A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Second thought. Needz moar Roxas + Namine tag team against Final Xemnas.
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    Kairi vs. The Whirlwind Lancer & FF7 Complete!

    (Note from the author: Another week, another chapter! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to go and start working on Switched now... ;) )

    "So what's the plan?" Namine asked.

    Kairi shrugged with indifference. "Charge right in and swing like crazy?"

    "Yeah, and get sliced and diced like onions on a chopping board," Namine laughed cynically.

    Kairi kept her gaze steady on Xaldin. "You got a better plan?"

    "Xaldin's element is wind, right?" Namine mused. "So, I'm assuming this guy can either fly or hover."

    Before they could make a move, Xaldin cried out, "Wind, guard me!" His lances surrounded him, rushing around faster and faster until they formed a protective Aeroga barrier.

    Kairi rolled her eyes. "Figures. This guy's a floater." She gripped the Keyblade tightly with both hands and charged.

    Xaldin raised one his lances and began spinning it vertically. "Wind!" A swirling ball of wind formed itself in front of him which soared through the air toward his oncoming opponent.

    Kairi raised her Keyblade above her head. "It's just air, right?" she thought. "How dangerous can it be?" She swung with all of her might. Unfortunately, she misjudged her range and as a result, the projectile slammed itself upside her head.

    As Kairi tried to regain her bearings, Namine groaned. "Quit acting recklessly like Sora and get your head back in the game!" she scolded. "If something as harmless as water can hurt you, don't you think...Look out!"

    Xaldin rushed in swinging his lances gracefully like a master. His weapons barely nicked Kairi as she bent backward, jumped over and deflected his swings. She flinched as one of the lances tore a slight gash across her exposed arm. Finally, he finished his combo with his lances spearing close to the ground, jutting outward like needles on a porcupine. The pink princess almost stumbled over from the attack.

    She leapt away a safe distance from Xaldin, clutching her arm in pain. "Those things aren't exactly kid-friendly, are they?" she muttered through gritted teeth.

    "What? You expected them to tickle?"

    Kairi shuddered. "Please don't bring that up again. I'm having a hard time forgetting as it is." Without knowing why, she glanced at her wrist. "Wow. It's only been three minutes into the fight and we're already on the losing end. How pathetic is that?"

    "What's more sad is that we don't even wear a watch," Namine added. Xaldin hovered on the spot, renewing his Aeroga barrier. The pain in Kairi's arm finally subsided, allowing her to use both arms again."You think the Keyblade can pierce that thing?"

    Kairi bit her lip. "Only one way to find out!" She charged again, her Keyblade ready to strike. Xaldin wasted no time and reciprocated her blitz. "Have to time this just right..." It was like playing chicken with a bullet train. Three seconds to impact...two...

    Before Xaldin knew what was happening, Kairi surprised her opponent by running right past him, only to leap at the bridge's handrail. Using her momentum, she kicked off the bridge's wall to give her enough altitude to thrust the Keyblade straight at Xaldin. Unfortunately, the instant the Keyblade made contact with the wind sphere, Kairi's weapon shot out of her hand and clattered a few feet away.

    "Oh no." Kairi scrambled out of Xaldin's range. The lances barely grazed her as she Dodge-Flipped to retrieve her weapon. "How am I supposed to get through that?"

    "What's wrong, Princess?" Xaldin scoffed. "Giving up already?"

    Kairi and Namine had the same thought in mind. "Like Hades, we are!"

    "Any suggestions?" Kairi asked Namine privately.

    Namine groaned in frustration. "It's a wind barrier that's been created by his lances surrounding him real fast. I don't see..." Her thought trailed off.

    "What? What is it?"

    "Kairi, use Blizzaga on his Aeroga shield!" Namine cried.

    Kairi shrugged. "Don't know what you have planned, but if you say so." She aimed her Keyblade at Xaldin. "FREEZE!" A mass of ice crystals shot out of the blade's tip. Xaldin only looked at the oncoming spell curiously.

    "Is that the best you've got?" he taunted. The ice spell made contact with his wind barrier. "Your spells are..." Instantly, frost began to spread over the sphere. "What?!" The swirling wind that was protecting Xaldin suddenly became his imprisonment as the air crystallized into ice.

    "Now, Kairi!" The pink princess tightened her grip on the Keyblade and blitzed forward. She raised her weapon back like a batter and swung with all her might. The Keyblade flashed as it smashed through the crystal sphere, connecting with Xaldin's midsection and sending him flying back. "That's my girl!" Namine cheered.

    Xaldin clutched his abdomen, giving Kairi a chilly glare. "Take this..." Before she knew what happened, Xaldin leapt high into the air, disappearing from Kairi's sight.

    Her head turned back and forth, confused and unsure. "Where'd he go?"

    "Kairi! Above you!" Namine warned. The Princess of Heart Dodge Flipped just in time as Xaldin's giant lances rained from the sky, crashing into the ground like lightning before retracting back into the air.

    "What was..." was all that Kairi managed to say before having to perform another Dodge Flip away from Xaldin's lances. "What? I finally land a hit on you and all you can do now is hide in the sky?" Kairi yelled. "Come back down here and face me!"

    Instead of retracting, the lances began to surround her position before fading back into thin air. Kairi sensed what was coming before she even heard it. She quickly back-flipped out of the way as Xaldin's giant lances struck the spot where she had just occupied.

    Kairi only stared at Xaldin as he returned to the battlefield, his lances shrinking back to normal size. "Enough! If you wanted to die quicker..." The Whirlwind Lancer bared his teeth. "...all you had to do was ask."

    * * *

    "I wish Cloud would regain consciousness already!" Yuffie complained. "My back's starting to kill me!"

    "Didn't your father ever tell you to lift with your legs?" Cid retorted.

    "Don't you dare bring my father into this!" Yuffie snapped. After finding Cloud at the Great Maw, Aerith, Yuffie, Tron and Cid were slowly trekking their way to the mineshaft to meet up with the others. Since Cloud was still knocked out, they had no choice but to carry his dead weight along with them. Cid and Yuffie were the lucky "volunteers," grunting underneath each arm. "Why isn't Tron helping again? He's a lot taller than me!"

    "He's the one guiding us!" Cid groaned. "Now, quit yapping and heave!"

    "How much further, Tron?" Aerith asked calmly.

    Tron closed his eyes for a moment. After a few seconds, he opened them again and pointed a few inches forward and to the right. "Our destination's that way. At the current pace we're going, we should arrive there in forty minutes."

    "Forty minutes?!" Yuffie got out from underneath Cloud, almost causing Cid to lose his grip. "Forget this! I need a break!" She plopped down on the spot. Cid, seeing no point in trying to persuade her otherwise, carefully laid Cloud onto the ground.

    "Damn girl! You could've at least warned me!" He began to reach into his pocket for a lighter, intending to light up a cigarette. "What the...?" Cid frantically patted his pockets down. "Have you seen my..."

    Aerith sighed. "Yuffie. Give Cid back his lighter."

    Yuffie mumbled as she reluctantly handed it back to Cid. "He should stop smoking, though! He already inhales enough smoke from the airship's engines as it is!"

    "You already know it calms my nerves!" Cid began to click his lighter.

    "I don't understand..." Tron commented in confusion, but his voice was overshadowed by the other two.

    "But you promised Shera you were going to quit!" Yuffie insisted.

    Cid stopped clicking. "What she doesn't know, can't..."

    "Quiet." Aerith didn't shout, but she said it in her most dangerous tone. Despite Cid and Yuffie's voices being louder than hers, they immediately fell silent. "Do you hear that?" The group strained their ears.

    "Hear what? All I hear is..." Yuffie blinked. "...nothing."

    "Exactly. It's too quiet." Aerith's face was a picture of worry. "We should be hearing sounds of fighting right now."

