as he wanted. He wheeled around, to Kairi's surprise, and began sprinting towards the islet.

    Kairi was confused, but followed him nonetheless, laughing. As soon as he reached the edge, he plugged his nose and yelled "CANNONBALL!" before jumping into the ocean.

    Kairi ran to the edge and stopped, still giggling. "Sora, get out of there, you know I don't like swimming without my bathing suit on!" She yelled down to him. He just smiled and swam up to the edge of the islet, and climbed the latter up to Kairi.

    He was soaking wet, but he was still smiling. Kairi looked at him, confused. "Why are you smiling?" She asked him. He began to laugh. "What is it?" She said, now looking on her clothes to see if they were causing any amusement. "What!" She said, now annoyed that he wasn't telling her.

    Then, unexpectedly, Sora ran up to Kairi, still dripping wet, and hugged her. Kairi then knew why he was laughing. "SORA!" she yelled again. He was cracking up. She backed away from him, as if he was contaminated some horrible contagious disease. "SORA!" she said again.

    Sora had planned this. She was backing toward the edge of the islet. Still laughing, he ran at her and pushed her off the edge into the water, following immediately himself.

    She gave a tiny little scream before plugging her nose and hitting the water.

    When her head popped up, Sora was already there next to her, laughing. She started laughing too. They were both there, laughing uncontrollably in the incredibly warm water, next to each other in the warm sunlight. This was the Sora that she knew. The Sora that she remembered. The Sora that she longed to see for much too long.

    "Sora, you are such an idiot." Kairi said through her laughter

    He just gave her a smile.

    "I know." He responded. For some reason, they had both stopped laughing and looked out at the sea and had the same thought.

    "It's beautiful." They said at the same time.

    Sora leaned up against the islet, no longer as hyper as he had been a moment ago, looking at the scenery around him. It felt like it had only just sunken in; He was home. He was back at Destiny Islands. He had forgotten how nice it was here the ocean. He had been away from home much too long.

    "You know" He said to Kairi after about 5 minutes. She had come up next to him and was leaning against the islet too. "It's times like this that make me feel like none of it ever happened. Nothing with heartless, or nobodies....." his voice trailed off.

    It was then that Kairi realized something incredibly important. She felt stupid for not thinking of this before. It seemed so obvious now.

    "Sora!" she said with great urgency.

    "Hmm?" he responded, still taking in the scenery.

    "That's it!"

    "What’s it?" he asked.

    "Our nobodies!"

    "What about them?" He responded.

    "My memory thing! What if it was..."

    Sora's eyes widened as he realized what she was trying to say and finished the sentence for her. "Namine's?" he said, weakly.

    Kairi nodded.

  2. Zexion13 Traverse Town Homebody

    May 11, 2007
    Inside this computer.
    Good section, as always.

    It was a little slow, but great al the same. Though, I kind of was expecting the part at the end.

    *sigh* School is starting for me too...good to see my friends again, though. (even if I had seen them a lot over the summer)
  3. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    Yay! A new chapter!
    I like it.. it was good.
    I wasnt really expecting the ending.. hm.

    Next chapter please!
    Sorry to rush you but.. I just love this story!!!

    School started for me 2 days ago.
    Eww.. I hate it. :/

    Anywho.. Great work!

    -Kairi2011 :]
  4. keylbader_twilight Traverse Town Homebody

    Apr 19, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    School? I don't go to school for another two weeks! (Hooray for Catholic Canadian education!) Anyway, awesome chapter! A little voring during the Sora and Kairi having fun part and what happenned to Riku? *cries* He's in the realm of darkness!!! That sucks lemons! (Yeah, I'm a major Riku-fangirl)
  5. JellyBeing ALL. THE. BUTTS.

    Mar 24, 2007
    hur hur...

    Chapter six is my favorite so far. Keep it up! =D
  6. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky
    Thank you!!

    ZOMG J000 CHANGED YOUR AVVVY, 01_Kairi???


    XD I remember when you only had about 300 posts. *Feels all old*

    Oh, and about Riku:
    The chapters explaining Riku's adventure will be every fourth chapter; three chapters in between every Riku chapter.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

    And so on...

    I know the ending was expected. I tried to make it expected. Anybody that read the beginning of Chapter 3 would know right away that it was Namine's memory. It was a surprise for the characters, not the readers.

    I'm surprised that nobody has commented about the similarities in Sora's behavior to Roxas, particularly in chapters 2 and 6.

  7. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    Ahh man.
    No new chapter.

    Update pwease?
    *sticks out lower lip*

    Much Love- Kairi2011<3
  8. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky


    I have so few readers :(

    I've got so many ideas for other stories floating around in my head, including one particulalrly large one that I kind of need a lot of people following to make.

