A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Simply beautiful and well done. It's a good thing I read this in one sitting. I love how the story flows! *squeels*

    You've got me hooked that's all I can say.
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    Good job! I like this chapter. You've got me hooked too. I love this story! ^_^ Keep up the good work.
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    awesome chapter!! i loved the whole gossip thingy! =D

    your such a great writer! you ROCK!! XD
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    XD! Glad you did. I've been kicked off of a forum for a story a wee bit too grapic. It was liek. . . KH-Vids Royale x 10. One of the best things I've ever written in my opinion, however. Of course, yours would be graphic in a different way. . . But yeah, too many people have been banned from this site, or warned for certain reasons, and I'd hate to see you as one of them.

    Ouch on the finals. Mine are after Xmas Break, which is good and bad. More time to study, or at least to put off studying. Yeah, don't worry about rushing the next chapters, study for your finals. They are a heckuva lot more important than this, even though this is probably more fun, D:

    Awesome chapter by the way, even though it was short. Again, academic life is more important than this, whether we want it to be or not, so dun worry about it... Wow, liek, if I did what I'm telling you to do, I might not be failing 5 classes right now ^_^
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    Namine vs. the Silent Hero & Duh!

    (Note from author: Since I'm posting this a bit early, that means that I'm most likely not going to be done with the next chapter until about a week and a half. Anyways, my writing process feels like Sora's Ars Arcanum: I had a speedy start, but the further you get into the attack, the more harder it is to keep it going. Hopefully this'll hold you until next chapter. Enjoy!)

    With an Amazonian cry ringing through the air, Namine charged at the Silent Hero. She was almost in Keyblade's reach when Lexaeus's arm shot out. His massive hand palmed her face, effectively stopping her assault. His fingers tightened their grip on her head, lifting her entire body off the ground. Namine's limbs flailed about, desperately trying to loosen his hold. Before she knew what happened, Namine was flung upside-down, causing her to slam into one of the posts lining the arena.

    As she felt her body start to unpeel from the pillar, Lexaeus smashed his tomahawk into the ground causing pillars of earth to burst out, pummeling Namine's defenseless form.

    "This guy's all business, isn't he?" Kairi asked rhetorically. "He's like a gorilla...without the fur."

    "Not a good time for jokes right now," Namine groaned as she massaged the small of her back. "That was extremely painful." She winced in pain. "And pitiful. He didn't even need to use his weapon much."

    "Best thing to do is just brush yourself off and keep moving forward, right?"

    "Right." Namine cricked her neck back into place and ran straight for Lexaeus again. He tried to palm her face once more, but before she got into range, Namine flipped into the air, pirouetting upside-down over the behemoth's head and smacking him from behind with the Keyblade. "You know what they say, the bigger they are..."

    As she quickly attempted another flip-and-run, Lexaeus' hand shot out and managed to snag Namine's leg in mid-leap. Namine could only brace herself as he slammed her into the ground like a rag doll. Surprisingly, her body rebounded off the tiling with surprising trajectory. While Namine was flying through the air, Lexaeus leapt up, barreled down on her and brought down his tomahawk, sending her crashing down to earth causing a huge terran shockwave that reverberated throughout the arena.

    "...the more bones they break," Kairi finished.

    Namine winced in pain. "That...smarts," she groaned. The ground beneath Lexaeus rumbled as he landed with a crash.

    "Give up," he stated simply. The memory witch slowly got to her feet.

    "Like Hades I will!" she shot back.

    Lexaeus chuckled. "So be it." He roared again as his aura of power increased exponentially, pushing Namine to the edge of the arena.

    "So this guy's a total Super Saiyan rip-off," Kairi said. "He may be powerful physically, but our strength comes from the heart, remember?"

    Namine gritted her teeth. "You've got that right, sister."

    * * *

    "So there you are!" Yuna cried impatiently. Tidus and the others had made a much needed pit stop after they were ambushed by some Heartless.

    "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!" Tidus greeted. "Have you found the others yet?" Yuna quickly relayed Riku's orders. "The mineshaft? Where's that?"