    "And it's been a bit too easy lately," Cid added. "We should've encountered at least a darn Heartless or Nobody by now."

    Suddenly, rapid footsteps broke the silence. The fighters quietly drew their weapons. "Think it's a Heartless?" Yuffie mused.

    Tron shook his head. "Not likely. I'm hearing a certain pattern in their footsteps." His eyes narrowed. "It sounds like two figures. One biped and a quadruped."

    "And what's that mean in User terms?" Yuffie sighed.

    "A human and a canine," Tron clarified.

    After a few tense moments, a familiar figure in black dashed out from behind a corner. "It's Tifa!" Yuffie cried. Indeed, Tifa Lockhart had finally rejoined the party. Pattering behind her was Pluto along with Chip, Dale and Jiminy. "Tifa, it's really you!" The Materia hunter leapt forward and gave her a tight squeeze. Tifa returned the embrace.

    "Is Cloud okay?" she asked.

    "We're fine too," Cid muttered. "Thanks for asking, Tifa."

    Aerith shushed him with her gentle gaze. "I healed him as best as I could, but he's exhausted."

    Tifa knelt by Cloud's side and gently lifted up his head. Pain and worry were etched on her face. "Cloud..."

    "All he said was that someone was coming," Aerith continued. "You have any idea what he's talking about?"

    Tifa shook her head. "No idea. I almost caught up to him, but after that is a complete blank." She glanced around at the eerily barren landscape. "What's been going on since I've been gone?"

    Confirming what Jiminy told her, the group filled Tifa in on the details of what happened and where they were heading.

    "So what are we standing around for?" Tifa smacked a gloved hand into her palm. "Let's get to that mineshaft already!"

    "But Cloud's too heavy, though!" Yuffie whined.

    Tifa raised an eyebrow. "Really?" She positioned her hands underneath Cloud and to everyone's astonishment, she tossed him over her shoulder like an empty rucksack. "He seems pretty light to me."

    "Tifa?" Cid shook his head in disbelief. "How in blazes are you able to carry him so easily?!"

    "Pfft. Please." Tifa winked at him. "We grew up together. How could I not?"

    * * *

    "Come on!" The sky darkened as Xaldin began his deadly dance. Kairi had no choice, but to run out of his range as fast as possible.

    "How in the world is he able to expand those lances?" Kairi huffed.

    "They're made of the old bag's wind," Namine replied. "What'd you expect?"

    "Take this!" The lances twirled around him, whirling dangerously like helicopter rotors. He rotated around like a gyroscope, flipping upside down and swinging around his weapons with graceful ease. Kairi kept backing up, her eyes locked onto the mesmerizing choppers. After a few seconds, she felt her body press itself against the wall immediately behind her. She had unknowingly and literally backed herself into a corner.

    Xaldin's spears homed in on her position. She could almost make out the "Made in Japan" labels etched on them. The Lancer grinned evilly. "Here!" he cried as he thrust his weapons in Kairi's direction. Instinctively, Kairi tightened the muscles in her legs and like coiled springs, she pushed off from the ground and Aerial Dodged over Xaldin's head. As she landed safely out of reach, Xaldin suddenly stopped his onslaught and leapt high into the air again.

    "Kairi!" The lances began to glow and expand with energy. They connected themselves end to end to form what looked like a giant snake. The dragon-like creature slithered through the air and off the side of the bridge. A gullible person would've let out a sigh of relief. But Kairi knew better. The dragon's head burst out of the dark abyss, it's body still pulsating with energy.

    As Xaldin landed on top of his makeshift dragon, Kairi's eyes grew wider as the mouth of the mechanized beast opened up and began charging energy. "Oh, now that's messed up," Kairi muttered.

    "Beware the face of despair!" A giant wind tunnel burst from the dragon's maw, its head sweeping the entire length of the bridge.

    Thinking quickly, Kairi leapt behind one of the statues lining the arena and tucked herself in as the tornado squall passed dangerously close above her head. As soon as the beast expelled its energy, Xaldin leapt back onto the battlefield, the monster transforming back into regular-sized lances.

    "You know at times like these," Namine began, "I wish we could just summon the Keyblade back to our hand. We'd be able to throw it without having to go back and retrieve it."

    "Thanks a lot, Nomura," Kairi grumbled. She aimed the Keyblade at Xaldin and fired off another Blizzaga spell. Unfortunately, she was too far away which gave Xaldin enough time to thrust one of the lances into the ground and swing his entire body out of harm's way.

    "You're still too inexperienced for battle, Princess!" he taunted. Suddenly, Xaldin began to rapidly teleport around the field, giant air pockets were forming and folding on themselves. Kairi tried to keep tabs on Xaldin's position, but he was teleporting around the arena too quickly for her eyes to keep up.

    "Two-to-one odds that he ends up behind us," Namine said. Kairi twirled her Keyblade and thrust it backwards. She heard a stony crunch as her weapon made contact with something hard. "That didn't sound natural." Kairi whipped her head around and saw that she had stabbed the statue behind her right between its legs. Before she could say anything, Xaldin finally teleported directly in front of her, his lances already in mid-swing. Kairi felt the wind knocked out of her as the combined weight of all six lances slammed into her stomach, sending her flying across the length of the bridge.

    She coughed, her body desperately trying to regain air. After a few seconds, she immediately staggered back to her feet as Xaldin began to form his dragon once again. "Oh no you don't!" she roared. Kairi Aerial Dodged into the air and grabbed hold of the dragon's body.

    "What are you doing?" Xaldin yelled from the air. As the dragon slithered over the side of the bridge, it suddenly jerked its body upward, taking her by surprise.

    Kairi's heart stopped as she felt herself lose her grip and begin to plummet into the abyss. Her descent seemed to make everything happen in slow motion. She could see the dragon start to shrink from view. Xaldin's face looked sadistically gleeful. Memories she hadn't thought of in a long time flashed before her eyes. She felt her mind becoming overwhelmed by fear and panic. "Not like this!" she thought. "I don't want to die falling into the darkness like this!"


    "So Riku's taught you how to Aerial Dodge, huh?" Sora asked her.

    "Yeah, but I wish you would teach me how to Glide," she pouted cutely.

    "I actually learned a neat trick just recently that I've been meaning to show you."

    "Oh really?"

    He grinned at her with that mesmerizing smile. "Remember that Magnega spell that I taught you a few days ago?"

    "You mean the one that began to pull my dress in?" she asked.

    "Do you have to keep bringing that up? I already said that I was sorry!"

    "Just get to the point," she sighed impatiently.

    "Okay, I was falling, right? I started to panic and automatically summoned the Keyblade. I found out that you can actually chain Magnegas together so they'll be able to pull you upward." She looked at him in confusion. "Like a conveyor belt," he clarified.

    "How exactly did you end up falling anyway?" She batted her eyelashes at him. "Were you dreaming that you saw yourself plunging into the ocean again?"

    Sora grinned sheepishly. "Actually, I was trying to grab a coconut from that tall palm tree."

    "You mean the one that's hanging over the waterfall?" She shook her head in amusement. "Oh, Sora. You're still hopeless."


    "GATHER!" The orb of gravity formed directly in front of her. She reached out with her free hand, praying that her plan would work. Fortunately, the Magnega orb sensed the object hurtling away from it and began to pull it to its core. Kairi's body immediately halted its descent and began to orbit around the orb. Before she made contact with the center, Kairi fired off another Magnega orb when she reached the peak of her momentum. She repeated the process, making her way back upward until she was safely back on the bridge.

    Xaldin's back was to her as he was looking over the other side of the bridge, his lances hovering lazily behind him. Taking advantage of the situation, Kairi swiftly and silently charged at him. It was only when she was three feet behind him before he noticed her surprise blitz.