  9. Zexion13 Traverse Town Homebody

    May 11, 2007
    Inside this computer.
    I will keep reading, if you have any other updates I can read. ^^
  10. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky
    Yes! Finally Chapter 7! You know what that means....The next chapter is a Riku chapter! *confetti party*

    I felt a bit rushed on this one. I'm not sure if I like it or not. Anyway, here you go, more notes and such at the end.
    Kairi stared at Sora. He shook his head and began pacing.

    "Okay, okay, Let's take this one step at a time" he said, taking deep breaths. "You think that was Namine's memory?"
    Kairi nodded again.
    "Are you sure?"
    Kairi looked down at the ground, poking at a seashell with her shoe, obviously avoiding the question. Sora waited.
    After a moment, he said. "Kairi, look at me."

    She looked up at him, and their eyes met. She closed them immediately and then nodded. Now it was Sora's turn to look down. They both stood there, looking down, for about a minute. Then Kairi looked up at him again, a scared look in her eye.
    "You know, Kai, It would be really helpful if you would talk." Half-joked Sora.

    "I'm sorry. It's just all so overwhelming." She said, her eyes beginning to tear up. "Riku's gone and we're stuck guessing about something huge we have hardly any information on."

    Sora was torn. He wanted to hug her; to hold her and tell her everything was okay, but the uncertainness of these things being true inside of him was holding him back. She looked down, and so did he, but before it could develop into another long moment of silence, Kairi addressed the issue pressing both of their minds.

    "Do you think that your promise has to do with Roxas?"

    "I don't know. Roxas doesn't remember being in the Organization. ?" responded Sora, as Kairi shook her head. "So I only have his memories of after that."

    "Wait a minute." Kairi said, suddenly staring at Sora. "You have his memories?"

    Sora looked at her like she was insane, and jumped up onto the tree, laying on his back.

    "Of course. Well, the memories of after his time in the Organization. Don't you have Namine's?" he asked, already knowing the answer simply because she asked the question at all.

    "No." Kairi said, now jumping up on the tree as well, even though saying this was unnecessary. "But why would you remember and not me?"

    Sora rubbed his eyes in confusion. "How are we supposed to figure this out? We're the only two cases of this ever. And we're just two teenagers with nobody to ask-"

    "Sora! That's it!" Kairi interrupted, feeling like this day was completely full of realizations.
    "What's it?" Sora asked again, feeling some intense De-ja-Vu.
    "We CAN ask someone! We can ask King Mickey!" she said, positively bursting with glee.
    "And just how are we gonna do tha-" Sora said, but before he could finish, Kairi pulled out the bottle in which they had received the last message.

    "We can write him a note and send it back!!" she said, looking absolutely sure of herself, and then jumping of the tree and running off of the islet, away from the sunset again.

    "Alright." Sora yelled to her as he got off of the tree and ran after her. "But there's no guarantee it will work. It could not work both ways-" but he didn't finish because Kairi was too far away and too convinced that it would work to hear him.

    When he caught up to her, she was in the cove, and she had taken out a pencil and paper from the bag around her waist.

    "How do you fit that in there?" Sora said, looking from the paper to the pouch in astonishment.

    "Does it matter? Help me figure out what to write." Kairi said impatiently.

    After a half an hour of many ideas and concepts for the letter being thrown around, Sora and Kairi's combined efforts pulled through and they had created a letter. (Kairi did the writing; she had much better handwriting than Sora.)

    "Dear King Mickey,
    We are very confused. Sora called his keyblade the morning after Riku left and destroyed the secret place. We both ended up passing out. I had a very strange "dream" (for lack of a better word) involving Sora, a Castle, and a promise. The weird part is that I passed out before Sora, and when he was about to go unconscious, he had a thought that he made a promise to protect me from a shooting star when we were little; a promise that was in my dream. We were thinking about who's memory it could've been, and then I thought of Namine. This lead to us discovering that Sora holds all of Roxas' memories besides his time in Organization XIII, but I hold none of Namine's. We were so stuck here, we had to ask somebody for at least some sort of explanation. Please get back to us soon. We're dying for news.


    Kairi eagerly read the letter aloud and Sora nodded. Then she rolled it up and stuck it in the bottle, sealing the cork on top as tight as she could. She ran over to the waters edge and stuck it in, and they both watched it bob out in and out of the water until it could no longer be seen.

    Then, suddenly, Sora looked at Kairi.
    "Kairi!" He said, sounding confused.
    "What?" she replied, wanting to know why he had said her name.
    "I think there's another way to get answers that we didn't think of."

    "And what is that?" she said, confused again.
    "Well, I don't know if it would work, we've never tried to do it, well at least I haven't, but-"
    "What do you think we should do Sora?" Asked Kairi, impatient.

    The sun had almost completely set now, and the moon had come out. However, there were no clouds tonight, and the moon was full, so they had enough light to see.