    Peter Pan rubbed his chin in thought. "On my way over, I think I remember passing by the entrance." He soared up above a few feet. "It'll only take ten minutes if we fly," Peter said.

    Tidus shook his head. "Hate to tell you this, Peter," he said, "but not all of us have useful faeries that can help us out." Yuna cleared her throat, glaring at him with a stern expression. Tidus winced and quickly added, "Excluding present company of course." Yuna nodded, satisfied with his amendment.

    Wakka started tapping him on the shoulder. "Um...Tidus?"

    "Well, anyone can fly!" Peter replied. "You wanna try?" Tinker Bell was tugging on Peter's sleeve trying to get his attention, resulting in her being waved off. "Not now, Tink!"

    Tidus' eyes grew rounder. "Sure! I've never flown before!" he shouted excitedly.

    "Tidus..." Auron coughed but was completely ignored.

    "All you need is a little bit of pixie dust and some happy thoughts!" Tinker Bell kicked Peter in the back of the head. He whipped around impatiently. "Tink, what's gotten into you?"

    "Happy thoughts, huh?" Tidus closed his eyes. "I wonder what kind of..."

    "TIDUS!" Auron, Yuna and Wakka yelled in unison.

    Tidus' eyes snapped open. "What?"

    Wakka jerked his thumb behind him. "It's right over there." A few feet behind the group was the mineshaft entrance.

    Tidus stood silent for a moment. "Oh." He grinned in embarrassment. "I guess we stay put and wait for the others then."

    Auron rolled his eyes. "Good idea," he said sarcastically.

    Yuna began to hover away, but Tidus stopped her. "Hey, Yuna? Do you really have to leave now or you wanna hang around with us for a bit longer?" Tidus smiled warmly at her. "I've never talked to a real faerie before."

    Yuna winked coyly at Tidus. "Why not? I've got some time to kill."

    * * *

    Namine didn't know what else to do. The only advantage she had at the moment was her speed and agility allowing her to escape most of Lexaeus' assaults. Raw unrestrained power kept pouring out that encased him with an undeniably strong aura. "Doesn't this guy ever quit?" Namine huffed.

    "I know!" Kairi agreed. "He's almost as crazy as Saix!"

    "Guess it's a good thing that we beat Saix already. We don't have to worry about them double-teaming us."

    She raised the Keyblade over her head and swung it with all her strength. Lexaeus countered with his own weapon and parried the attack. As the two weapons collided, Namine used the temporary momentum to aim a swift kick to the behemoth's shin, causing him to grunt in pain. He made a grab for Namine with his free hand, but she had already dashed out of range.

    Lexaeus let out another ferocious roar as his aura's power increased even further. With each step Lexaeus took, the ground shook underneath their feet. "Feel the true power of darkness!" The giant threw his weapon into the air and began stomping, causing huge quakes that forced mounds of earth to jut its way out to the surface. Namine was forced to leap from earth pillar to pillar in an attempt to avoid the attacks. The Silent Hero finished by jumping into the air, grabbing his weapon and slamming it into the ground, causing a huge shockwave that knocked Namine off her feet and flying into the pillar again. Lexaeus took advantage of the lull in battle to charge up his energy once more before taking off into the sky.

    Namine rubbed her aching butt as she stared at Lexaeus' form shrinking into a tiny flaming dot. "You've gotta be kidding me! He can fly too?!" She spat out some dirt that got into her mouth. "Who does this guy think he is, Superman?"

    "I can't believe Lexaeus can channel so much energy!" Kairi said in awe. "I just hope he's not taking steroids. It's bad for the heart."

    "Uh, earth to Kairi. Nobodies don't have hearts, remember?" Namine shook her head impatiently. "Besides, you should be more focused on our life expectancy first!"

    "Right. So, what do we do?" Namine's eyes quickly scanned the battleground.

    "Maybe we could throw all of these rocks at him," she suggested, kicking over some leftover dirt.