    Kairi grabbed one of his stationary lances and plunged it straight into the ground. Using her body's momentum, she swung around and slammed a kick into Xaldin's midsection. While he was stunned, Kairi released her grip, grabbed another lance in mid-air while she was flying sideways, pierced the ground and rammed her feet into the middle of his back. She kept both hands on the lance as she slinked downward to the ground, her back rubbing against the lance. She gave a toss of her head to remove the hair that had unceremoniously draped itself over her face.

    "Nice pole dancing, girl," Namine laughed. "Ever think of becoming a st..."

    "Don't even finish that sentence, Namine," Kairi retorted. Before he could recover, Kairi quickly and swiftly grabbed the remaining lances and used them to pin Xaldin to the ground. His eyes widened as Kairi towered over him, her Keyblade gleaming in the moonlight. She straddled him, one foot on each side of him and raised her Keyblade.

    "TAKE THIS!" she roared as she plunged her weapon dead center into the Lancer's form. She pulled the Keyblade out smoothly and cleanly, data streams beginning to bleed out from the mortal wound.

    As Xaldin's form disintegrated, a huge powerful gust exploded from underneath Kairi, causing her dress to blow upward. "EEK!" She desperately pushed down as best as she could, but the unyielding wind kept the fabric suspended that would've given anyone a good look at the color of her underwear. As soon as Xaldin vanished, the wind finally died down with him.

    Kairi smoothed down her dress with her hands. "Where'd that wind come from?"

    "Someone with a dirty mind, I'd guess," Namine muttered darkly.

    "I thought we were done with the perverted stuff!" Kairi whined.

    Namine sighed. "Kairi? This is the Organization we're talking about. They're made up of a bunch of guys who haven't got any action since they became Nobodies. It's kinda expected."

    "I think they weren't successful in dating even BEFORE they became Nobodies," Kairi amended. "And with personalities like that, who would go out with those creeps anyway?"

    "Kinda makes you wonder if they're all gay."

    Kairi cringed. "Um...ew. Thanks for putting really disturbing images in my mind, Namine."

    Namine giggled. "It's what I'm here for."
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    Great chapter. Nice job with Xaldin. I just can't wait til after Xemnas.
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    Loved It!

    What can I say? You amazed me again with your talent. How do you do it? Tell me, how exactly do you do it? Beats me. Great job. I loved the flashback; very clever. Kairi's amazing when it comes to fighting here in your story. It takes me by surprise with what she can do. Terrific job. Can't wait for the next one!

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    Awesome chapter like always. ^_^
    Wow you really have talent. I enjoy your fan-fics a lot. Your writing style is really good.
    Can't wait for the next chapter. :)
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    Good work as always. I think it would have been cooler though if Kairi finished off Xaldin with a vertical slash of some sort.


    ...heck, maybe even introduce a new Limit would be cool too.
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    Wait a tick...

    :blink:A...vertical...slash? You mean I didn't have to stab all of them?!

    But seriously, it never occurred to me until you mentioned it. :sweatdrop: Would've been a whole lot more interesting.

    All in due time, my friend. All in due time...:sly:
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    Yay! A new chapter! You just made my day, XD. This is great! "Made in Japan." Thank you Nomura." Poor Kairi... Will the perverts ever die? Well, I mean, I know they're dead, but why are there so many? I have to go on a feminist rant now. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    A New Attack? & King Mickey's Info

    (Note from author: Yup. Another chapter. It's almost the end. :nono: But, not quite yet. ;)

    @Foxxie: Just wanted to say that I bear no animosity toward you. I respect your views & opinions and I thank you for at least recognizing I have some literary potential. I realize that not everybody likes the whole Sora/Kairi pairing; kind of like how I'm not interested in yaoi. :sideways: I try to keep myself open-minded to all input & opinions. I also thank you for taking the time to read at least the first chapter. ;)

    By the way, if you HAD continued reading, you'd have realized that despite the title saying "Sora and Kairi," this is NOT another Sora/Kairi fiction piece. I started it out that way, but it evolved into Kairi/Namine vs. Organization XIII Data in the Garden of Assemblage. Everyone else (even Sora and Roxas) is pretty much subplot. :D

    As for everyone else, I thank you for your continuing support! (But please don't bash others because of their opinions.) As long as there are readers who like my stories, I know that writing this is worth the time and effort. ;) I have never finished a story this long before, but if I do, I'll be proud to say that this was the first. Now without further ado...)

    FLASH! Another memory of Sora flashed before Kairi's eyes. However, this time it was a younger version of him that raised the Keyblade over his head, yelling "WIND!" A wind barrier instantly formed around Sora, protecting him from minor harm that would otherwise injure him...

    "Huh. I never knew Sora could use Aeroga before," Kairi commented. She was sitting against the circular wall that lined the lower level, massaging her aching feet with her boots discarded beside her.

    "You know, I've been thinking..." Namine began.

    "About what?"

    "We've got all these magic spells, our own evasion move, and one of the sickeningly girlish looking Keyblades I've ever seen," Namine said with a hint of irony in her voice. "I just realized there's one more thing we need before we can actually call ourselves a true Keyblade wielder."

    "A damsel in distress?" Kairi guessed.

    "No, a Limit! We don't have our own special ultimate attack!" Kairi nodded at this statement thoughtfully.

    "Yeah. I mean, Sora's got Trinity Limit/Ultima, Riku's got Dark Aura." She began to slip back on her boots. "Even Roxas has that annoying light orb attack that for some reason he failed to use when we went up against him."


    The girls began walking up the ramp and headed for the second-to-the-last cove. "But how exactly do you do a Limit anyway?" Kairi mused. "Sora and Riku never explained how they do theirs."

    In the back of Kairi's mind, Namine shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe it's one of those things that show up when you really need it."

    "Well, we've gone through eleven Organization members already who most of them almost succeeded in killing us. Except Demyx." Kairi rolled her eyes. "He got what he deserved, but I think we overdid it with the wedgie."

    "Maybe," Namine said only half-listening, "but if we don't get a Limit soon, we'll probably not be able to use one at all."

    They stopped in front of Xigbar's shadowy object. "Is that a fan?" Kairi asked as she peered closer.

    "It could be an axe..." Namine suggested.

    Kairi shook her head. "No, wait. Now I remember. Xigbar used to shoot people." She extended out her arm.

    "A gun, huh?" Namine stifled a yawn. "After seeing people with cards, musical instruments and books as weapons, I guess a basic standby like this is pretty refreshing from the unusual."

    The light faded for the umpteenth time, depositing the girls in the Hall of Empty Melodies. Kairi took a good look at her surroundings. "I definitely remember this place," she said. Kairi pointed upward at the second floor. "Me and Riku were fighting up there."

    "Yeah," Namine said in a monotone, "Back when we first got this Keyblade from him." Kairi could feel that something else was bugging her.

    "What's up?"

    "Where exactly did Riku get it anyway?" Namine asked. "If I remember correctly, he only had Way to the Dawn."

    Kairi shrugged. "I'm not sure. I asked him about it before, but all he said was that he used his powers of darkness or something."

    "So this could be a dark Keyblade we're wielding?" Namine asked. Before either of them could give it any more thought, the data streams began to appear right before their eyes.

    "I guess it's go time." Kairi sighed as she got into her ready stance.

    "You mind if I take this one?" Namine asked. "You can have Xemnas afterwards, I promise." Kairi thought about it for a moment. She hadn't dared to use Curaga to heal herself from the previous battle in case their magic wouldn't finish recharging in time. And switching was the easiest way to do both, so...

    "All yours, girl." Before Xigbar's body finished forming, Kairi closed her eyes and relinquished control.

    As Namine opened her eyes, she checked herself. "Completely undamaged," she stated with a satisfied tone.

