A Funny Feeling:What is It called?Chapter 1

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    A Funny Feeling:What is It called?

    Chapter 1:

    ~The First Feeling~

    Larxene woke up in a pretty good mood.She did all her usual chores around her room.Made her bed,changed into her organization clothes and went into the bath to freshen up.But while putting her lip-gloss on she felt something strange.She wondered....Nobodies can have feelings?She got the idea out of her head and continued to brush her teeth.When she walked out of the room she looked around.Everyone was awake.She wondered even more who she felt the feeling toward.

    She walked down stairs slowly past Demyx,Lexaeus and Xemnas.so she didn't feel anything toward them.Marluxia saw her looking around.He said to her"Morning Larxene.i going to go sharpen my scythe."he smiles at her."OK.Have fun!"her eyes followed him up the stairs.it wasn't him.So that leaves Saix,Axel(I can tell you it's not him I dont want to copy.),Luxord,Xigbar,Zexion,Herself(What?No...)Roxas,Vexen and Xaldin

    Vexen and Xigbar are too old for her and she hates Sailor moon(Saix.)So...Roxas..Axel..Zexion..Luxord..Xaldin..
    Xaldin was too old too...And Luxord is always gambling....She hates gambling...

    She finished the stairs and went into the breakfast room she thought some more...She passed Axel and nothing...And passed roxas and nothing...So that leaves...ZEXION?!

    She passed him deep in his book and thought...Oh how cute!He is so smart casting spells and reading..She wished he would read to her..Oh it's no use he doesn't even notice her...

    She looked away.Axel bent near her and asked:"Why are you so interested in his book?"She pretended to look confused."Who's book?"she asked.Axel smiled"Zexion's silly!"he looked at her for an answer."Just wondering he never shows it to anyone.."she replied."Oh..Tell me the real answer later,OK?"he asked.
    Again she looked confused.Axel shook his head."Never mind then.."


    Later Larxene went to sleep.She wondered what is this funny feeling?What is it called?

    Will Larxene tell Axel?Will Zexion like Larxene back?What is this feeling called?