A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Yup, better than nothing! What the hell are Kairi and Namine going to do? Are Roxas, Sora and Riku perverts? Why are the Princesses of Heart needed? Why am I asking all these questions?
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    Bambi can talk?! awsome. I just wish there was more action.
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    I listened to the Death Proof soundtrack while I was reading this, and I have to say, it was EPIC.

    I also would like to say that I really hope that Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas get done in by the Princesses. Because that'd just be amazing and wonderful.

    And your dialogue is lovely as always.
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    ROFLcopter at Xemnas/Xehanort's Heartless conversation.

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    The Final Battle...?

    Naminé had a choice to make. To her left was Xemnas who had Roxas trapped within his energy sphere, draining away any strength he had to fight. To her right was Xehanort's Heartless who had his guardian grasping Riku with its evil-looking claws. Which should she choose?

    "As much as I hate to admit it," she muttered, "Riku probably knows more about these guys than Roxas does." Her sweaty palms tightened their grip on the Keyblade. "I'm going to help Riku."

    "Don't sing it, just bring it!" Kairi shouted. With a warrior's cry erupting from her throat, Naminé charged at Xehanort's Heartless. She was only a few feet from her target when the Heartless guardian raised Riku over its head.

    Naminé skidded to a halt. "He wouldn't..." But he did. She could only watch helplessly as Riku's body was flung across the arena like a discarded paper bag.

    "No! Riku!" Kairi cried. Their heart literally stopped as the Dawn wielder crashed into the ground with a bone-crunching thump. Kairi couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Riku..." Tears began to well up in Naminé's eyes.

    The memory witch whirled around at Ansem. "You're going to pay for that!" With an unimaginable rush of adrenaline bursting through her veins, she streaked toward her opponent as blonde hair and tears streamed behind her. All she could think about was how much more suffering these people had caused their friends and what had to be done. "Wait..." Naminé did a double take. Xehanort's Heartless hovered serenely with his arms crossed, apparently alone. "Where'd Ansem's guardian disappear to?" As soon as the words left her lips, Naminé felt a cold, icy claw grasp each of her bare arms, restraining her from attacking. She looked up and was horrified to see Ansem's Heartless was now looming over her; its sole purpose in its pathetic existence was to immobilize her. She hung suspended in the air like a makeshift crucifix.

    "Come open your heart!" A cage of light surrounded Ansem as he began to float closer, flexing his fingers as if getting them warmed up. Naminé took one look at his gloved hands and the horrid memories of Vexen and Castle Oblivion began to flood her mind. The endless days of torture, the titillation, the nonstop laughter, and her utter helplessness to prevent it.

    "N-n-n-n..." Anger was immediately washed away with an overwhelming sense of fear. Panicking, she yanked her arms in as hard as she could, but the Heartless' grip was rock solid. "He's going to tickle me! I know that sadistic look in his eyes!" she screamed silently.

    "Naminé! Get a grip!" Kairi shouted reasonably. "He's not gonna..."

    "Do you see his hands?! It's going to be Vexen all over again! The 'experimenting' using his fingers to probe and crawl all over my body!" Naminé's breath was becoming shallower and her heart was beating faster. She could feel a slight tingling along the nerve endings of her upper body as she imagined what was about to happen. "Oh, why did I have to be cursed with being so ticklish?!" she sobbed.

    "NAMINÉ!" Kairi yelled even louder. "Focus, girl! Don't freak out on me!" Ansem was now within a few feet from the bounded girl. Naminé squirmed as best as she could, but the restraints were stuck tight. Finally, she couldn't take any more anticipation.

    "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Naminé screamed. She wildly shot her legs out, kicking for all its worth. In her sheer panic, she managed to connect with Ansem's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. While he was doubled over, Naminé managed to land a solid leg combo to his head, forcing the Heartless that binded her to release its grip. She landed unceremoniously on her butt, her arms wrapped around her trembling body.

    Kairi knew exactly how Naminé felt, so it was with a gentle tone that she asked "Naminé? Are you okay?"

    Naminé let out a loud sniff. "I...I thought it was behind me." A wry smile appeared on her lips. "I guess there are still some fears that can't be overcome so easily..."

    "You know he wasn't going to tickle you, right?" Kairi asked. "With that cage of light, he was probably going to..."

    "...strip me?" Naminé suggested in a weak, sardonic tone.

    "Actually, I was going to say electrocute you," Kairi clarified, "but I guess that's possible too."

    Meanwhile, Roxas could feel his strength fading fast. "I guess it would be too much to pray for a miracle right about now," Roxas groaned.

    Just like before, Riku ran up to Xemnas, leapt up and stabbed at Xemnas' face, forcing the Superior to turn sideways, weakening his hold. Then with his free hand, he palmed the remaining hand, breaking the circuit that held Roxas captive. "Here I cooooome to save the daaaaaay!" He slammed the handle into Xemnas' chin, grabbed his arm, twirled him around and threw Xemnas into the distance.

    Roxas staggered up to his feet and looked at Riku oddly. "Okay, who are you and what have you done with Riku?"

    Riku rolled his eyes. "Give me a break. I try out one different catch-phrase and you're suddenly listening to me."

    "But, come on! 'Mighty Mouse?'" Sora felt like facepalming himself. "When were you born again? The eighties?"

    "Not to mention that quote wasn't even Disney related," Roxas added. Suddenly, Roxas' Keyblades began to glow, causing him to almost drop them. "What..." The Oblivion and Oathkeeper faded into light, replacing themselves with two new Keyblades that Sora had never seen before.

    "What in the...How'd you get new Keyblades?" Sora asked in shock.

    Roxas grinned. "Say hello to my upgraded weaponry: Winner's Proof and Acrossing Two!"

    "'Acrossing Two?'" Sora repeated skeptically.