    Lexaeus was at the peak of his trajectory and began rocketing back toward the arena. "Remember what Riku said? Use the environment around you!" Namine didn't get it. "The pillars!" Kairi shouted. "Climb on top of the pillars!"

    Namine was stunned. "Wait...we can actually climb these? I thought they marked an invisible roof or something."

    "You see how high that ogre is?" Kairi pointed out. "There's no roof! So, climb up already!"

    "Don't have to tell me more than twice," Namine said, hugging the pillar. She quickly shimmied up with ironic ease.

    "Guess all those years of tree-climbing are paying off, huh?" Kairi commented. Namine reached the top of the pillar and crouched to keep steady. Lexaeus plummeted to earth with a meteor impact, causing enormous stalagmites to burst out of the ground which would've destroyed anything standing.

    However, the blast caused Namine to lose her balance. Her legs flew out from under her and she landed with the pillar smashing itself between her legs. "You know, if I were a guy, this would be hurting like hell right now," Namine muttered through clenched teeth. She placed her feet back on the top surface and stood up with shaking knees. "Now what?"

    "Superfly!" Kairi shouted.

    Namine raised an eyebrow. "What?"

    "Sorry, wrestling reference. Just leap off the top turnbuckle and go into a Five-star Frog Splash!"

    "Kairi!" Namine snapped. "Enough with the wrestling; I got it already." She said a quick prayer under her breath, then jumped straight at Lexaeus, her blonde hair flying behind her. Lexaeus looked up and immediately tried to counter by throwing his tomahawk at her.

    Namine landed on the airborne weapon, propelled herself off the makeshift platform, smacked the back of Lexaeus' head with the Keyblade again and quickly leapt off. While his back was exposed, she spun into a lightning fast leg combo to the kidneys before she was forced to jump out of range.

    She gritted her teeth in frustration. "Why won't he fall?! I smashed him with the Keyblade and he's still standing!"

    "Namine," Lexaeus roared as he summoned his weapon back into his hand, "I have the power of darkness on my side! Unlike light, the darkness is infinite!"

    Like a bull in a china shop, Lexaeus shouldered his tomahawk and charged at Namine. "It's not over yet!" Kairi cried. "Everything has a weak point! Lexaeus might be built like a tank, but there's one surefire way to bring any guy to his knees!"

    Namine nodded. "I didn't want to have to resort to this, but..." She dashed at Lexaeus with superhuman agility. "Wait for it..." It was like playing chicken with a speeding locomotive. As soon as she could see the red in his eyes, Namine baseball slid underneath Lexaeus' legs, the tomahawk missing her by inches. Then in one swift motion, she slammed the Keyblade upward into Lexaeus' "little boulders."

    Lexaeus' aura was immediately extinguished as he collapsed to his knees in pain. The tomahawk hit the ground with a dull thunk as the Silent Hero's eyes rolled back in their sockets, his mouth gaping open.

    "Um...that wasn't exactly what I meant," Kairi said. "But that works too."

    The giant gasped for air, struggling to get his wind back, but he eventually just went limp and smoked into nothingness.

    "Imagine defeating the entire Organization that way," Namine giggled. She could just see it now...

    "Where's the fun in..." THWACK!

    "You really shouldn't have..." KABAM!

    "Anger and hate are..." CHONG!

    Namine shook her head. "Nah. Now that I've done it to their most muscular member, they'll be expecting that."

    "Yeah," Kairi agreed as the light engulfed them again. "They're probably passing the iron cups around as we speak." She quietly sighed. "A shame really. It would make things go by much faster."
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    This is antoher one of your best chapters. Now the next fight is probably the one we have all been waiting for. I can't wait.
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    Kairi watches wrestling? XD

    And I never thought Namine would defeat Lexaeus that way!! Go Namine!

    Oh Shnix, I'm totally ROTFL right now.