    The first thing she noticed as Xigbar stood before her was that he wasn't holding his weapons. "Have you been a good little girl?" he taunted.

    "Shut up, Braig," Namine snapped as she got into her battle stance.

    "Oh." Xigbar shook his head. "It sounds like you haven't. But I guess it can't be helped." He crossed his arms over his chest. Namine shot him with a suspicious glare before she suddenly felt a pair of hands crawling up her sides.

    "YEEEK!" Namine shrieked. She quickly jumped forward and whipped her head around to see a pair of gloved hands suspended in mid-air, wiggling its fingers.

    "A bit jumpy, ain't ya?" Xigbar laughed as he pulled his hands back out of the wormholes.

    Namine stomped her foot in frustration. "What is with all the tickling all of a sudden?"

    "I guess that's a disadvantage of being cute," Kairi grumbled. "Every guy wants to tickle you at least once. Besides," she added, "I don't think wearing the skimpiest paper-thin dress of all existence actually helps either."

    "At least I'm wearing underwear," Namine muttered back. Then to Xigbar, "Don't tell me you're a perv like Vexen as well?!"

    "Vexen?" Xigbar repeated. "You mean, the old coot who would be going through Larxene's laundry every Friday?" He shook his head. "As if. Not everyone thinks you're a god's gift to guys, you know."

    Namine's eyes widened at the insult. "Did he just call you ugly?" Kairi asked.

    "At least I don't have a voice like some surfer pirate reject," Namine shot back.

    Xigbar wagged his finger at her. "Oh dear. I think you've got the wrong impression," he said. "I know. It's the eye-patch. But I wear it for a reason." He grinned at her, distorting his scarred features even further. "It helps my aim."

    "Whatever, you spaz," Namine growled. "You probably shot your own eye out with those gun arrows of yours."

    "That would explain a lot," Kairi commented.

    Namine sighed. "I guess the Organization's big master plan's almost complete and you're not going to tell us squat."

    Xigbar laughed. "You betcha! Like my philosophy says: 'You can talk all you want, but it won't change a thing.'"

    "Then why in blue blazes are we even having this conversation?" Namine yelled. "If you wanted to kill us, you should've done it already, not doing some villainous monologue!" She shook her head. "You've been torturing us by going through all of these fights with you, and yet not one of you has managed to do it yet!"

    "If you and your boyfriends hadn't decided to turn on us, we wouldn't have had to resort to this." Xigbar squinted at her through his eye. "Of course, we could've killed you if we really wanted to."

    "Either that or the Organization just sucks at fighting girls," Namine retorted. Kairi giggled at the remark.

    Xigbar rolled his eye. "As if! You don't even look like you're half the hero the others were."

    Namine swiped her Keyblade in a threatening manner. "Come here and say that to my face, cyclops!"

    "I've heard what happened back at Castle Oblivion," he stated. "You betrayed your fellow Nobodies for some twerp you never knew."

    "If I hadn't," Namine began, "Marluxia and Larxene would've used Sora to..."

    "Enough rambling," Xigbar interrupted. "All I'm telling you, traitor, is that your time is up!"

    "Well, it could be worse," Namine thought as she got back into her fighting stance. "He could be using those wormholes to split my body all over the place and make me go through Vexen's torture again." A chill ran down her spine at the thought.

    "Agreed," Kairi said. "It's one thing to be restrained. But having absolutely no body movement at all would be complete and utter hell."

    Purple crossbow shaped weapons appeared in his hands. The cocking of the guns' barrels rang throughout the room. As Xigbar twirled the gun arrows in his hands, he gave the memory witch a crafty grin. "You really shouldn't have betrayed us!"

    * * *

    "Do you have any idea where we're heading, your Majesty?" Donald asked the King.

    The King scratched absent-mindedly behind his ear. "Welp, I'm pretty sure everyone will be heading for the old mineshaft."

    King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Tarzan and Hercules had gotten slightly sidetracked from their mission of finding the others due to Goofy leading the group. After a few dead ends (and a few rash phrases from Donald involving the words "wack," "phooey," and "palooka"), King Mickey took charge and began heading for where he believed the others would be.

    "How exactly do you know this?" Hercules asked.

    Instead of responding, Mickey pointed upward above the rocky cliffs at a green flying object about half a mile from their current position. The others squinted as best as they could. Then Goofy gasped in realization. "That's Peter Pan!"

    Mickey chuckled. "Yup! And judging by where he's flying in circles, I'm guessing he's a beacon for everyone who's fighting."

    "Bacon?" Goofy wondered.

    Donald rapidly shook his head. "No! He said beacon!"

    "A-hyuk! Right!" Goofy nodded as he rubbed his paunch and licked his lips. "Still sounds tasty!" Donald rolled his eyes.

    The party quickly made their way through the chasms until they spotted Tidus and his group.

    "Hey, look!" Donald cried. "It's Auron!" After everyone greeted and introduced each other ("Who's the guy in the loincloth?"), they got right down to business.

    "Have you seen Sora?" Tidus asked.

    The others shook their heads. "Actually, we were going to ask you the same thing," the King replied. "We've figured out why Kairi's been kidnapped."

    Tidus, Wakka, Auron and Yuna (who had stuck around) were all stunned at the statement. It was Auron who recovered first. "Mind sharing with the rest of us?"

    "As many of you already know, Organization XIII was destroyed by both Sora and Riku over the past few years. It turns out, though, that they had a contingency plan in case that ever happened."

    "How'd you figure that?" Wakka asked.

    "Ansem's computer," the King answered. "Anyway, the first part of their plan was to kidnap Princess Kairi on her sixteenth birthday."

    "For what purpose?" Auron wondered. "She was no immediate threat to them."

    "Welp, I'm betting that somehow she was. She may have something that the Organization lacks or something that we might need."

    "She is a Princess of Heart after all," Goofy added. "Maybe they needed her for her heart."

    Auron nodded thoughtfully. "Then what's the next part of their plan?"

    "As far as we could tell," Mickey nodded toward Donald and Goofy, "they have a hidden storage room where they keep the essences of the entire Organization via computer data. The plan was to trap her within that room until they gathered enough data."

    "Data?" Tidus repeated. "Data for what, exactly?"

    "As for that," the King crossed his arms and sighed, "I have no idea."

    "Well, what about Ansem's...I mean, Xehanort's Reports?" Goofy asked. "He was the one who sent Kairi to Destiny Islands, right? What if he knew about the decree stating that she had to get married here in Radiant Garden and he's going to extract all of her memories from her heart?"

    The group stared at him with blank looks. "That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard," Wakka said.

    "Hey, guys!" Peter called from above. "Everyone's almost here!"

    "By the way," Hercules began, "what are you guys doing here, anyway?"

    Tidus shrugged. "Riku told us to gather here for some reason," he explained.

    Mickey jumped. "Riku did? But why would he..." The King's sentence trailed off.

    Donald and Goofy looked at each other. The court wizard tapped Mickey on the shoulder. "Your majesty?"

    "It looks like we didn't have to tell Sora and Riku after all," Mickey muttered. "They probably already know where Kairi's being held captive. In fact," he scratched behind his other ear, "the Organization's computer is probably at the other end of this mineshaft."

    Auron looked at him suspiciously. "And how would you know this?"

    King Mickey shook his head. "Call it a hunch. But if I'm right," Mickey's eyes narrowed, "we're going to need all the help we can get."
  10. Forever Love Life Without Limits

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    Ohh.. very informative. Thanks for letting me know of all the information on the plot of the Organization. This story is going to turn out very interesting. The next two battles are going to be intense, I can feel it. Namine can take care of herself. She'll be able to beat Xigbar but probably with a few distractions, right?? Well, this chapter was great, even if there wasn't any fighting going on. Good job.
  11. Destined Working for WDW

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    great chapter, and I suddenly realized half way through it what that post meant about the keys from another thread, but also, I have a theory about what the organizations overall plot is and it will be interesting to see how you intend to conclude this, i'm excited!!!
  12. dbotes Moogle Assistant

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    The flaw with your original idea is that she may be a Princess of Heart but she wasn't a princess of Radiant Garden. In the Real Ansem's notes, Ansem mentions Kairi as a "resident of Radiant Garden".
  13. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Oh no! Not logic!

