About the reveal in Mission 730 do you think that[Spoiler]

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    Do you believe Lauriam is the killer? I know that the way the cutscenes are shown suggest that he is and I know he is certainly capable of it, but it just seems a bit too obvious to be the case especially in a series known for making the story complex. Also i know that his silhouette can be seen if you mess with the lighting, but I think that could also just be a trick by the developers to make it seem that he is the killer. What do you guys think and who else do you think could of done it? if it not Lauriam I believe it was Brain ( Blaine) but I’m also slightly suspicious of Ven since we don’t know what he was like when he still had his darkness.
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    My opinion is that it was probably Brain. For one thing, like you said, it would be too obvious to make the character we know goes on to be a traitor later the culprit. For another? Brain is the Dandelion who's most consistently been questioning the rules they've been given and pushing the boundaries. Most telling, though, is that in his introduction he says that he expected to be the last arrival. One would expect to be late when one has to take the time to track and kill someone and search through their information to find the place they were planning to go.