A Fearless Pokemon Adventure

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    Dedicated to Fearless~
    This is Fearless' Secret Santa gift. I know it's late, but...bah humbug.
    Anyway, it's a Pokemon story with (tons) Yugioh influences and maybe a few people getting pushed off a cliff...who am I kidding, hundreds of people are getting pushed off.

    I'm wrote it as one-shot, but because it's kind of long, I separated it into chapters. I have it ending after the main character gets her first badge (with a little adventure before it, of course), but I might continue after it depending on how it goes.

    So the intro (I'm not sure what qualifies as a prologue) is just a sneak peek. I'll post the first chapter later this week and then post them probably bi-weekly until it ends. If it doesn't end and I keep going (depending on Fearless' reaction to it..and I guess the rest of you<3), then I obviously won't be posting two chapters a week anymore.


    “Lyn Heroine Sayvum, if you don’t get out of that bed this instant, you are forbidden from going on your so-called ‘adventure!’” An angered voice yelled through a locked bedroom door.

    “Ugh,” muttered the young girl named Lyn from underneath her covers. Under her arm, in place of a teddy-bear, a young, brown, fox-like creature stirred awake. The pair yawned as Lyn pulled her covers from over her head. “I’m coming,
    mother!” She yelled. The young girl should have been excited, but she was simply too tired. “So impatient,” she grumbled as she sat up, stretching her arms into a Y-position as she let out what could be either a yawn or an elephant’s mating call. As she finished, she looked down at the creature next to her, who was curled up in a ball, but its open eyes were staring intently. Lyn giggled and reached down to pet its head, getting a purr in response. “How’d you sleep, Haou?” She asked her pet Eevee.

    “Eevee!” The Eevee responded happily, jumping into her lap.

    “Today’s the big day,” Lyn told her Pokemon as she let out a new yawn. “After today, I’ll officially be a trainer!” There was excitement in her voice, despite her exhaustion. The girl expected an excited response from Haou, but was instead met with a disapproving grunt as the Eevee jumped off her lap and into the floor. “Aw, Haou, don’t be that way!” Lyn pleaded, but the Eevee closed his eyes and raised his nose high as his strutted towards her closed bedroom door. “Jesus, Haou, I thought boys didn’t have periods? Or is it different for Pokemon?” Lyn inquired after seeing Haou’s attitude. She soon regretted her comment when the Eevee quickly turned around and jumped through the air. Haou landed directly on Lyn’s lap again and turned around, smacking Lyn’s face with his tail several times.

    “Eevee, Eevee, Eevee!!!”

    “Ahh, Haou! Stop Tail Whipping me!” Lyn yelled, frantically waving her hands in a futile attempt to stop the young Pokemon’s attack to her face.

    “STOP HORSING AROUND AND GET DRESSED NOW!” Yelled Mrs. Sayvum as she pounded on the door. Her pounding caused both Haou and Lyn to stop attacking each other and hug the other in fear.

    “Geez, Haou,” Lyn said as she squeezed her Eevee, having already forgotten his previous attack on her, “Sometimes, I think I have Charizard for a mom, you know?” Lyn stated in a trembling voice as Haou hugged her body and nodded furiously. With their fight long forgotten, despite it happening mere seconds ago, Haou and Lyn jumped off her bed, ready to seize the day before them.

    “Okay, Haou, first things first, we need to get me out of these pajajays!” Lyn jumped in front of her mirror, seeing her own bright green eyes staring back. Lyn studied her pajamas. They were dark brown with light brown swirls and solid black ovals dotting it at random spots. The young girl had faded red hair that almost reached her shoulders; her hair was currently sticking it out in random directions. She slowly raised her right hand to her hair, intending to smoothen it, but stopped when her sleeve dropped, revealing her bare wrist. “Hm,” Lyn frowned as she pulled her sleeve farther down, revealing her entire forearm. Starting in the middle of her forearm was a dark red line. The line stretched towards her hand, thickening and swerving before splitting open in her palm. “What an ugly birthmark,” she whined, looking at her palm. Her mother always told her it looked like a Pokemon head, but Lyn didn’t recognize the shape. It was slightly dragonic, but to Lyn, it was just an ugly line that didn’t wasn’t born straight like the normal lines of the line species.

    “Vee?” Questioned Haou as it nudged her bare heel with its nose.

    “I know, I know, I’m hurrying,” Lyn said, still looking at her hand. After a moment, she heard footsteps outside her door…the angry kind of footsteps.
    Uh oh, she thought as she ran to her closet. “Almost ready!” She yelled before a fist knocked on her door. A second later, she heard footsteps departing from her doorway. I swear to God, one day she’s going to use Hyper Beam on me, Lyn thought as she walked into her closet, imagining her mother opening her mouth to shoot a ray of energy at her. She giggled at the thought as she stuck her head to look at Haou, who was sitting and staring, with his head cocked. “No peeking, Haou! Boys can’t watch girls get dressed. I’m too innocent for such a scandalous thing like that!” The Eevee raised an eyebrow, only to have the closet door slammed before it, its owner ruffling through clothes. Not even a full minute later, Lyn ran out and jumped in front of the mirror, modeling her outfit to herself.

    “What do you think?” She asked her Eevee. On her feet was a strange looking pair of boots, with claw-like tips. In the place of her dark brown pajama bottoms were light brown pants, with her right pants’ leg cut raggedly at the knee. The left leg reached down into her boots, several pockets lining the side. A dark brown belt kept her pants up and a blue one was wrapped around her waist diagonally, not entering a single belt loop. Her top was light blue and sleeveless, but the latter detail was unnoticed due to her brown jacket over it. It was a normal brown leather jacket with white fur around the neck, bottom, and cuffs. The jacket reached her waist while the shirt stopped at inch over it, revealing a bit of the center of her stomach. Her top had a light pink design on it, but it was too abstract to describe. Around her neck was a bandanna, hiding necklace with Haou’s pokeball hanging from it. Her left arm was bare, spare for a diamond bracelet her mother had given her as a birthday present. The bracelet had a single charm: a tiny pokeball, also made out of diamond. Her right arm was different; Lyn had a long, black fingerless glove covering her birthmark. Her red hair was still a bit messy, but one couldn’t see the extent of it underneath her favorite hat. The dark brown hat was titled only slightly to the side. It was covered in the same light brown swirls as her pajamas, with the center having a square in the place of a black circle. Inside the circle was a picture of a dragon, not a dragon Pokemon, but a fabled dragon. The dragon was crystalline in color and was a character in Lyn’s favorite anime.

    Lyn danced in a quick circle, showing her full outfit to Haou, who jumped around her happily. She stopped, looked at the mirror for a final time and grinned. “Now this is the outfit of a future Pokemon Master!” She exclaimed as she ran out her door, grabbing her bag from her bedside table as she did so. She left her door wide open as she and Haou ran towards the stairs. “Let’s go, Haou! Today, our Pokemon journey enfolds!”
    -----------------------To Be Continued---------------------

    I copied and pasted directly from Word, but hopefully, the format doesn't screw up.
    Also, I haven't watched the Pokemon nor the Yugioh anime in ages, if not years, so a lot of this is simply from memory (with some help from bulbapedia). I honestly don't know if Eevee says its name or trills or purrs or what.
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