    I've been staring at your statements for awhile now, and only two things come to mind.

    First, "Crud. :nono: Forgot about that part, but I'm already this far in the story so there's no way I'm letting a little flaw in logic stop me." :sly:

    Second, yes, Ansem the Wise was the ruler of Radiant Garden. And yes, Kairi was a resident. But she was still a Princess of Heart FROM Radiant Garden (I never said "of"). Just because she was a resident doesn't necessarily mean that she didn't have a birthright. However, I guess the plot hole that I should've filled in was that since the current ruler (Ansem the Wise) died (he may not have been ruling in person, but he still had the implied authority and power under his name), the royal decree gave the power to rule to the next line in royalty. Hence, Kairi. I'm not going back to change that, but I guess I should've cleared that up to begin with. And not to mention I don't want to spoil any more than I have to. ;)

    Oh well. I'm still moving forward! :D
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    Nah, I think Goofy just revealed the Organization's plans without realising it. XD

    Continue the good work, DF, and keep up with the witty humor.
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    I Love you're story.
    I read al that you've posted in about...3 days...
    But yeaa.
    I wanna see Namine kick some but!
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    Naminé vs. the Freeshooter & Sora's Party: Complete!

    (Note from author: YES! After many long weeks the next chapter is FINALLY complete! :woohoo: And if you check the length of this, you'll find it's slightly longer than the Vexen chapter. Now you know why it took me so freakin' long to update! Since school's started for me, it's been hard to find opportunities to work on this. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it's almost the Endgame. One more member to go...but will it really be over? And even if it is, what about the forced marriage? Will Sora and Kairi STILL have to tie the knot? Bet you guys forgot about that, huh? ;))

    Before Naminé could take a single step, Xigbar rotated the weapons in his hands and with a loud KA-CHICK, they formed together into a sniper rifle.

    "Gotcha now!" And with that, the Freeshooter jumped through a wormhole and reappeared on a high ledge, hopelessly out of range.

    "What the..." Naminé ran to the edge of the platform and pointed the Keyblade at him. "Get back down here, you coward!"

    "Uh, Naminé? Now might be a good time to run," Kairi suggested.

    "Why?" Sharp arrowheads blazed through the air straight toward her. "Oh." She turned to run from the incoming fire. "I thought it was a sniper rifle, not a machine gun!" She could feel the ground exploding behind her heels.

    "You should know how cheap these guys are by now!" Kairi retorted.

    "OW!" Naminé flinched as a few of the projectiles nicked her across the back of her neck. "Stupid arrows!" she grumbled as she tossed her blonde hair back over the exposed skin.

    "Naminé! You should know better than to turn your back on your opponent!" Xigbar called out. "Hasn't the Organization taught you anything?"

    "Any bright ideas?" Naminé said as Xigbar paused to reload another clip of ammo.

    "Well, the Magnega chain worked before..." Kairi suggested. Not knowing what else to do, she ducked under Xigbar's line of fire and leapt off the platform. The slightest mistake would have the void underneath swallow her into darkness.

    Naminé swiped the Keyblade in front of her. "GATHER!" The orb of gravity appeared above her, immediately sensing its target flying out of range. Just like Kairi did with Xaldin, Naminé let herself get pulled in before summoning another orb at the apex of her momentum. She swung herself upward and forward as if she were a monkey climbing branches on her favorite tree. Xigbar looked up from his reloading and was stunned that the memory witch would make such a bold move. But he regained his composure and took aim. Naminé was almost within reach when she felt herself being pummeled with arrows straight into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her.

    "Now we can't have that!" Xigbar laughed as Naminé began to go into a freefall. Out of pure reaction, she fired off another Magnega orb, caught it with her Keyblade and swung her body back onto the platform.

    She fingered the gaping hole in her dress that the arrows had caused. "Any other suggestions?"

    "I can only think of one," Kairi replied. Naminé nodded, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

    She raised the Keyblade over her head. "THUNDER!" In a spectacular display of light, bolts of lightning appeared above Xigbar's head and cut themselves right through his system, electrocuting him.

    Naminé took one look at Xigbar and couldn't help but giggle. His sleek hair was now frizzy, sparking with electricity and the smell of burnt leather was smoking from him. He gave a little cough of smoke. "Clever little sneak!" he muttered.

    He jumped back through his wormhole and reappeared upside-down above the battlefield. Naminé tilted her head to the side. "How in the world can you stand being upside-down like that? Doesn't the blood rush to your head or something?"

    Xigbar grinned at her. "Been a whole lot easier since Zexy bought me those gravity boots for Christmas!"

    Naminé stopped dead in her tracks, staring at Xigbar in disbelief. "Okay, first of all, you're data now! You don't have gravity boots!" The Freeshooter began to take aim with his weapon. "And second of all, gravity boots are usually used to help people in losing weight!" The downtrodden face of Xigbar was priceless. "Did it ever occur to you that he was hinting at something?"

    He lowered his gun. "What? Are you saying that...I'm out of shape?"

    Naminé placed her hands on her hips. "Face it, dude. All you do is travel from wormhole to wormhole to get where you're going. When's the last time you actually walked?" As Xigbar contemplated her words, Naminé took advantage by running straight toward him. She took a flying leap, her Keyblade high above her head. Unfortunately, he snapped out of his stupor before she could make contact and teleported to the other end of the field, her Keyblade hitting nothing but air.

    Before she could even turn to face him, Xigbar cried out, "Heads up!" His guns suddenly appeared point-blank on each side of Naminé's head. "Bet you're gonna have a splitting headache after this!" He squeezed the triggers.

    "FIRE!" Fireballs burst out of the Keyblade and began to rapidly orbit the teenager, setting Xigbar's gloves on fire. He immediately pulled his hands back through the wormholes and patted out the flames on his cloak. Naminé gave a toss of her naturally golden hair. "Too hot for you?"

    He glared at her through his one eye. "So the little princess knows how to play, huh?" he growled.

    Naminé sighed. "Again with the sexist cracks. I mean, seriously. What is with the Organization looking down on me like I'm some helpless three year-old?" She stomped her foot in emphasis. "You guys are lucky that I can't manipulate your memories or I'd be taking pictures that every yaoi fan-girl could only dream of!"

    "I agree," Kairi chimed in. "We've gone through the Organization's gauntlet and so far we've basically proven that we can kick just as much butt as Sora, Riku and Roxas can!"

    "Exactly! Come to think of it, why are there so many guys in your stupid club anyways? What, every girl you asked didn't feel like hanging around with you losers and your plans for extracting hearts on Saturday nights?" Naminé shook her head. "You people are pathetic. I can't believe I used to be afraid of all of you."

    While Naminé was ranting, Xigbar had tucked his hands inside his cloak and was now serenely twirling his guns around in the empty space a few feet from him. "Are you done rambling? 'Cause you're putting me to sleep, bucko!" he yelled out impatiently.

    "Oh, shut up!" Naminé snapped. She tightened her grip on the Keyblade.

    "You know, I kinda liked you better as that timid little girl that we always picked on," Xigbar said without looking at her. "The way you are right now, you're too much like Larxene."

    Kairi gasped. "Did he just..."

    Naminé felt anger bubbling in the pit of her stomach. "Oh, you did NOT just compare me to that nymph!" she roared.

