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    Jun 30, 2011
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    Welcome to the KHV AMV Battles. What exactly are AMV Battles you ask? Well that is simple it is a monthly contest in which you can pit yourself against other video editors, leaving it to the public to decide who won, and who still needs to improve. Every month, you the editors will vote on one song, you then get one week to edit with that song. At the end of the week a poll will be put up and the winner of that poll will have their video featured on the website youtube channel as well as our front page. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level and program you use. You are encouraged to join and use it as a learning opportunity to improve on your skills. There are a couple of rules however to go with this:

    1. All videos must be PG13
    2. Video length has to be between the range of 30 seconds and 6 minutes.
    3. Video clips are not limited, feel free to use whatever sources you want
    4. The songs must not contain swearing
    5. Do not vote for your own video
    6. When voting you are encouraged to offer constructive criticism, do not simply say the video sucks and nothing else.
    7. Most of all, have fun!

    Current AMV Battle: March

    February 26th- Song Suggestions
    March 5th- Song Voting
    March 12th- Begin Editing
    March 19th- Entries Due
    March 26th- Winner announced
    April 2nd- Song Selections
    April 9th- Song Voting
    April 16th- Begin Editing
    April 23rd- Entries Due
    April 30th- Winner Announced
    April 30th- Song Suggestions
    May 7th- Song Voting
    May 14th- Begin Editing
    May 21st- Entries Due
    May 28th- Winner Announced
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