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    hahahaha i love the way they beat Lexaeus!! HILARIOUS!!!! XD

    oh man...your such a good writer!!
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    I'm sore just from reading that. Great job, as usual. I had some serious waves of nostalgia too, from all of the DBZ references.
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    Wooo! Kairi watches wrestling?!!? XDD
    Nice how Namine finished him off!!! ^.^

    CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!! ^.^
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    One could foresee Kairi getting a bit Dark when she could grin and watch Zexion plummeting to his death. This is definitely an odd point for Kairi.
    This version of Kairi is too different from the real one though. It would be impossible for the real Kairi to do all those thing you've wrote.
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    Impossible, you say?

    You mean being able to kick butt by herself? Holding her own in battle? Finally being in the spotlight after being screwed with the "damsel in distress" bit she had to deal with from the first two games? Besides, if you were being forced into a marriage on your 16th birthday, and then kidnapped, tortured, embarassed, humiliated, violated and being forced to fight with nothing but a giant metal key with flowers for its design, wouldn't you crack under the pressure as well? Time can change a person. Not to mention the fact that she has a couple of very good reasons for hating the Organization... (i.e. messing with her and her fiancee's memories, and kidnapping her yet again)

    But, valid points. Not to mention that there's something more odd than just what's happening to Kairi...that's all I'm saying. :sly:

    BTW, true believers, the next chapter's going to take a bit more longer than I thought. It's slightly longer than the last one, but hopefully it'll be done by the end of the week..if my finals project doesn't kill me first. :sweat:
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    Don't give him pressure! That'll just make it worse! Trust me, i know...
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    You won't die first, I assure you. I wrote some stories myself, it never seemed to have bothered me much, in fact I love thm very much!

    My guess? The unknown enemy is trying to do something to Kairi's heart so he could affect everyone in the world. And if I'm not mistaken somehow, he was trying to obtain Namine's power to alter memories, but this time on a larger scale and not only Sora's. Which is why the enemy is erm, scanning Kairi? The Organization XIII were used to fight her to buy time so that whoever this enemy is could understand the depths of her heart and obtain data of her emotions.

    Well, I'm not sure if I'm right, in fact it was all guess work and no supporting evidence, but if I'm to continue this story I would like very much to write it so.
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    Namine's Greatest Fear & It's a Small World

    "NO! Anything but that!" Namine screamed. It was finally time for her to face her greatest fear.

    "You're going to have to...*urf*...face him sooner or later," Kairi grunted. She was struggling to maintain control of her body because Namine was fighting her every step of the way.

    "But why now?" Namine whined. "Can't we do Xaldin, Xigbar or Xemnas first? Why Vexen?"

    Kairi dragged a heavy leg behind her. "What exactly...*urk*...is it about him that...*nngh*...scares you?"

    "Are you kidding? You know how disgusting and perverted the guy is?" Kairi could feel Namine quivering with fright. "First of all, there's that freaky glare of his. The way he just stares straight through you as if he's got X-ray vision, stripping you with his eyes. It's like once you're in his sights, there's no telling what the guy's got planned for you.

    "There's also the hair! He's like the drag queen from hell! He spends most of the morning shampooing and conditioning that hair of his. Everyday at Castle Oblivion there was always a line to the bathroom because he would be spending hours bleaching it blonde! I mean, you think Marluxia was bad...

    "And there's the laugh. Oh gawd, that creepy laugh of his! Once you hear it, you'll have nightmares for weeks! It's like nails across a chalkboard times ten!"

    "Then it's a good thing that we've switched to whiteboards then," Kairi commented.

    "I'm serious!" Namine snapped. "I've also noticed him sneaking into my room when he thought I was gone."

    Kairi's eyebrows shot up. "Really? What'd he do?"

    "Not sure. But my stuff reeked of..." Her voice trailed off.

    "But, what..." Kairi began, but Namine interrupted her.

    "And this one time when he was doing the laundry, I happened to pass by and you wouldn't believe what I saw."

    "What?" Kairi asked apprehensively.

    "Vexen was..." Namine was on the verge of crying. "Vexen was trying on Larxene's panties!"

    Kairi blinked. "That's nothing. One time Sora was wearing a pair of woman's underwear too."