    "Would you have preferred 'Chance Encounter?'" Roxas replied. Sora only responded with awkward silence. "How about 'Destiny Two?'" Roxas amended. More silence. "'Fateful Encounter?'"

    "Whatever..." Sora sighed. "I still say my Ultima Weapon and Fenrir look much cooler. I mean, come on. A mushroom Keyblade?"

    "You'd prefer a dirty-looking blade wrapped in bandages like some old Egyptian relic?"

    "Hey! Look sharp!" Sora warned. Xehanort's Heartless flew at him; his guardian's hands lighting up with energy. It threw its arms out in a downward arc, summoning down streaks of lightning that blazed across the field. Roxas barely managed to Aerial Dodge over the attack.

    Taking advantage of the quick interlude, Riku hurried toward Naminé, who was still sitting on the ground, trembling. "Naminé, get up," he said sternly.

    "But I..." Riku's arm shot out and scooped her under the armpit. Naminé instinctively shrieked, but Riku calmly lifted her back to her feet.

    "Naminé..." He gave her an understanding, yet hard look. "There's a time for thinking and there's a time for acting. Dwelling on your past and shrinking from your fears will surely get you killed in battle." In the back of Naminé's mind, there was a tiny bit of confusion as to why her emotions kept shifting, but it wouldn't register for some reason. "I'm not saying that you should try to abolish your fears," Riku continued. "But instead of freezing up and cowering from them, use them to your advantage as a driving force in your fighting style." Seeing Naminé was unaffected by his words, he decided to take a different approach. "Someone once told me to just be brave. Know that the fear and doubt is there and don't give in. Do that, and you'll gain strength unlike any other." Naminé blinked. The words were vaguely familiar...

    Then she remembered. She had said almost the exact same thing to Riku back in Castle Oblivion. Naminé's body finally stopped trembling. She closed her eyes, and took a deep cleansing breath to calm her nerves. When she opened them again, she felt her fear seemed to instantly vanish. Naminé looked at Riku and smiled. "Thank you, Riku. I don't know what came over me."

    "You're good to go?" Riku asked. Naminé nodded. "Good, because I think your fiancée’s getting his butt kicked over there." He pointed over at Roxas, who was doing his best to dodge Ansem's attacks.

    "Roxas!" Naminé took up her Keyblade and ran straight at Ansem.

    Riku chuckled shaking his head. "Just like Sora." He shouldered his Way to the Dawn and charged at Xemnas.

    As Naminé sped toward Xehanort's Heartless, he glared down at her in an arrogant manner. "Insolent brat!" Ansem raised his gaze upward. "Come guardian!" The Heartless faded away and reappeared in front of its master, shielding Ansem. In a case of temporary lapse in judgment, Roxas bounded up to him in reckless Sora-like fashion with both arms swinging. Unfortunately, the guardian Heartless slammed its claws together, immobilizing Roxas in mid-air. "You're a fool to choose a fight with me!"

    "Isn't this how you lost to Riku last time?" Sora asked.

    "Not...helping..." Roxas grunted as the Heartless' grip tightened.

    While Ansem was occupied, Naminé circled around and managed to connect with a flash kick to the chin. "Get your grubby hands off of my boyfriend!" she roared. Xehanort's Heartless reeled back, forcing the guardian to release Roxas from its grasp.

    The dual wielder gave Naminé an incredulous look. "You demoted me from fiancée to boyfriend?"

    Sora sighed. "Girls. Go figure."

    "Keep complaining and we're demoting you down to acquaintances," Kairi teased.

    Xehanort's Heartless managed to recover and quickly hovered straight at the couple. "Submit!" The guardian Heartless raised its giant fist and swung a mighty punch at them.

    "As if!" they shouted in unison. Leaping over the Heartless' swipe, the engaged couple dove at the temporarily vulnerable Ansem, weapons at the ready. Ansem grunted as a flurry of Keyblades smacked him across the face. Both Roxas and Naminé managed to land decent aerial combos that sent Xehanort's Heartless reeling.

    "Don't let up the attack!" Sora cried as the Nobodies landed on their feet. Without a word, they started for another round of combos, but Ansem was ready for them.

    "Take this!" The guardian Heartless suddenly appeared in front of its master, turning into a giant ball of energy that began to rapidly flit around the battlefield like a bullet train off its tracks.

    Reacting on instinct, Roxas scooped up Naminé in a classic "Princess cradle" and Aerial Dodged into the air, avoiding the attack. As his body hovered in the air, Roxas grinned at Naminé, who was slightly blushing from embarrassment, yet she felt comfortable in this position. "This has been one crazy honeymoon, huh?" Roxas joked.

    Naminé giggled bashfully. "We're not even married yet!" she reminded him.

    Meanwhile, Riku tried to keep Xemnas occupied to prevent Roxas and Naminé from being double-teamed. Unfortunately, Xemnas managed to break away from his scuffle and teleported a good distance away from his opponents.

    "Be gone!" Xemnas twirled around and began firing out pairs of energy orbs that exploded into crystallic mesh spheres. As they expanded, the orbs' radiuses began to become a bit too close for comfort.

    "FLY!!!" Naminé shrieked.

    Roxas winced from her outburst. "I'm right here. You don't have to shout." Like Superman on yellow Kryptonite, Roxas started zooming forward, dodging the aerial energy mines.

    "Wait a minute..." Sora realized something odd about the situation. "Roxas, how is it you can Glide all of a sudden? You weren't able to before..."

    Roxas shrugged. "I think it must be some after-effect from Peter Pan's pixie dust," he suggested.

    "Figures," Sora muttered. Before Xemnas could fire any more Spark Bombs, Riku managed to interrupt his assault by getting under his guard and smacking him upside the head with his Keyblade. Riku aimed his weapon and released a few Dark Auras, but Xemnas teleported out of sight before they could connect.

