A Heart's Unknown Love Story: Part 1

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    Feb 14, 2007
    The snow blew lightly through the short light sandy brown hair of a young girl of fourteen years old. She looked up at the sky, her rimless glasses covering her light sea green eyes. Though she looked like a normal girl, the only thing about her was the pair of white cat ears on her head and a gray cat tail on her butt.

    "Neko onee-chan!" a voice called out to her.

    Neko Hiroshi looked to the source of the voice. A young boy of seven with light blond hair and light blue eyes ran up to her. A pair of dark brown cat ears on his head and a light red cat tail on his butt.

    "Rek, what's it?" Neko asked her young brother.

    "The boss wants to talk to you!" Rek shouted excited.

    Sighing, Neko walked to a large abandoned theater house. Upon entering it, she dodged a lot of traps, trapdoors, and enemy warriors leading to the boss' office.

    Sitting in front of her was a man of thirty or older with long gray silver hair pulled back in a ponytail and piercing ice blue eyes. Leo Star smirked at Neko, fourteen years ago, he found a lone baby drifting along the shore of Gemi Kingdom and took her in.

    "Boss, is this about the plan to kidnap the prince of the Virgi Kingdom?" Neko asked.

    "Of course," he said. "Just remember, during one of the scenes, you sneak into the castle and kidnap the most handsome guy in the whole kingdom, Pisec Virgil."

    "Fine!" Neko left the theater house and walked along the shore of thebeach. Every night, she saw a bright pink light, beneath the sign of Cancer, the sign Leo found her under.

    Seeing Rek waving at her, she waved back at him, smiling. Neko never knew her past, but that didn't bother her, because she had Rek, Leo, and the whole gang of Gemi Thief.

    But still, Neko looked back at the shore, into the sky. She wanted to know where she came and if she had family. That night, Neko drifted into a dreamless sleep, her head full of those thoughts.

    The first original story I'm becoming! I'll be writing this until I can get to my KH-Vids Story. Yeah, some stuff is named after stars and other things. Enjoy!