    "Kairi. That was during your 7th birthday party in a game of Truth or Dare. And Sora wore it on his head. I meant Vexen was actually trying it on! That wrinkly old butt of his in that G-string..." Kairi felt Namine shudder again. "I couldn't eat for days."

    While Namine had been ranting, Kairi had managed to lug her body in front of Vexen's cove. Kairi began to reach for the symbol with her hand, but she could feel Namine preventing her arm from extending fully. "Namine, listen. The sooner we get rid of the old fogie, the sooner you'll have closure and get on with your life."

    "Please, Kairi!" Namine pleaded. "I'm not ready for this yet!"

    "Look, you don't have to appear if you don't want to. I'll take him on solo. But either way, we have to do this!" With a last bit of effort, Kairi was able to jerk her arm toward Vexen's symbol.

    When the light faded, Kairi found herself in front of the gates of Twilight Mansion.

    Kairi took a deep breath to calm their heart from beating so fast. "Namine, please," she said gently. "I know you're scared. But look how far you've gone in terms of bravery. You've helped take down Roxas, Marluxia, Saix and Lexaeus! And they were among the most skilled or strongest of the Organization!" Namine didn't say anything, so Kairi continued. "Like I said, you don't have to appear. You could just advise me since I don't know about him."

    Namine hiccuped. "Kairi, I..." Before she could say any more, the data streams began to appear.

    Kairi could feel Namine start to shrink back a little. "Namine, you can do this! Just stay with me!"

    Namine took a few more deep breaths through Kairi. "Alright, I'll...try."

    Kairi smiled. "Thank you, Namine."

    When the streams finished forming, an old man with grayish-blond locks appeared before Kairi. In one hand was a giant shield that seemed to radiate wisps of smoke. "Vexen's element is ice," Namine quoted. "Be careful, Kairi." Vexen stared at the pink-clad redhead as if sizing her up.

    Kairi crossed her arms impatiently. "Namine, I see what you mean. I've only met him and he's already creeping me out."

    The old Nobody gave a short bow. "Hello, Kairi. My name is Vexen. But I'm pretty sure you've heard a lot about me. Am I right?"

    Kairi's eyes narrowed. "Let's just get this over with, jerk." She went into her fighting stance.

    Vexen raised an eyebrow. "Jerk, you say? I guess you've heard those rumors after all." The Chilly Academic didn't bother raising his weapon. Instead he said, "So, how has your existence been...Namine?" Kairi felt Namine cringe. "Yes, I know you're in there, Namine. Remember all the fun times we've had together?"

    "Shut up, you old coot!" Kairi growled.

    "What? Can't old acquaintances reminisce about old memories?" Vexen grinned. "And you would know all about memories, right?"

    Kairi could feel Namine's courage drain. "Focus, Namine! Stay strong!"

    Vexen wiggled his fingers creepily as if he were a child who couldn't wait to unwrap his birthday present. "Remember Frosty Sundays?" Vexen whispered. "When I used to bring out Mr..."

    Namine shrieked in terror. "I can't do it! I'm sorry Kairi!" And with that, Namine's consciousness withdrew from Kairi's reach.

    "Namine!" But Kairi could feel that Namine had curled up into a little ball and was now hiding in a dark corner of her mind. And the worst part was Vexen somehow knew that she was alone.

    He let out his creepy laugh causing goosebumps along Kairi's skin. "Well, now it's just you and me, princess!"

    Vexen snapped his fingers. A data circle with the Nobodies' emblem suddenly appeared below Kairi's feet. For some odd reason, she could feel a slight warm updraft coming from it as if she were standing over a giant blow-dryer. She quickly jumped out of the way, feeling very uncomfortable with heat being blown up her skirt. As soon as her feet touched the grass, the circle began to home in on her new position. "What is this thing?"

    "Didn't Namine tell you that I'm a researcher? The circle underneath your feet is a data scanner." Kairi jumped away again as soon as she felt the warm sensation of heat crawling up her legs. "We can either do this the easy way or..."

    "Scan me?" Kairi didn't like where this was heading. "You want to scan something, go buy a girlie magazine. Maybe it'll show you how to actually get a hairstyle that works, hippie boy!"