    "My strength returns..." Roxas and Naminé looked down just in time to see the guardian Heartless dissipating from Ansem and spreading itself over the area, swallowing any trace of light into pure darkness. Ansem's body began to take hold of a mysterious glow. "What do you hope to accomplish?" Xehanort's Heartless taunted. While their focus was on Ansem, Xemnas suddenly reappeared right behind the gliding duo and raised his arms. Before they could react, sharp thorn beams twisted themselves out of Xemnas' hands straight for the Keyblade bearers. Roxas was blasted out of the sky as nicks and cuts tore across his skin. Naminé, however...

    The beam sliced into the fabric of her dress, miraculously missing her skin completely. One of the straps of her outfit was cleanly cut through giving her a seductive, one-shouldered look. Naminé felt the anger bubble up in her once again. "WHY?! Why is my dress the only thing that gets ripped?!" Without warning, their heart began to ache again. However, instead of the usual agonizing pain, the feeling became icy numb, dimming down to a dull throb. Roxas managed to land on his feet, but he wasn't able to stay upright. Naminé quickly jumped out of his arms and propped his staggering form up against her. "Roxas, are you alright?"

    "It stings a bit," Roxas mumbled. Not wanting to use up her magic to heal Roxas, Naminé decided to help him forget about the pain instead. She quickly landed a light peck on his cheek.

    "Feel better?" she giggled as Roxas reddened slightly.

    "Yeah," he replied in a strained voice.

    "Watch out!" Sora and Kairi both shouted. Roxas and Naminé looked down and realized that the entire ground had become a giant lake of liquid darkness. The area underneath their feet suddenly begin to vibrate.

    "It's just like Marluxia!" Kairi realized. "The pillars of darkness!" Naminé quickly understood and began running for all its worth. Following the girl's lead, Roxas jumped back in the air and started gliding around in a circular path. Seconds later, the guardian Heartless burst out of the ground where they had once stood.

    A few feet away, Riku and Xemnas were clashing swords. "Why?" Xemnas asked. "Why do you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark, never given a choice?"

    "You're asking me again?" Riku asked. "I'll tell you this." He stared Xemnas straight into the eyes. "There is ALWAYS a choice. If you hadn't decided to immerse your heart in darkness, things wouldn't have ended up the way they did."

    "And yet you yielded yourself to that same darkness," Xemnas countered. "You took the form of my Heartless and claimed that fool Ansem's name as your own." Riku hesitated as Xemnas' words rang through his mind. Taking advantage of Riku's hesitation, Xemnas whirled around and shot his leg out in a tornado kick, smashing the surface of his boot against the teenager's ribcage. As Riku doubled over in pain, the Superior pointed his saber at the teenager's neck. "Why don't you vanish..."

    "Roxas!" Roxas whirled around in time to see Xemnas' blade trained on the Dawn wielder. "Castle!" Riku managed to shout as he clutched his ribs. The chess term told Roxas exactly what he had to do. He took aim and hurled his Winner's Proof straight at Xemnas' outstretched hand.

    CLANG! Xemnas' arm was knocked away from its target, giving Riku enough time to backflip out of range. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Just the act of movement caused Riku to grimace in pain. Roxas quickly summoned back his thrown Keyblade back to his hand and began running straight for Xemnas.

    "The final darkness is now!" Ansem cried. Streaks of purplish flame burst out from underneath him in a cross pattern. Unfortunately, Riku happened to be crouching down in its path. His body reacting on instinct, Riku threw up a Dark Shield, negating the brunt of the attack.

    Knowing Riku could take care of himself for the moment, Naminé rushed to help Roxas. Seeing this, Xemnas split himself into two and took aim at the incoming young girl. "Fire!" A plethora of red energy bolts screeched through the air toward her.

    Naminé quickly raised her Keyblade and shouted "WIND!" An almost invisible sphere of wind formed around her body. She instinctively flinched as the beams made contact with her Aeroga barrier, half-expecting the shots to go through. Fortunately, they instantly fizzled away into thin air, allowing Naminé to visibly relax. "Wow, can't believe that actually worked."

    Sensing wounded prey, Xemnas began to dive toward the weakened Riku, but Roxas barred his path. Sora's Nobody twirled the Keyblades in his hands. "Let's duel!" Xemnas' sabers jutted out of his hands as both combatants lunged at each other. Keyblade clashed with Aerial Blade as The Superior and The Key of Destiny locked their weapons together in mortal combat, neither dual-wielder budging an inch.

    "Traitor," Xemnas groaned. Roxas smirked through gritted teeth.

    "Noob," he replied. Xemnas eyes widened.

    "Insolent child!"

    "Ungrateful doo-hickey!" Roxas shot back.

    "Are you quite finished?!" Xemnas roared.

    "That's what she said."

    "Roxas?" Sora muttered. "You've really gotta work on your comebacks."

    To finally break the stalemate, Xemnas attempted to tornado kick Roxas while their blades were locked. But Naminé wouldn't have it. She cartwheeled through the air, and using her long, silky legs, Naminé clamped Xemnas' head in-between them. Just like she did with Data Roxas, with a rocking backward motion, she used her momentum to lift Xemnas into the air and leg-scissor backflipped him to the ground, slamming his head against the floor. Unlike last time, she managed to land on her feet. "It's over!" Naminé raised her Keyblade, preparing to finish the fight by piercing the weapon through Xemnas' skull. Unluckily, Xemnas quickly recovered enough to curl his body inward and slam both of his boots into Naminé's back, sending her body flying...

    ...right into the path of Xehanort's Heartless. Ansem smirked as he ordered his guardian to raise its giant fist. Roxas and Riku were too far away to help her.

