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    Just like in the first two games—although I'm not really including the first game since AI customization wasn't as good, in my opinion, as in the second game—the AI can be customized. I know I can just play for myself and figure it out, but figured I'd start a discussion, anyway.

    In Kingdom Hearts III, under Abilities, there are three choices:
    • Go Wild (Default): The friend will use abilities at will.
    • Watch MP: The friend will balance using abilities and keeping MP in reserve.
    • Conserve: The friend will keep ability usage to a minimum.

    And under Recovery, which includes both items and magic and both HP and MP, there are also three choices:
    • Use as Needed: The friend will use recovery items/magic as needed
    • Use in Emergencies: The friend will use recovery items/magic in an emergency
    • Use Like Crazy: The friend will use recovery items/magic if selected targets lose even the slightest amount of HP/MP.

    For Kingdom Hearts II, we have for Battle Style, which seems to be akin to Abilities in III:
    • Technic Attack (Default): Party members fight with their individual techniques.
    • Target Attack: Party members concentrate attacks on Sora's target.
    • Huddle Attack: Party members fight close to Sora.
    • Party Attack: Party members will fight a target other than Sora's.
    • Sora Attack: While Sora attacks, party members will support him.
    • Relentless Attack: Party members defeat their target before attacking another.

    For Abilities, we have:
    • Free (Default): Use this ability freely.
    • Well-Balanced: Use this ability conservatively.
    • Rare: Use this ability in special situations

    And for items, we have:
    • Often (Default): Use this item often.
    • Last Hope!: Use this item only in an emergency!

    As an example using Donald and his Donald Cure from II:
    • Free: Even if not in the red, but noticeably below half health, Donald will heal. Red would be 25% health, so I would guess anywhere between 26–40% health.
    • Rare: Donald will only heal if in the red

    I'm not totally sure on Well-Balanced, actually, but free is what I would prefer for III. Items work similarly in II, but even if HP or MP are only a little bit below half, Donald will use items. For items, I would guess anywhere between 26–45% of HP or MP.

    What I've highlighted in the same color is what I'm guessing is the same between II and III, just different wording. What confuses me is the description for the "Use Like Crazy" one. Does that mean that if I have 90/105 (86%) HP, Donald will heal me? Or would this still just be like Free in II like in the example I gave above with 26–40%?