    Vexen shook his head. "All those rumors about me. It's sad, really. Jealous of my wisdom, I guess. I didn't always look like this," he stated with a surprisingly somber tone. "Yes, it's true. These blonde locks of mine used to be all natural and golden. And my face was smooth like a baby's bottom and used to shine with youthful enthusiasm! But then I sold my heart to science and received this old, sullen face in return."

    "Aw, you're gonna make me cry," Kairi snapped, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Still doesn't excuse you for what you did to Namine." She pointed her weapon at Vexen. "So help me, I'm finishing you off, you abomination! Once and for all!"

    Vexen laughed at her bravado. "Oh ho! The princess thinks that she can actually destroy her betters, eh?" Vexen's shield hovered in front of him as trails of diamond dust lifted him inches from the ground. "Then come and catch me if you can!" Kairi didn't want to play Vexen's game, but she could feel the scanner start to home in on her again.

    "Anything to keep that scanner from shining through me," she muttered. Kairi tightened her grip on the Keyblade and ran after the old man, the scanning circle shadowing her with every step. Despite being ancient-looking, Vexen was able to glide around the arena as if he were ice-skating on thin air. Kairi occasionally was able to reach him with her Keyblade, but his shield guarded against every single one of her attacks before Vexen glided out of reach again. "Stand still, you coward!"

    Suddenly, the data scanner disappeared from view. Unsure of what was going on, Kairi stared intently at Vexen. "Now that my scanner has collected enough of your data..." An orb of light suddenly appeared in his hand. "...I can take it and create a clone of you!" He raised an eyebrow. "A Heartless clone!"

    "What?! But there's no darkness in my heart!" Kairi shot back.

    Vexen tapped his pointer finger to his forehead. "The knowledge you know does not apply inside this cyberspace."

    Kairi blinked in confusion. "What are you..." Before she could finish her thought, the orb of light exploded.

    "Behold!" Kairi braced herself. The light faded to reveal a Heartless that looked exactly like...

    "Sora?" Indeed, the Heartless that had appeared was not Kairi, but Anti-Sora. Its expressionless face turned this way and that as its arms hung loosely like wet noodles and it wouldn't stay still in one position for more than a second.

    Vexen was taken back by the situation. "That wasn't supposed to happen." His head dropped as he began to massage his forehead. "I was sure that I calibrated the..." Vexen's head snapped up. "What am I saying? ATTACK!" Anti-Sora wasted no time and sped along the ground like a hovercraft on water.

    Kairi arched back the Keyblade, ready to strike the incoming opponent. Unfortunately, she misjudged the speed and ended up being tackled to the ground. "Get off!" she yelled. Kairi was expecting it to start biting her or something, but like Twilight Thorn, it was curious what its new prey was. It's hands started to rapidly feel her up like an insect's antennae scanning its environment.

    "I said to attack her, not play with her!" Vexen yelled, stamping his foot. But Anti-Sora wasn't listening. Kairi grabbed the Heartless' arms only to cringe in disgust by how cold and slimy they felt. She fired a kick at the creature's chest, sending it flying. Kairi quickly got up when she noticed that the Heartless had landed on its feet and was rushing toward her again, its limbs flailing about.

    The Princess of Heart didn't know whether to go after Vexen while he was still controlling Anti-Sora or deal with the Heartless first. Her mind was made up for her when Anti-Sora pounced. She stumbled back a few steps, losing her balance. The creature landed on top of Kairi, its searching hands roamed straight toward her...

    "Ew! Get off me, you pervert!" Kairi impaled the Keyblade into the creature's stomach, causing it to burst into nothingness. She rubbed her chest and butt self-consciously. "That felt wrong on so many levels."

    "Who would've thought that Sora has a dark side?" Vexen chuckled. "That Heartless was based on his data after all. And I never would've imagined..."

    "Shut up! Even Sora would never go that far!" Kairi took a running leap into the air, the Keyblade over her head. "You're finished!" At first, Vexen only stared at her with an impassive face. Her weapon looked like it was about to hit without fail. At the very last second, Vexen raised his shield to block the attack, the blade only scrapping against the ice.