    "Naminé, catch!" Riku hurled his Way to the Dawn in Naminé's trajectory. As the memory witch hurtled toward Xehanort's Heartless, she instinctively reached out with her free hand, grabbed Riku's Keyblade and with the force of a thousand exploding suns, shoved both Keyblades in front of her tearing straight through the center of Ansem's torso, leaving a giant gaping hole through his body. The Heartless guardian disintegrated as the Heartless known as Ansem faded away into data.

    "THAT'S my Dual-Wielding sister!" Kairi cheered.

    Naminé casually brushed some blonde hair out of her face. "Thanks, Riku!"

    Riku made a weak attempt to smile, but the pain in his ribs made it hard to. "Well, you needed help after all..." As Xemnas got back to his feet, Roxas and Naminé each pointed a Keyblade at him.

    "Your advantage is gone, Xemnas!" Naminé shouted.

    But Xemnas only chuckled. "I wonder about that..." Before they could react, the Superior rose gracefully into the air, his arms spread out like a makeshift god. He slammed his hands together, plunging the entire battlefield into darkness as overwhelming amounts of energy radiated through him. "There's no such thing as light..." Roxas and Naminé quickly surrounded Riku's fallen form and braced themselves as thousands upon thousands of laser bolts began blinking themselves into existence.

    "Holy..." Roxas muttered. He tightened his grip on his Keyblades.

    Riku groaned as he struggled to get up. "Riku! Stay down!" Naminé ordered. She shot a glance at Roxas, who seemed to have come up with the same idea.

    "Ready, Naminé?" Roxas asked.

    Naminé gave him a sly grin. "With you? Always."

    As every laser bolt trained themselves on the trio, Naminé and Roxas raised all four Keyblades in front of them, touching them at the tips. Roxas and Naminé knew what they had to do. They took a deep breath, cleared their minds and focused like they never had before.


    A single gold beam shot vertically out of the Keyblades' tips, a light of truth. The beam splintered; a thousand more beams arced high over their heads, crisscrossing all around them, until they were enclosed in a golden, dome-shaped web, a cage of light.

    Xemnas' Multi Shot cascading on the dome's surface, but the barrier held its own. Roxas and Naminé poured every bit of their heart's strength into maintaining the shield.

    "Don't break the connection..." Naminé grunted, gritting her teeth.

    "Not planning to..." Roxas responded with equally strained effort.

    It was all down to a battle of willpower. Xemnas focused as much energy as he dared into breaking through the couple's shield, but the strength of the bond between them seemed unbreakable.

    As Riku felt his strength returning, he watched in awe as Roxas and Naminé struggled to maintain their barrier of light. He couldn't help but smirk. "I forgot that Limits depend on the strength and trust between people," he thought. "The stronger the bond, the more powerful the Limit. We didn't get to teach Kairi that, but it looks like I didn't have to."

    After what seemed like an eternity, the onslaught finally subsided and all three Nobodies were exhausted from their Limits. Roxas and Naminé collapsed to their knees, the Keyblades dangling uselessly to their sides. However, Xemnas wasn't finished. He channeled within himself all the power that he could muster for one final desperation attack.

    "Roxas! Naminé!" Kairi cried. "We'll take it from here!"

    The two Nobodies looked into each others eyes, a spark of hope twinkled back at them. They gave each other a weak smile before surrendering back their control to their original selves. Fortunately, Riku had finally recovered enough to stand up. He nodded to the betrothed. "You two ready for this?"

    Kairi nodded enthusiastically. "Let's do it!"

    "It all ends here!" Sora added.

    Xemnas couldn't believe his eyes as all three of them sped toward him with unrestrained ferocity. While he charged his energy with one arm, he raised the other to form a Spark Wall, something to stop their trajectory. Astonishingly, they broke straight through his barrier and it became frighteningly obvious that while their hearts were in full synchronization, they were invincible. Before he could counter...

    "ULTIMA!" Sora led the attack as the Destiny Island Trio began banging their Keyblades against every spot on Xemnas' weakened form. "TAKE THIS!"

    "DARK CANNON!" The party hovered back a few feet as Riku channeled his dark energy into the Keyblades. Then without warning, purplish fireballs rapidly shot out of the Keyblades, engulfing Xemnas in its flames. "Is that all you got?" And finally...

    "HEARTBREAK STARBURST!" Kairi, Sora and Riku spread themselves out until they formed a triangle formation around Xemnas. Kairi poured her light energy into all three Keyblades. Instead of red heart bubbles, white heart-shaped beams of light blasted out of the weapon's tips, piercing through Xemnas' body. "Take that, you pervert!" As the beams collided within the center of the triangle, a giant explosion ripped Xemnas' torso from the inside-out, critically injuring him.

    While Xemnas flew head over heels helplessly in the air, Sora, Riku and Kairi touched the tips of their Keyblades together and pointed them straight at Xemnas.

    "TRINITY LIMIT!" they cried. A super condensed beam of energy fired toward Xemnas. His expression was of utmost horror as the beam made contact with the leftover remains of his body, instantly enlarging itself into a blinding, overwhelmingly powered attack.

    "LIGHT!" Sora shouted.

    "YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE IT ALL!" Riku added.

    "NEVER AGAIN!" Kairi finished. The light grew brighter and brighter, enveloping the entire battlefield and all who occupied it.

    As the light finally began to fade, so did the rest of Xemnas' body. "No..." The remains of his form began to dissolve back into data. "Not again!" A half-formed hand clutched at his chest. "NOT AGAAAAAIIIINNNNN!" And with that, he was gone.

    Kairi gave a toss of her naturally red hair. "Mess with the best..."

    "...Lose like the rest," Naminé finished triumphantly.