    "Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" Xigbar taunted. He took aim and fired off a round of arrows as Naminé charged in a berserker rage. She positioned the Keyblade as best as she could and tried to deflect the projectiles. To her surprise, the ones that the Keyblade caught were sent straight back at its owner. However, a couple of arrows were able to get past her defenses, causing a few more slits in her dress.

    "Figures," Naminé muttered. "I've really got to expand my wardrobe."

    "Take th..." Xigbar squeezed the triggers only to realize that he was shooting blanks. His eye widened as Naminé spun into the air and slammed the Keyblade into Xigbar's side, knocking him through the air a few feet. Before she could follow up, the Freeshooter transported himself to the far corner of the arena.

    "Arms, reload!" The clip of arrows hanging underneath the nozzles of his guns began lighting up neon pink again. His weapons clacked noisily as he flipped himself right side up and began charging his next shot. "Take this!"

    "What the..." As soon as the words left her lips, a bright bluish-white arrow blasted out of the nozzle and shot toward her in an unwavering straight line. Naminé quickly jumped aside letting the shot whiz past her. She looked at Xigbar curiously. "That was the best you..."

    Xigbar grinned at her and tapped his pointer finger in the air. It was Kairi who remembered. "Naminé, jump!"

    The girl automatically obeyed and leapt to her right. Naminé was stunned to see that the exact same arrow that had passed her was now making a return trip straight through where she had been standing. "Ricocheting projectiles?"

    Xigbar flipped back right-side up and fired off another...and another. Soon, the entire field seemed to be filled with ricocheting white arrows that bounced around. Naminé had to tear her focus off of Xigbar and begin dodging for her life. The shots bounced off invisible walls and passed through the platform itself as if it were nothing but an illusion.

    "Keep practicing, chica!" Xigbar laughed. "One of those arrows has enough charge to send your body into convulsions! Imagine what would happen if you were hit from more than one." Naminé narrowly escaped from an incoming shot by Dodge Flipping to the side. "It'd take you out of this game..." His good eye narrowed at her. "...permanently."

    * * *

    "Tidus! Wakka!" Selphie's voice rang out. Tidus and Wakka looked up and to their utmost relief, their Destiny Islands friends had finally found them.

    "Selphie! Riku!" The gang got into a big group hug. After they finally broke their embrace, Selphie let out a low whistle.

    "Is everyone here actually going to fight?" she asked. All of Sora's friends and allies that he had helped out over the years were finally gathered together, mingling as if they were at the wedding reception. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell were still busy keeping lookout from above, though.

    "I never knew that Sora knew this many people," Olette gasped in astonishment.

    A few feet from them, Hercules strutted up to Auron. "Nice to see you again, Auron!" the Olympian hero greeted. Auron only gave him a heart-warming smirk. Hercules proceeded to pat him on the back. Unfortunately, he ended up getting distracted by the sight of Rikku and Paine flying by. "Faeries?" he muttered as his pat turned into a full-out smack, sending Auron flying into a wall. Hercules grinned sheepishly. "Uh, sorry Auron," he apologized as Auron's body began to peel itself out of the newly formed human-shaped crevice.

    * * *

    Tron and Tarzan were both looking at each other strangely. "How do you do?" Tron said as he held out his hand. Tarzan only nodded with a grunt. Realizing that this man didn't do handshakes, Tron slowly pulled back his hand. "My name is Tron."

    Tarzan stared at him for a few seconds before lightly tapping his own chest with his knuckles. "Tarzan," he replied.

    * * *

    "Yunie!" Rikku air-tackled Yuna and gave her a tight squeeze. "Where've you been? Me and Paine were worried sick about you!"

    Yuna giggled. "Don't worry, I'm fine! I was just sticking around with Tidus and his group."

    Paine looked at her suspiciously. "Are you okay?"

    Rikku finally let Yuna out of her bear hug. "Yeah, why?"

    "Your face looks a little flushed."

    "Oh, is it?" Yuna patted her face and was stunned to find her skin was indeed a bit warm. "I guess I'm just a bit tired from flying around."

    "Uh huh. Or you might just be falling for Mr. Eenie-Meenie over there!" Rikku teased.

    Yuna reddened even more. "That's ridiculous!"

    Paine crossed her arms and sighed. "You already know faeries can't mate with humans."

    "I wasn't going to mate with him!" she argued.

    "Yunie's got a boyfriend! Yunie's got a boyfriend!" Rikku sang.

    "Rikku! I'm telling you..." Yuna stammered.

    As Rikku and Paine continued to tease her, Leon walked up to Tifa and Aerith, who were sitting on the ground trying to wake up Cloud.

    "When'd you and Strife get back?" Leon asked Tifa.

    She got to her feet and started patting the dust off of her butt. "About an hour ago."

    Leon nodded thoughtfully. "What happened to you guys anyway?"

    Before she could answer, Cloud's eyelids finally fluttered open. "Ergh..."

    Tifa rushed back to Cloud's side. "Cloud! Are you okay?" she cried.

    Cloud winced. "Could you keep your voice down?" He sat himself up and started kneading his forehead. "That really smarted..."

    "Cloud," Aerith began, "who did this to you?"

    Cloud's eyeballs rolled up past his eyelids as he tried to remember. "My memory's a bit hazy..." He blinked a few times and shook his head. "I'm sorry. But I can't remember right now."

    "Hate to ask this, Strife," Leon began, "but you think you can still fight?" Using Aerith and Tifa for support, Cloud clumsily got to his feet.

    "I'm fine, Squall." Albeit a little shaky, Cloud let go of the girls and was able to stand on his own. He unsheathed his sword and took a couple practice swings. "I'll be okay."

    * * *

    "How's everyone at the safe room?" Riku asked.

    "No worries!" Aladdin replied, giving him a hearty pat on the shoulder. "They're all doing just fine!"

    "Even Belle?" the Prince asked.

    "The Princesses are doing quite dandy as well!" Jack Skellington said cheerfully.

    "Although that lass of yours has a pretty short temper," Sparrow added.

    The Prince glared at him. "If you touched her..." he growled dangerously, sounding eerily like his old self.

    "Oh, no worries, mate. She knows how to take care of herself." The Captain massaged his jaw. "And she swings a strong arm too."

    "All of them do," Aladdin said with a grin. "Even when he knew that the Princesses were all promised to someone else, the Captain here started flirting with them."

    "Is that so wrong?" Sparrow asked rhetorically.

    The others laughed at his attempt to sound serious. "As soon as the Captain went into his "This is the day..." farewell speech," Aladdin continued, "all of the Princesses of Heart jumped out of their seats and started beating the sh-"

    "It was an amusing sight to be honest," Mulan chuckled.

    "I've been slapped by many a damsel," Captain Jack said. "But I'd rather be facing Davy Jones himself than going through all of that again." He shuddered at the thought. "On second thought, bring on the damsels," Sparrow muttered as he glanced in an inside pocket to check on his good luck charm.

    * * *

    "What the...?!" Wakka took one look at Ariel and frowned. "What are you doing with my spare Blitzball?"

    It was Leon who answered him. "She has really strong legs, but she hasn't fought in hand-to-hand combat before," he explained. "So I figured that with the Blitzball she could..."

    "Kick it?" Wakka shook his head in amusement. "It's more than just taking aim and swinging your legs. Here let me show you..."

    Meanwhile, Pence was asking Cid for pointers about his new weapon: a flamethrower. It looked like an antique camera that professionals once used on tripods back in the days of old. Yuffie was busy stretching out her limbs behind him preparing for the battle that was about to take place.

    "Why in the world do you have a flamethrower here?" Pence shifted his grip on the heavy box. "Aren't you afraid that you'll burn the whole town?"

    Cid chuckled. "Back in Traverse Town, there was a constant Heartless swarm that always managed to drive any potential customers away from my shop." He gave the weapon a hardy pat. "This little beauty obliterated all those Shadow Heartless in mere seconds!"