    Before she could react, Vexen had fired a freeze blast at her wrists encasing them in a giant chunk of ice. The sudden weight caught her off balance and Kairi toppled backward onto the grassy field. Taking advantage of the situation, Vexen swooped upon his prey and blasted her feet too, leaving Kairi stretched out and extremely vulnerable.

    "Oh, why did I choose to wear this skirt?" Kairi thought. "It's starting to ride up again!" She looked at Vexen's face and was horrified to see him staring at her with sadistic pleasure. As she tried to pull her arms and legs free, the old man slowly circled around her bound form with intense interest. "When I get free, I'm gonna..."

    "You mean "if." "If" you get free," Vexen stated. "You forget that I control the ice element. You'll stay frozen there until I release you." His eyes began traveling downward over her body. "Although to see you becoming a mature young woman does seem to have its perks..."

    Kairi's face began to flush furiously. "Hey! My face is up here, Lord perv!" She could feel numbness set in her hands and feet. "What now? You've got me at the moment. Are you going to summon an icicle or something and stab me with it?"

    Vexen's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Heavens, no. I may be heartless, but I have no intention of killing you..." A grin immediately plastered itself on his face. "...yet."

    "Funny way of showing it, summoning that Heartless to attack me while you cower behind your shield." Kairi relaxed her muscles for a few moments as they were getting sore from all the futile pulling. "What's the matter? Afraid to get your own hands dirty?" The words slipped out of her mouth before she realized it. Vexen apparently found the question hysterical as he let out a bone-chilling laugh that sent shivers down Kairi's spine.

    "Youth. Wasted on someone as naive as you. I'm a researcher, remember? I'm not at all ashamed to put my hands on my project specimens." Kairi didn't like the sparkle that appeared in the old man's eyes. "I've seen the memories of both Sora and Riku's and there was an interesting fact that I've learned about you." Kairi could feel her heart beat faster from fear. "Your greatest weakness, Kairi." Vexen raised an eyebrow. "This calls for further investigation, wouldn't you say?"

    "What?!" Kairi shrieked. "Are you seriously going to cut out my heart?!"

    Vexen shook his head with apparent amusement. "It's not your heart I'm calling weak."

    Kairi desperately struggled against her frozen bondage as Vexen began to crack his knuckles greedily. "Don't you dare!" she screamed fearfully. The Chilly Academic only gave her his signature "Freaky Glare of Doom." As he drew closer, one last thought popped into her head, "Namine, why didn't I listen to you?"

    * * *

    Three small figures were making their way through the Crystal Fissure. The Gummi mechanics, Chip and Dale had found themselves completely lost when they happened to stumble upon none other than Jiminy Cricket. He had gotten separated earlier from King Mickey and ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Now the tiny trio were looking for anyone that could help them. Although they were far from helpless (Chip and Dale crushed a few Heartless via stray boulder) their vertically challenged attribute was making long distances an impossibility.

    "Remember the good ol' days before we became Gummi mechanics?" Dale asked.

    "Yeah, I wish the Rescue Rangers hadn't split up." Chip scratched absentmindedly behind his ear. "The pay wasn't good, but at least we made a lot of friends."

    "What happened?" Jiminy asked.

    Chip frowned. "Fat Cat set fire to our headquarters. We all just managed to make it to the Ranger Wing before it burned down." A tear trailed down the chipmunk's cheek. "It was a sad day for all of us."

    Dale patted him on the back reassuringly. "Cheer up! We made him pay for it in the end."

    Chip nodded sadly. "Yeah, he finally got what he deserved, but poor Monty hasn't been the same since."

    Jiminy was busy scribbling down notes. "Who's Monty?"

    "Monterey Jack was one of our teammates," Chip explained. "Fat Cat's henchmen broke his nose. I mean, it stopped him from his cheese attacks, but..."

    "He ended up returning to his hometown afterwards to recuperate along with Zipper," Dale finished.

