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    For those of you who don't know, Photoshop has a feature that records multiple steps that you do. It's very useful because if you find something you really like to do, you don't have to go through the settings each time. I started using them recently and they're very convenient, especially when I'm making avatars. I thought I'd upload a few to share with you guys.

    Installing actions on your computer is rather straight forward. You can install the action file anywhere on your computer hard disk. It does not have to be installed in the Photoshop directory hierarchy.
    Once you have copied the action file onto your computer, you have to load the actions within Photoshop so that the actions are available for use. To load the actions, select "Load Actions ..." from the Actions palette menu as shown here. Locate your action file and select the "Load" button. Your actions are added to the Actions palette.

    +//HOW TO USE
    Here's a guide on how to use Photoshop Actions.

    action oo1: underwater boost
    this action is great for images that are supposed to have an "underwater" or "nighttime" feel. images like this have very little red hues, and this action helps to boost them. effect will vary from image to image.
    action oo2: reds&&blues
    fun coloring effect. works even better with a selective color adjustment layer to boost color underneath all the action's layers. effect will vary from image to image.
    action oo3: yellow&&blue
    though this one looks strange in my example, the opacity of the curves layer can be turned down to create a nice "vintage" effect. effect will vary from image to image.
    action oo4: green tint
    nice, dramatic coloring effect. effect will vary from image to image.

    all actions can be downloaded together here.
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    Thank you it will be awesome to use :3
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    Ohhh, I never knew that... Well, merci, Misty, and awesome examples =] This is gonna be fun... =]