    Kairi turned to leap at Sora, intending to glomp the one person she truly missed. Unfortunately, the entire battlefield began shattering to pieces around them, enveloping all three of them into total darkness. The pain in her heart finally reached its breaking point as she clutched her chest, tears streaming from her eyes. It felt like something had exploded inside of her and all she could do was grit her teeth to stop herself from crying out in agony. She instinctively reached for something to hold onto, but her arm met only darkness. The last thing that Kairi heard was Naminé's voice yelling her name before she collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

    * * *

    Light finally ebbed back into sight as Sora and Riku found themselves in an area that they had never seen before. It was a giant empty area that was in similar size to the previous battlefield. The most distinguishing and prominent feature was the entire arena was covered with a highly reflective surface. No matter which way they turned, it was unavoidable to see their own reflections staring back at them.

    Sora was feeling slightly off-balance due to his visual perception being warped. He was forced to blink a few times to steady himself. "Where are we, Riku? The realm of Darkness?"

    Riku gave Sora an almost pitying look. "You've been to the realm of Darkness. You know there's no way this is it." He got down on one knee and wiped his finger on the mirrored ground. "Mirrors..." he muttered to himself.

    "What are we doing here?" Sora asked. "I thought Kairi defeated all of the Organization members! There's no one left!" Sora's eyes went wide. "Kairi!" He whipped his head around and realized that his fiancée wasn't there. "KAIRI!" he shouted again.

    "SORA!" Kairi had reappeared behind him and glomped him with unnecessary force. In any other situation, Sora would've felt awkward and wouldn't have known what to do. However, after being away from Kairi for so long, he almost felt like doing the exact same thing to her. "Sora..." Kairi gripped Sora's body tightly as if she had just learned that he had died and was suddenly reborn. Her face buried itself deep in his chest. The familiar fragrance of honey and paopu fruit reached Sora's nostrils as he gently brushed Kairi's sweet-smelling hair with his fingers. She loosened her hug slightly and stared up at Sora's face.

    As Sora looked into her eyes, he noticed that they shone with adoration and...something else. He couldn't quite place it, but there was something that didn't seem right. "Kairi..." He started to lift his arms to reciprocate the hug...

    ...when a pink and white blur sped past Sora and slammed into Kairi. The Princess of Heart was sent flying back a few feet, but she managed to stay upright. Sora whirled around at the intruder.

    "What the..." He couldn't believe his eyes. "Naminé?!" The memory witch just leapt out of nowhere and had jump-kicked Kairi across the face.

    "Sora! That's not Kairi!" Naminé cried.

    Kairi's eyes widened at the accusation. "Sora! Don't listen to her! That's not Naminé!"

    Naminé grimly looked at Kairi. "I don't know who you are, but leave these two alone!"

    "Naminé?" Roxas didn't know what to make of the situation. "I thought you were completely drained as I was!"

    Naminé shook her head. "Kairi fell unconscious as soon as Xemnas was destroyed," she explained. "I don't know how, but the next thing I knew, I was here seeing you talking with this..." Her sentence trailed off. "Wait a minute..." Naminé looked thoughtful for a moment before her eyebrows shot up. "The scanning of the heart! The memories being recorded!" She pointed the Keyblade at Kairi. "You're their master plan! A clone of Kairi!"

    "What?!" Sora and Riku looked from Naminé to Kairi.

    "I don't know what your game is," Kairi said, "but you're definitely not Naminé!" She reciprocated the blonde's motion and pointed her own Keyblade at Naminé. Kairi looked at Sora and Riku with a pleading look. "You two don't really believe this fake, do you?"

    Sora looked from one girl to the other, completely baffled. "Which one's real?"

    "Don't ask me!" Roxas replied. "I'm just as confused as you are!"

    Riku was characteristically silent in thought. The situation reminded him of facing off against Repliku.

    Naminé sighed. "Fine. There's only one way to settle this." The memory witch closed her eyes. Her blonde hair immediately began to darken and tinkle into familiar red while her white dress shimmered and brightened into pink. Unfortunately, as soon as the form of the real Kairi emerged from Naminé, the Kairi clone tackled her to the ground. Both of their Keyblades were immediately disarmed as they rolled around on the floor, struggling to pin the other.

    Sora was beside himself. "A Kairi cat-fight?" He shook his head. "Now I've seen everything." He looked up at Riku. "What are we going to do, Riku?"

    "There's only one course of action we must take," Riku said darkly. "I just hope Kairi forgives us for what we're about to do."

    (Note from author: YES! Finally I get somewhere! What? You didn't think Xemnas was going to be the last fight, did you? :sly: I think it should be obvious what's about to happen next. What's not so obvious is what this is all leading to! Yeah, the surprises haven't ended yet! Stay tuned, the final battle's "coming soon!" :D

    BTW, don't ask me when the next one's coming out. This chapter took a lot out of me...:dead:)
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    @ this chapter... Oh my gosh... That is the awesomest butt-kicking chapter I have ever read!
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    Hmm... Nice fight. But as long as I'm concerned, if they could clone Kairi, they could clone Namine as well, and of course the clone should be able to switch as well? But nah, I prefer things to be simpler.

    However, the final battle is kinda, similiar to my story, The Mirror Game?? My story talks about the Kairi clone, and yours is also a Kairi clone :P

    EDIT 1: Forget to add something. Now that you say it, the surprises is definitely not over yet. There is still one more thing to solve: The final enemy.

    Guess what? I got an idea about it, and again I'll have to see whether it's true or not... (A very funny idea. VERY VERY FUNNY IDEA.)
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    Truly outstanding.

    I can't believe how glued my eyes were to this screen. It was insane! All three groups were fantastic. OMG. I can't believe how good this turned out! It's awesome, DF. Things are getting even better! Keep up the great work!

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    Kairi's the original, though. And it was HER memories that were being scanned, not Namine's.