    "And Gadget..." Chip sighed. "She was the one who taught us all about Gummi Ships."

    "What happened to her?"

    "Well, she ended up with a happy ending. Gadget Hackwrench became the president of her own Gummi Ship repair chain." Chip smirked. "She doesn't sit behind a desk, though. Gadget's one of those hands-on supervisors."

    "Wait a minute." Jiminy stopped writing and looked up at Chip. "Didn't you wear that fedora hat and flight jacket?" Then he turned to Dale. "And you wore that Hawaiian shirt! I completely forgot about that!"

    "Yup!" Dale said proudly, sticking out his chest. "We were the best there ever was!" Then his face dropped. "Of course, now we only wear them for Halloween."

    "I remember when I used to be the spokescricket for Walt," Jiminy commented with a sigh. "Those were the days, they were. Poor Walt, bless his soul."

    "Hey, what's that?" Chip was pointing at a familar yellow-orange figure in the distance. "Isn't that Pluto?"

    Indeed, Pluto had been off on his own little adventure. No one knew where he had gone, what he did or how he got there. But he always seemed to show up whenever the situation called for him. Suddenly his ears perked straight up as they caught the faint moan of a stirring character. Propped up against a wall behind some crystals was a semi-conscious woman, her limbs limp and her head dropped down to her chest. Pluto trotted up to her and began licking the side of her face.

    "Hey, stop...that tickles..." the woman giggled. Undaunted, Pluto kept gently nudging her until her eyes flew open. "CLOUD!" She blinked a few times to regain her bearings. "Where am I?"

    As she got to her feet, the dark-haired brunette shook her head and brushed herself off. "I'm back in Radiant Garden, huh?" The faint sounds of battle echoed along the walls. "And it looks like I'm not too late."

    Pluto nuzzled against her leg, resulting in her giving a good scratch behind the ears. Chip and the others were almost in earshot. The chipmunk stuck two fingers in his mouth and let out a sharp whistle. Pluto immediately snapped his head toward the sound. Overjoyed to see some familiar faces, Pluto ran up to them and enthusiastically gave the trio a wet, sloppy lick that drenched them all. The woman walked up to them with a curious expression on her face.

    "Who are you three?" she asked.

    Jiminy cleared his throat as he stepped forward. "Afternoon, ma'am! I'm..."

    "EEK! A talking cricket!" WHAM!

    * * *

    A few minutes later, Tifa Lockhart was still apologizing to Jiminy for trying to step on him. "I'm so sorry about that! I've seen a lot of creatures, but never a talking insect!"

    Jiminy was brushing off his hat. Fortunately in her panic, she had missed every single stomp. Now, he was sitting on top of Pluto's head along with Chip and Dale. "It's fine, ma'am. But what are you doing back in Radiant Garden? Has Cloud returned?"

    Tifa nodded. "I was close to catching up to him, but..." She shrugged. "All I remember was a flash of light and suddenly I woke up here." Tifa looked up at the sky as if expecting Cloud to come shooting down from the heavens. "Of course if I'm here, that means Cloud's not far off."

    "Well, we're looking for our friends too. Do you mind if we accompany you?"

    Tifa shook her head. "Not at all. You can tell me what's been going on along the way." As Pluto got up and began following her, another question popped into her head. "By the way, aren't you that "Wish Upon a Star" guy?" Tifa asked.

    The cricket pulled on his lapels proudly. "Yes, ma'am! The one and only!"

    Tifa gave him a funny look. "Yeah, the song was romantic and all, but it doesn't work."

    Chip and Dale giggled quietly as Jiminy rolled his eyes. "Tell me about it."

    (Note from author: Before you say anything, yes, I know that Anti-Sora and Sora's Anti-Form are two completely different entities. I referred to Sora's Anti-Form as Anti-Sora because that's what I always call it. Anyway, whew! Another chapter done, another chapter closer to the finale! :D Now you see why it took me so long. ;) And I apologize in advance for what's about to happen. Don't ask me to elaborate, you'll find out for yourselves... :sweat:)
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