    "Well...we could try contacting our nobodies."
    "Contacting our....what?" Kairi asked, more confused than ever.

    "You know! I could try talking to Roxas and you to Namine."
    "And what would that do?"

    "Well we could see if that memory was Namine's, and you could ask what it was of, and-"

    Kairi still looked a bit confused.
    "How could we do that?" she asked.

    "How should I know? I told you I've never tried." Sora said, thinking again. "Maybe just...close your eyes....and...think of something you want to ask them...and then... I don't know where this is going!" he said, flustered by the massive amounts of ideas and information coming in one day.

    "No, no, I think you're getting somewhere with that." Kairi encouraged, closed her eyes, and then continued his instructions herself. "Just concentrate on them, focus on talking to them......." she said, her voice trailing off.

    She was silent now. Sora didn't know what to take of this. He hoped it meant that it worked, and then closed his eyes and attempted the same thing.


    (OOS: These two events happen at the exact same time)


    "You've finally come."



    "What's going on?"

    "I thought you'd ask that. What do you need to know?"

    "First I need to know about my dream. When I was unconscious."

    "Oh yes. That."

    "Was that your memory?"

    Namine didn't answer.

    "I don't think I can tell you that." Namine sighed. "I'm sorry."

    "But why?"

    "For Sora's sake."

    And Kairi abruptly opened her eyes.

    "Roxas? Roxas?"



    "What do you mean Woah?"

    "Sorry, I just, wasn't expecting it to work, that's all."

    "Well it's about time you tried. That promise wasn't mine."

    "It wasn't?"


    "But....It wasn't mine."

    "Maybe it was."

    "What do you mean?"

    "What I mean is Namine knows more than you think. Ask Kairi."

    "I'm confused."

    "I keep on telling Namine to tell Kairi so she can tell you, because apparently I'm not allowed-"

    "Wait a minute, you can communicate with Namine?"

    "Of course."

    "Do you know why I have your memories but Kairi doesn't?"

    Roxas hesitated.

    "That's a touchy subject."

    "What do you mean?"

    "What I mean is you won't know until Namine is ready to let you know. It's hard for her" finished Roxas, with a touch of sympathy in his voice.

    And Sora abruptly opened his eyes, turning to stare at Kairi, more confused than ever, and dying to know if Namine had told her anything.

    Just to let you know, Namine didn't, obviously, tell Kairi anything. Sora just doesn't know that yet. And If the dialog between Sora and Roxas is confusing to anyone, I'll add and R and S by each phrase if you just let me know.

    Oh, and OOS means out of story, and BIS means back in story....

  11. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    *Jumps around in excitement* Ohhh weee!! That was an awesome chapter! Now I'm super duper anxious for your next chapter (well, Riku's plus Kairi and Sora's).
    I want to read the next one so bad. The Roxas/Namine-communication thing got me good. I loved it. =]
    Good work!
  12. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky

    Sometimes I wonder how long the story itself will end up being, considering the fact that I'm already working on chapter 8 and I'm nowhere NEAR the end of the whole thing. XD

  13. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    You are welcome.
    Dont worry. You're not alone.
    My story itself is facing writers block.
    Well, I'm facing writers block and I dont know how long mines going to last as well.

    But you seem to be doing very well with this story and I support you 100%.
  14. C This silence is mine

    Sep 30, 2006
    Wow dude great story
  15. sadde211 Merlin's Housekeeper

    Mar 6, 2007
    Holy Crap please tell me you didn't just leave it hanging like that. And Riku is in the next chapter so we won't even get more for two chapters. Ouch. And now you've got a new reader! Congradulations!
  16. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky

    Thanks. I'm kind of glad that chapter 8 is Riku's, because I know where I'm going with the story, but the next Sora/Kairi chapter seems to be hard to put into to words. (I've already started trying)

    Thank you, I appreciate it.

    XD!! Thanks!

    Yeah, Sometimes I purposely do cliff hangers at the end of chapters.

    It gets people to check back for updates more.

  17. JellyBeing ALL. THE. BUTTS.

    Mar 24, 2007
    Nice chapter... good job with adding Roxas and Namine into the story.

    I kind of stopped reading all the stories here... sorry for the absence, lol. XD
  18. Amethyst Grave Hollow Bastion Committee

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    My Violet Prison
    Very Cool! Why Does Riku Run AWay? Maka A sequel!
  19. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

    Mar 30, 2007
    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky

    Look through the other pages of the thread. That is only one chapter.

  20. W7F King's Apprentice

    Jul 22, 2007
    Jax Beach, FL
    ROFL at the post above meh.

    Well then, the time has come to ask myself. . . "Why the **** am I always so late?" This story has been here for a while, and yet I've never read it. Well, anyway, you've got another person addicted. Now I'll be checking back here for more instead fo writing my own fic(s). Ah well. Oh, yeah. Rep'd 5, starred.
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