    One of the differences is that I had this planned from the VERY beginning of the story. Everything that I wrote had led up to this point. And trust me when I say that there's a few more surprises in store. Also note I said the final battle's "coming soon..." :sly:
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    That's what she said.

    Amazingly well written, and interesting choices with the keyblade names. Glad to see that this story isn't ending so soon, keep it up man.
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    It's kinda one of those internal/external dialogue bits. When Kairi and Namine talk to each other, they can control whether the dialogue can be heard by Roxas/Sora/Riku/other Nobodies or if it's only internal "thought-speak" to each other. Other than that, no one else can hear them.

    And I seriously doubt you know what Riku's thinking. :p
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    Time to open up the fan mail...

    :blink: Scare? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :huh:

    I never thought I'd see someone with a naughtier mind than me. And dude, you're...

    ...close, but not that close. :p

    You have NO idea how much I wish I could draw all of this. :cryinganime: Especially some of the highlights of the story. :nono:

    Wait. You read the whole thing and you're thinking it's STARTING to get pervy? :blink:

    Wow, I guess I'm doing my job right, then. :D

    Anyway, since Spring Break's ended and I've got essays due, I'll do everything I can to update this, but it might be a couple of weeks...:sideways:
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    The closer the light, the bigger the shadow...

    (Note from author: You're probably wondering why I chose April 15th to post this. Well, if you've seen my profile, you would know that I joined on this exact day, one year ago. And you've probably noticed how many posts I have until Premium. Well, my friends and fans, this is my 1000th post. Enjoy. :D)

    While the Kairis wrestled each other with their dresses riding up (revealing numerous pantie shots to Sora and Riku's utter disbelief)...

    "What exactly did you have in mind, Riku?" Sora asked as he struggled to keep his gaze averted. Riku cupped his hand and whispered his plan into Sora's ear.

    Both Kairis got to their feet and prepared to lunge at each other again when Sora quickly aimed his Keyblade. "FREEZE!" Blasts of ice burst out of the Keyblade's tip and caught both Kairis at the ankles. They started to lose their balance, but Sora went and cast Blizzaga at their wrists, immediately following up with Magnega. "GATHER!" Soon the girls were completely restrained with their arms locked over their heads and their hands and feet encased in blocks of ice. It was like Vexen all over again, except this time Kairi was upright.

    "How long will the spells last?" Riku asked.

    "As long as someone's holding onto the Keyblade and stays within range..." Sora glanced at his watch. "About thirty minutes."

    As Sora and Riku walked up to the dangling damsels, the Kairi on their right glared at them. "Was this absolutely necessary?"

    Sora shot a sideways glance at Riku. "WAS it necessary?"

    Riku nodded. "I don't want the fake one to bum rush us while we figure this out."

    "Could you at least pull down our dresses?" the Kairi on the left requested. "It's a bit embarrassing for them to be riding up like this."

    "You'll manage," Riku said sternly. "You've already went through a bunch of embarrassing situations. What's one more?"

    Sora blinked. "Kinda harsh, don't you think Riku?"

    Riku shook his head. "If this clone of Kairi is as strong and dangerous as Repliku, then I'd rather not take any chances."

    "So..." Sora ruffled his spiked, bushy hair. "How're we supposed to tell who's who?" Riku only crossed his arms in silence.

    "We could try asking them something only the real Kairi would know," Roxas suggested.

    Again, Riku shook his head. "Usually I'd agree with that, but..."

    "But what?"

    "The Organization's been scanning both my heart and memories," the Kairi on the right explained. "So she would know everything that I know."

    "Oh." Roxas didn't know what else to say.

    "How about Naminé?" Sora asked. "She could talk to us!"

    But the idea was shot down when the Kairi on the left said, "It's no use. The Organization was able to block my connection with Naminé earlier."

    The other Kairi nodded. "She can hear us, but she can't respond."

    Sora threw up his hands in surrender. "I give up!" He looked up helplessly at Riku. "Any other bright ideas?"

    Before Riku could respond, a flash of brilliance occurred to Roxas. "The good luck charm!" he exclaimed. "They may be able to recreate outward appearances, but not items!"

    Riku looked like he was about to reject the suggestion, but shrugged instead. "Good idea. Maybe one of them has it." He gave a sweeping bow as if he were a butler greeting guests to enter the mansion. "They're all yours, Sora."

    It took a few seconds before Sora realized what Riku was suggesting. "Wait!" His face was in a state of shock. "Are you saying you want me to..."

    Riku smirked. "Yeah. You're going to have to frisk both of them." He glanced over at the two Kairis who were equally stunned. "If either of you is the real Kairi, then you shouldn't have any problems with your boyfriend feeling you up."

    "But..." Sora didn't feel good all of a sudden. "Wouldn't it be in one of their purses?"

    The Kairi on the left cleared her throat. "Um...actually I keep it in my inside pocket."

    "Which one?" Sora asked slowly.

    He felt even sicker as she replied, "I honestly don't remember at the moment." The feelings of guilt and reluctance swirled through Sora's mind as he began to imagine what he was about to do.

    "So, Sora..." Riku raised an eyebrow mockingly. "Are you ready?"

    "I...I don't know about this, Riku," Sora stammered.

    "Would you rather I do it?" Knowing Sora would rather give up his Keyblade than pass up an opportunity like this, Riku smiled serenely as the bushy-haired youth carefully handed him his Keyblade so the Magnega spell would stay active.

    Sora walked up to the Kairi on the right first. As he looked into the seemingly genuine fear and sorrow in her eyes, Sora couldn't help but feel extreme guilt rise up inside him. "Hey! Look sharp!" Roxas said. "Don't think about it and just do it!"