    "But what if you had destroyed your shop if this ever misfired?"

    Cid blinked at Pence. "You ask a lot of questions; you know that, kid?"

    "Of course he's going to ask a lot of questions!" Yuffie said excitedly. "He's a teenage boy from a quiet town, not some psychotic arsonist that smokes five packs a day!" She winked coyly at Pence.

    Cid whirled around on Yuffie. "Doggone it, girl! Just because I like blowing stuff up with my airship and wielding fire around doesn't make me psychotic!" He crossed his arms. "What about Barret? He likes blowing things up as well!"

    "That's only because he forgets to turn the safety on that arm of his!" Yuffie replied. "What's your excuse?"

    * * *

    On another side of the group, the King was consulting with Jiminy and his Gummi mechanics.

    "Chip, Dale..." The King looked at the two chipmunks with worry. "I need you two to get back to the safe room and..." He whispered his instructions quickly and quietly.

    The chipmunks saluted. "You got it, your Majesty!" Chip replied.

    "Aye aye, Captain!" Dale added. They jumped back on top of Pluto's head and started off to put the King's plan into action.

    The King watched them head down the path when he realized that Jiminy was standing right by his feet. "You're not going with them?" Mickey asked.

    Jiminy shook his head. "Someone has to record everything that's happening. Who knows..." The court scribe smiled. "Maybe this could become the next big video game."

    King Mickey chuckled. "Welp, I admire your enthusiasm. But who would want to play something as tedious as this?"

    * * *

    "Where's Sora and Kairi?" Tidus asked Riku.

    "Kairi's the one who needs rescuing," Riku explained. "As for Sora..." He jerked a thumb over at Roxas. "He's kind of having an identity crisis at the moment."

    "Oh, thanks!" Roxas retorted sarcastically. But Tidus didn't get it.

    "Who are you, anyway?"

    "I'm Roxas," Roxas replied holding out his hand.

    "The name's Tidus," Tidus said as he gave Roxas a firm handshake. "Are you Sora's twin brother or something?"

    "Nobody, actually," Roxas corrected.

    "Nobody?" Tidus repeated. "Well, you're definitely somebody. But how are you related to Sora?"

    "I just told you, I'm his Nobody."

    Tidus shook his head. "I'm still not getting it."

    Roxas sighed. "I'm his other half," he clarified. Tidus still had a blank look on his face. Finally Roxas said, "I'm his cousin."

    "Oh." Tidus rolled his eyes. "Right. Well, nice to meet you. By the way..." He looked at Roxas suspiciously. "You wouldn't happen to know what Sora did with the tuxedo I lent him, would you?"

    Roxas immediately turned to Riku for support, but the Warrior of Dawn shook his head. "Leave me out of this. This is Sora's problem, not mine."

    Tidus had his arms crossed as he glared intensely at Roxas. "He ripped it to shreds, didn't he?"

    While Roxas was thinking up of an excuse, Mulan walked up to Riku. "Okay, so why did you ask us to gather here, Riku?" she asked. Everyone immediately ceased talking and focused all their attention at the silver-haired youth.

    Riku hesitated before answering. But after an encouraging nod from Mickey, he said, "When the Heartless and Nobodies first attacked us, I noticed a strange scent among them. It was pretty faint, but the smell was there."

    Simba gave a giant sniff. "You're right. I remember smelling it back at the wedding hall. But it's...familiar somehow."

    Riku nodded. "While I was in Xehanort's Heartless' form, I remember passing by this area when I was out on a mission for Ansem the Wise." He pointed toward the mineshaft. "The scent of darkness was strongest in there. But I never had a chance to go inside so I don't know anything beyond that."

    Donald and Goofy exchanged a look, but it was Roxas that said what everyone wanted to know. "The Cavern of Remembrance." His face was etched with concern. "I can't believe we have to go through here again."

    The group looked at Roxas in surprise. "Wait a minute! You've been here before?" Wakka asked.

    Roxas shook his head. "Not me personally, but Sora has." He jerked his thumb over at Donald and Goofy. "So have they."

    "Oh yeah!" Donald chuckled. "We came here with Sora a few months ago."

    "That's right!" Goofy chimed in. "But the path was crowded with Heartless and Nobodies. They were almost as strong as the Organization!"

    "But at the end is a circular computer room that holds data versions of all the members of Organization XIII," Roxas explained. His eyes narrowed. "Including a copy of me."

    The group looked stunned. "You mean to tell me Kairi and Naminé are over there right now?" Riku shook his head. "That's not good. What if they accidentally activate one of them?"

    "I'm pretty sure that was the plan." Roxas crossed his arms deep in thought. "Why they'd do it is beyond me..."

    "Well, it's official! The Princess needs our help!" Tidus swung his sword in emphasis. "So, what are waiting for? Let's do it!" All of Sora's allies roared in agreement.

    As the group began to head inside, Sora looked at all his friends through Roxas' eyes. If he was in control at the moment, he would've been smiling. Fortunately, Roxas was already smiling for him. "This has been one crazy day, huh?" Roxas asked.

    "Yeah," Sora agreed, "But at least it's almost over."

    Roxas nodded. "Naminé. Kairi." He placed a hand over his heart. "Hang on you two. We're on our way."

    * * *

    "Naminé!" Xigbar was enjoying the sight of Naminé struggling to stay in constant motion.

    The blonde teenager found herself having to get into awkward positions to avoid the roaming projectiles. She felt a bit silly having to kick her leg backwards high into the air for a second before having to cartwheel in the next. "There's got to be a way to stop these arrows!" she huffed as she back-flipped over an incoming projectile.

    "Try the Keyblade again!" Kairi suggested. "It reflected his shots before!"

    Naminé stopped moving and reaffirmed her grip on the Keyblade. She placed her free palm against the blade to reinforce her shield and pushed against one of the shining arrows. Fortunately, the projectile deflected against the surface of her weapon, although its force pushed her back a few inches. Just like before, the shot sped toward the unsuspecting Xigbar, who doubled over in pain as it made contact. While Xigbar was stunned, Naminé ran into the paths of the other energy arrows and swiped the Keyblade at them, causing them to return back to its owner. As the Freeshooter took both hits to the chest, he quickly leapt backward into a wormhole and out of sight.

    Naminé blinked. "Where'd he go?" Her eyes quickly scanned the battlefield for a telltale sign of him.

    "Above you!" Kairi cried. Naminé didn't even have to think. As soon as she heard Kairi's warning, she tightened the muscles in her legs and threw her body up and backward. With a satisfying crunch, she felt her flash kick make full contact with Xigbar's face.

    As soon as Naminé landed, she whirled around to face her opponent. "Enough cheap shots, dude!"

    "Oh, I'm a cheap shot?" Xigbar shook his head rapidly to regain his balance. "This from a girl who flashes her assets and uses crotch shots to win." The entire battlefield was blanketed with a brilliant white light, blinding Naminé's vision.

    At first Naminé thought she had been teleported back to the Garden of Assemblage. Then she realized that there were big gaping holes in the floor. "What the heck is this supposed to do?"

    "So, what d'ya think?" Xigbar said with a flourish. "My masterpiece a la résistance!"

    Naminé shuddered. "Ewww, French and surfer accents SO do not mix," she quipped. "And this is supposed to do what exactly?"

    "Reality check, girl." Kairi moaned. "The less space you have to move around, the more likely he won't miss!"

    Naminé glanced at the gaping holes in the floor. "Please!" She took a running start. "I could just jump ov..." Her words were cut short as her face slammed into an invisible wall.