    Kairi's betrothed took a few deep breaths while this Kairi closed her eyes and braced herself. The Keyblade master reached out with trembling limbs. As soon as his hands made contact with her body, she immediately stiffened up. Sora's face was full of shame and embarrassment. "Please forgive me, Kairi," he muttered. Sora knew how unbearably ticklish she was, so he tried to be as gentle, but thorough. Unfortunately for her, his definition of "gentle" meant moving as slowly as possible.

    This Kairi struggled to keep her body as still as she could. Her chest heaved with deep breaths and her face was scrunched up with concentration. As his fingers began traveling down her ribcage, she bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming. She instinctively stopped breathing, her ribcage expanded and puffed out like a parade balloon. Her expression seemed to say "Quit being slow and gentle and get it over with already!" Sora struggled to keep his hands steady, but out of pure nervousness, they would vibrate a little, causing her to squirm and shake from holding in her breath. He was hoping that he would find something as he patted down near her hips, but to his dismay, he could feel nothing but her wiggling form. As soon as Sora removed his hands from her lower half, a giant burst of air blasted out from her lungs as she exhaled in relief.

    "This one doesn't have it," Sora stated to Riku.

    The Dawn wielder only shrugged. "Well, what are you waiting for? Try the other one," he calmly urged.

    As Sora began patting down the other Kairi, he noticed that her reaction was slightly the same, except she didn't seem to be holding in any laughter. There was an almost relaxed expression as if she were more into it than the first Kairi. When Sora began patting down her hips, a quiet moan escaped her lips and she bucked slightly. The first Kairi's eyes widened in horror.

    "Oh my gawd!" she exclaimed. "Are you...getting aroused by this?!" As soon as he heard this, Sora's hands snapped back to his sides.

    "I'm pretty sure that this one doesn't have it either," Sora said quickly.

    "I don't know whether to be disturbed about this situation or disturbed that I'm not disturbed about this situation," Roxas commented.

    Sora gave Riku a pained look. "Neither of them have the good luck charm. What does that mean?"

    "That Kairi secretly loves your touch," Riku chuckled.

    "Riku!" the Kairis shouted in unison.

    "It looks like your idea failed," Sora said hopelessly. But instead of being disappointed, Riku had a wicked smirk plastered on his face.

    "First of all, it was Roxas' idea. And second of all," Riku's smirk rose higher, "I only agreed because I thought it'd be funny."


    "The way all three of you were blushing and quivering was priceless!" he laughed.

    "RIKU!!" Sora, Roxas and the Kairis all shouted in embarrassment.

    Riku shook his head and immediately became characteristically solemn again. "In all seriousness, though," Riku pointed toward the second Kairi, "that's the clone."

    "What makes you say that?" the Kairi he accused asked.

    "The darkness," he stated promptly. "You reek of it."

    The Kairi he accused didn't say anything at first. But then a tiny smile appeared on her lips. "Never could fool you, emo boy," she said quietly. A giant explosion of energy burst from her body as she freed herself from the restraints, knocking Sora and Riku a good distance away. Fortunately, the shockwave freed the real Kairi from her bondage as well. She dove for her discarded Keyblade and leapt into her fighting stance.

    "Anti-Sora...Dark Riku...Shadow Roxas..." The clone's outfit dissolved from the usual pink cotton to black leather. "All of the boys have had their own dark halves. So why not you?" She looked horrendously beautiful with an aura of darkness that seemed to wisp from her very presence. "Call me...Yamikai."

    "Yamikai?" Kairi repeated. "What kind of stupid name is that?"

    "Mock my name all you want, girlie," Kairi's doppelganger chortled. She raised her hand and blasted two Dark Firagas at Sora and Riku, knocking them away out of attack range. The impact forced Riku to release his grip on Sora's Keyblade which clattered to the ground. Before they could recover, barriers of light surrounded the two girls, preventing the boys from helping Kairi. The Princess of Heart looked longingly at her two friends, helpless to assist her. Yamikai giggled. "What's wrong, Princess? Afraid to take on the darkness within by yourself?"

    "She's not alone!" Kairi felt a surge of adrenaline rush through her body and heart. "Kairi's still got me!"

    "Naminé!" Kairi cried with relief.

    "D'ya miss me?" Naminé giggled.

    But Yamikai wasn't fazed. "Big deal. So you've got your partner back. Too bad all she can do is cower in the back of your mind."

    "Girl, I don't know how you came to exist," Naminé snapped, "but we're going to send you back to the oblivion from where you came from!"

    The Princess of Darkness giggled again. "Funny you should mention that." She held the Keyblade in front of her, feeding dark energy into it. After wrapping it in darkness, the shadows shattered revealing the Oblivion Keyblade.

    "What?!" Kairi couldn't believe her eyes. "Oblivion?"

    "I don't like the looks of this," Naminé stated nervously.

    Another dark object began to form in Yamikai's free hand. It was twice as big as the Keyblade and looked hauntingly familiar.

    "Saix's claymore?!" Kairi and Naminé exclaimed.

    "With all that energy building up within your heart, you failed to realize that the Organization was just giving you more than just power..." Yamikai raised the claymore and slammed the ground, releasing a mild shockwave that blew Kairi's hair back. "They were giving you THEIR powers. Which means..." The anomaly gave Kairi an evil grin. "...I can wield all their weapons too."

    * * *

    "Cloud!" Tifa and Aerith watched in horror as a Berserker's weapon finally managed to slam into Cloud's stomach that sent him flying across the hall. For the allies, the battle was taking a turn for the worse. Most of the fighters were exhausted and/or knocked out. The only ones left standing were Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith, Mulan, Ariel, the Prince, Peter Pan and King Mickey.

    "This is bad!" Yuffie cried. "There's too many of them!"

    Tifa spun around and Water Kicked a couple of Soldier Heartless. "We've got to keep fighting or else-" She was interrupted by a glancing blow from a Hot Rod.

    "Tifa!" Aerith and Yuffie ran to help her, but a half-dozen Dancers barred their path.

    "Get our of our way!" Yuffie shouted. From out of nowhere, she pulled out a green Materia orb and held it in front of her. "ULTI-" Before she could finish her chant, a Dragoon's lance came rocketing through and knocked the Materia out of her hand, causing the spell to be ineffective. "No! My Materia!" She dove for her precious cargo, but she was intercepted by Neoshadows that began to lay the smackdown on her.

    Aerith was struggling herself as she couldn't get enough breathing room to cast any spells of her own. She could only swipe her staff futilely and dodge under blades and appendages. A few feet away, even though Ariel and the Prince were equipped, they were forced to take the back row as Mulan and the King fought up front doing their best to knock back enemies that dared to get past their defenses.

    The situation seemed so hopeless that even Peter Pan didn't display his usual childish bravado. The sky was no longer the safe haven he was used to as Dragoons and Air Pirates both swooped in from every which way. "Hey! No fair!" he complained. "I'm the only one who's supposed to be able to fly!" He didn't see the incoming Air Pirate zooming in behind him. It raised its sword for a killing blow...

    TWINK! Tinker Bell flung her entire body at the Heartless, giving Peter a chance to turn around and destroy it. Unfortunately, she rebounded into a Berserker's path and was swatted across the room.

    "TINK!" Peter zoomed as fast as he could to catch the little pixie. "Tinker Bell! Are you alright?" The fairy's luminosity flickered as she struggled to stay conscious. On closer inspection, two of her wings were bent out of shape. "Tink, just hang on!"

    A few feet below him, the remaining fighters were forced into a tightly knit bunch as the creatures corralled around them. "Don't give up!" King Mickey yelled. "We need to..." His voice trailed off as the sight of something horrendous came into view. A giant tidal wave made up of Dusks and Shadows filled the hallway, enveloping anything and everything in its path. Sora's friends braced themselves for impact.

    "Well, it's been nice knowing you guys," Yuffie said hopelessly. The mass of Heartless and Nobodies rushed as one and...

    SHWIINGG! A floor-to-ceiling wall of light erupted in front of the fallen heroes, forcing the creatures to bounce off into a pile of tangled limbs. Before the group could ponder what happened, the double doors behind them burst open.

    "Everyone get inside!" Hayner yelled. "Hurry!" Both the Destiny Island and Twilight Town kids helped the remaining fighters to carry the unconscious into the room before shutting the doors with a dull THOOM! As soon as she was sure that they were safe, Aerith wasted no time in casting Curaga on her fallen comrades. Everyone else began applying Potions on the wounded.

    Yuffie clutched her chest as she finally caught her breath. "What...just happened?" She leaned against the curved wall to keep herself upright.

    "I activated the security system," Tron explained. "Nobody else should be able to get in through those doors."

    "But how do we get out?" Mulan asked.

    Tron shook his head. "Unfortunately, that was the only available exit. The other door's still inaccessible."

    "I can't believe we were beaten so badly," Ariel sighed.

    Mulan walked up and gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "At least we're all still in one piece."

    "What in..." Pence suddenly gasped. Mickey and Hayner ran up to the console tree.

    "Pence, talk to us," Hayner prodded. "What happened?"

    The computer geek began rapidly typing. "Something just popped up on the monitor." The screen he was looking at had random numbers and images scrolling quickly in random directions. "It looks like..." He leaned closer and squinted. Then his eyes shot wide open. "No way."

    "What is it?" Hayner asked impatiently.

    Pence blinked a couple of times as if confirming his eyes. "Sora, Riku and Kairi are all back in the real world, but..."

    "But?" Mickey repeated.

    "According to this, their location is a hundred feet below this room." He pointed at a monitor that seemed to hold stats on any subjects that managed to occupy the computer's cyberspace.

    Hayner's eyes narrowed. "You mean to tell us that there's actually another room even deeper than this mineshaft?"

    "Can you get us there?" Mickey asked.

    Pence licked his lips slightly. "I could try. But right now all the power's being diverted to the security wall."

    Hayner gave him a friendly punch to the bicep. "We believe in you. Just get us there and we'll handle the rest."

    Mickey sighed with relief. "Welp, at least we know they're okay."

    "Actually, that's not the strangest part," Pence said. He pointed toward another monitor. "For some reason, the system is reading Kairi twice."

    Hayner furrowed his brow. "A glitch?"

    "Maybe..." Pence didn't look convinced.

    "By the way..." Tidus looked around the room. "Do you know where those faeries went? I haven't seen them since everyone grouped together."

    "I think they said they were going to bring some extra help," Olette answered, "just in case."

    "Huh." Tidus raised his eyes to the purple-hued sky above them. "I hope Yuna's okay..."

    (Note from author: Hope it was worth the wait! :))
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    Sweet chapter, keep up the good work!

    Just two things that have been bothering me for a while:

    What's the organizations plan? I mean why go through all of this, they're stuck in that computer anyways.... I think.

    I know this happened a long time ago, but I just recently became a fan. Why didn't Roxas remember Namine? And if it's because the organization wiped his memory, why did didn't they wipe Axels too? I mean they're both traiors...
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    The Roxas that Naminé was forced to fight was the Data version of him. He wasn't the real Roxas. The real one was still merged with Sora.
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    And further down the rabbit hole we drop. Glad to see a well contstructed chapter arise. So i was partially right with my theory that the organization was creating a new Kairi, that's awesome.

    Keep it up dude and Congrats again.
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    Very nice, I like the idea of the whole 'Light Side, Dark Side' thing.

    ...but Yamikai? What kind of a name is that?


    btw, congratz on becoming premium.