    As her body squeaked down the wall, Xigbar chuckled again. "Tcha! You didn't think it would be that easy, did ya?" He took careful aim as Naminé fell unceremoniously on her butt. As soon as she saw the flash of the gun, she instinctively raised the Keyblade to guard. Xigbar's fire reflected back on him, but he was far from dazed. Naminé scrambled to her feet and ran along the narrow pathway to the center where the Freeshooter was positioned. He tried to fire off another volley of shots, but this time she was ready. Naminé shielded herself with the Keyblade and reflected the attack back at him.

    Before he could reload, the memory witch pounced and managed to land a solid combo on Xigbar's body. There was another flash of light, but it was quicker this time. The light faded to reveal that the floor was whole again. Naminé was about to let out a sigh of relief when the white light swept over the field for a third time. This time when Naminé's eyes readjusted, she realized that she was now standing on a small solitary platform. Xigbar towered over her, glowing with an unknown aura. He gave her a grin that had the girls feel uneasy. "I'm gonna dance for ya!"

    "Thanks, but I prefer ballroom over square." Naminé raised the Keyblade over her head and brought it straight down on the lone figure. Unfortunately, the aura was too strong even for the Keyblade and her attack rebounded off of him. Xigbar raised his guns and rotated on his heel as if he were manning a gun turret. He fired off a series of shots that would've skewered Naminé if she hadn't jumped over his line of fire. Before she could get back into an erect position, Xigbar jumped through another wormhole and began circling the platform, firing random bursts of arrows throughout the arena. Naminé dropped back down and stayed as low as she could, Dodge Flipping around the platform.

    "Now, let's see how you dance!" Xigbar reappeared, hovering in the middle of the arena. He plunged his hands into the empty space between his legs. Naminé's eyes widened as she saw countless wormholes opening up around her.

    "Oh foofie." She immediately began to start running circles around Xigbar as the flurry of bullets splattered the ground behind her. "I am SO glad you took track, Kairi!"

    And then tragedy struck. Naminé's sandal lost its traction causing her to slam face first into the ground. She didn't even have time to flip herself face up before the hail of arrows homed in on her position and began to bite savagely at her back. She squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself not to scream out in agony. It felt like thousands of knives were cutting into her, ripping her dress and tearing at her skin. "Hang on, Naminé!" Kairi shouted.

    As soon as the painful assault ceased, Naminé blinked away her tears and used the Keyblade to prop herself up to her feet.

    "Had enough?" the Freeshooter asked, giving her a sadistic grin. "I can keep this up all day, you know!"

    Naminé's skin still stung with pain. The back of her dress was completely shredded, exposing her back as if it were a hospital gown. Fortunately, the dress' straps were still intact and there was enough cloth to cover up her butt which saved her from embarrassment. A couple of years ago, she'd have been curled up into a ball crying her eyes out from being abused like this. But a lot had happened in the past few hours and she didn't feel like throwing in the towel yet.

    "I won't give up!" Naminé yelled. Her knees were slightly jittery, but her face shone with determination.

    "Just give it up already!" Xigbar shouted. "You're only a princess, not a warrior! You should just take your drawing pad and colored pencils and draw like a good little girl! It's the only thing you were ever good at anyway!" Then he burst out laughing. "Scratch that, you were never good at drawing either. I guess you really are useless!"

    "Naminé, just Thundaga his sorry keister already!" Kairi snapped.

    "There's only enough magic to heal!" Naminé muttered urgently. "And I don't think we can afford to wait for it to recharge." She closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts. "I just need to think..." She imagined all of her aches, her pains, her fears...she imagined them all melting away. She blocked out all distractions and took a deep cleansing breath. There was an unexplainable rush of power that seemed to beat within her heart. "That's it..." Naminé's eyes slowly opened...

    ...and found herself staring right into the barrel of Xigbar's gun. The Freeshooter grinned slyly. "Boo." Naminé immediately took a step forward with her foot and swung the Keyblade in a sweeping motion, knocking his weapon out of her face, leaving Xigbar wide open.

    WHAM! She twirled her body around like a ballerina and slammed a backfist into his exposed face, sending him reeling back a few feet.

    "Let's dance, 'Cykes'," she growled. Naminé charged at Xigbar, pouring every ounce of her heart's power into the Keyblade.

    Xigbar took aim with his gun arrows and fired a round at the memory witch. A rush of adrenaline surged through her veins as she spun her weapon around and easily deflected the projectiles back at him. As the Freeshooter got splattered with his own ammo, he smirked at her ferocity. "Okay, now we're talking!"

    Naminé and Kairi focused everything they had into one point. "LIGHT, GIVE US POWER!" The Keyblade radiated with a neon-pink aura as the girl pulled it back and swung, unleashing all of her remaining magic into her Limit.

    "HEARTBREAK STARBURST!" Dozens of red heart-shaped bubbles flew out of the Keyblade's arc and sped toward Xigbar. He took one good look at the hearts through his eye before he burst out laughing.

    "That's the best you've got? Just some tiny little bubbles?" He poked at one of them with the tip of his gun.

    KABLAM! The seemingly harmless projectile exploded into shockingly white-hot starlight, burning his face and effectively blinding him. The burst of starlight started a chain reaction, causing all of the hearts to explode into a cascade of deafening proportions that shook the entire room.

    Xigbar squinted through the light trying to figure out what was going on. The last thing he saw was the shadowy form of Naminé pirouetting up into the air and vertically slicing the Keyblade cleanly straight through the exact center of his body.

    As soon as Naminé landed softly, she whirled around to see Xigbar drop from the air. The guns clattered to the floor as his body collapsed like a sack of potatoes.

    "I lost?" Xigbar muttered. "Me?"

    Naminé walked up to the fallen Freeshooter, patting the Keyblade in her palm. "Like I said before," Naminé smirked at him, "the Organization sucks at fighting girls."

    The moment the words left her lips, she felt a sharp agonizing pain shoot straight through her heart. Naminé collapsed to her knees, gripping her chest tightly.

    "What..." was all that she could let out before screaming out in anguish. Without wanting to, her body immediately converted itself back to Kairi.

    Xigbar chuckled. "Wouldn't you like to know?" As soon as his data dissolved into nothingness, the pain quickly subsided.

    "What are they doing to us?" Naminé cried. Kairi's eyes wouldn't stop tearing up.

    "I don't know, Naminé." She slowly and achingly propped herself up with the Keyblade. "But we're going to make them pay." Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "I promise."
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    Turning them into a useful pawn with the same powerful abilities as Sora and that they will never lose to anyone, because she's Kairi.

    Once they're finished with Xemnas, it would be over, for Kairi would be just as strong as Sora, and then the mysterious fellow would start using her to pawn everyone else.

    Well, so far I think it's just that.
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    *loooong whistle* Holy freak man. I'm in awe at the sheer magnitude of detail you've brought into this one chapter, and it's not even the last one....wow.

    by far, the best story on this forum.
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    Oh... My...


    What the...? I.. I'm completely speechless... DF!! Why didn't you tell me this was going to be so awesome in our PMs?! Explain yourself!!

    Wow... Just... wow. I can now say that this is one of the two best fanfics on this site. Honestly. I don't really know what to say... You surprised me so much!! This has got to be the best chapter yet! And knowing you, the next one is going to shock me with it's detail and emotion.

    I'm so proud of you. The time was worth it in the end.

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    Amazingly good

    A very Inticitive story! I've only read the begining sceanario so far, and couldn't wait to give feedback. I'm writing my own Fanfiction at the moment and although it's mostly a different kind of writing considering the ways we write our dialouge from the rest, I find that the way you tell the story is interesting. As writer myself, I hope I can enjoy the rest of the storys further on.

    Reading further into the second chapter has made me open up a bit more about my own Fan-fiction, before I had a different topic to have discussions seperate with the story, but realized how much more chemistry you need with feedback in the original story. I can't wait to finish, but it's such a long story and I have my own to worry about.