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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by fall_out_girl, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. fall_out_girl Merlin's Housekeeper

    Jul 14, 2007
    somewhere sunny...
    how does everyone feel about animal testing and other controversial animal rights topics?
    - the meat industry
    - fur
    - frog/animal disecting

    any members belong to peta?
  2. Frodis Gummi Ship Junkie

    Sep 30, 2006
    I am not a veggitarian(sp?), but I am against disecting frogs and fur coats. Its just gross. Yes, I know we would havent surrvied without fur, but thats was when the human race was just a bunch of neantherthals(sp?). About the frogs, I could never do any thing like that, just the though of killing somthing so helpless makes me sick.

    (my spell check broke)
  3. Patsy Stone Мать Россия

    Apr 30, 2007
    Northern Ireland
    I have nothing against the meat industry. People need nutrition (i.e. protein), and animals eat other animals all the time, so what's the problem? Anyway, meat tastes goood.

    The fur industry is wrong, but only if the animal was just killed for it's fur. If the animal had already been killed for it's meat then why let the skin/fur go to waste? Although it would be nearly impossible to meet global demand for furs and regulate such a plan.

    Dissection is part of learning. You seem to forget that there are billions of, let's say, frogs out there. There is only a miniscule proportion that are disected. Also, only the most common frogs are disected.

    As for animal testing, I agree that it's wrong. Making animals suffer just to test a shampoo is never good. But, can you suggest an alternative method to test medicines, new products etc? Put it this way, would you rather see a human being suffer or an animal?
  4. Sanya Orussia’s 586th Fighter Regiment

    Oct 13, 2006
    I support animal testing and the meat industry, but I agree with everything Bunterx on animal fur... that's just wrong.

    The reason I support animal testing is because we need them for vaccines and other medicines. Atleast until they find a better solution anyway...
  5. Redeyesblackdragon Twilight Town Denizen

    Apr 12, 2007
    Want to know what I think? Well if you do then listen up! I think it is okay to kill something if you are going to eat it. (This does not apply to dogs, cats, and other pet type animals because thats not right.)
    People I understand when we were Neanderthals but Dissecting frogs is wrong, you hear that! Think of it this way, eat to survive, not "Lets Dissect a frog just for fun." Get it together, we kill to live not to have fun. Killing for fun is wrong! Would you like it if I killed you? No I don't think you would like to die, now would you? Anyway I think that you don't kill for fun.
  6. Repliku Chaser

    Killing animals for meat is fine with me. I'm sorry but eating plants alone is not all that healthy, despite how much vegetarians spruce it up. Just about every vegetarian I see is thin, full of zits and is oily, they don't look healthy. Also, some eat fish and eggs and I don't get how they are still vegetarians if they eat fish...those are animals to me too. And eggs...chickens are some of the most abused animals out there in the meat industry. The one food if I was to become a meat hater, I would never touch would be chicken in nearly any form. Meat provides necessary proteins and truly, you are going to -kill- no matter what you eat. You are killing plants to eat those and plants can -live- for up to 2 weeks, depending what type they are, after being picked. How is that so humane? In the end, people should starve if they think they can live without killing something. The biggest -beef- I have with meat farming is the way some animals are treated and also using 'animal feed' on herbivores. It's disgusting to make them different from how they should be. People found to mistreat these animals or feed them wrong ought to be fined heavily and out of the business, and serve some jail time. Other than that, if I want a steak with my broccoli, I'm eating it.

    As for furs...I have nothing wrong with someone wearing a fur if well, it is from an animal that is also used for other things. People hunted for animals and would use nearly all of the creatures instead of just specific parts. I find the fur industry to be rather disturbing and though I like my leather coats, I would never get a fur one or buy someone a fur coat etc because I do not like what is seen. However, I wouldn't be like the PETA jerks either, going around with paint and splashing people's fur coats. All that produces is the person goes out and buys another one. Most people who can wear 3000+ dollar plus coats can probably just go get another so are supporting this, not ridding anyone of it. Many people are starting to buy faux fur and leather stuff too and some of them have been attacked.

    Frog dissections, as someone pointed out, uses a small percentage of frog population, and also these frogs are used for 'education'. It is not just -fun-. It is learning about the body of a frog, and well, it may not be for everyone and I don't think people who don't want to do it should have to, but at the same time, I learned a lot from it.

    Animal testing is something I am torn on. I really think that they could just pay -people- to test shampoos and conditioners, make-up etc on. WHY does an animal need shaved to test out blush? The point here I suppose is that animals are cheap and if something does go wrong, no one is hurt. However, for mundane things like shampoos, perfumes, make-up and such, they really should use people. I can see why they have to test drugs on animals though, before they can be tested on people. I don't like it but I guess it's a necessary evil.

    In the end, for all of these practices, I'd just wish them to be as humane as they could be, and not be done where it is not necessary.
  7. TabbyRoxas Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 4, 2007
    Australia. It's Hot there.
    I believe that Animal Testing is OK as long as the animals are treated right, and not harmed in any way or form.
  8. Amethyst Grave Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jul 7, 2007
    My Violet Prison
    I agree, Its not right to hurt animals.
  9. Spitfire I'm a little high, and a little drunk.

    Mar 19, 2007
    On the Block wit my Thang Cocked

    ^this is true to me^

    But, with things like shampoo and fur, and things like this are completely pointless that is abusing power that we as a dominate species does and it is completly immoral. But with treatments and medicines I can understand, cause when it comes down to it on something useful such as medicine I would rather risk an animal than a human, just not for something useless like make-up
  10. newman Destiny Islands Resident

    Sep 13, 2007
    I really love animals,so I find it hard to think how cruel mankind can be to them.As your posts have reflected there are valid reasons for doing some of the things that we do.Without having done these things we wouldn't have progressed as much as we have.However I can't help but wish that we could find better ways then we already have to deal with these issues.Again I'm all for animal rights,as I believe they deserve being treated well.
  11. Patsy Stone Мать Россия

    Apr 30, 2007
    Northern Ireland
    Give some examples. It's easy to say you think animals should be treated well, but in what situations? If you were starving to death and you saw an (edible) animal in front of you and you had the means to eat it, would you kill it? Or would you stop to think about how the animal feels and let it live while you die? Some evils are necessary.
  12. Peyton Goddess Of Love ♥

    Feb 12, 2007

    I think testing on animals is wrong;
    It's better to sit in a lab and test out how things react, than testing it on animals.

    The meat industry:
    We need food, it's just like animals eat each other.
    We wouldn't get the right nutricion without meat and fish etc.

    BAHHHH! SO WRONG! I can't express how mad I get when I see preppy ladies with these big expensive fur coats, I want to set them on fire.
    I don't think it's right ot slaughter animals just so the 'fine ladies of the town' should be able to wear them. :/
  13. kitty_mckechnie I want to hug you like big fuzzy Siberian bear!

    Feb 6, 2007
    I don't their's anything wrong with the meat industry, animals eat each other in order to live as others have already stated. If we didn't eat meat we wouldn't get th proper nutrition for our bodies to function correctly.

    Having the animal solely killed for it's fur is just wrong in my opinion. People should find someting else to wear rather than wasting so much money on a piece of clothing that will eventually wear out.

    I kinda semi agree with animal testing. If it is for medicine & such then i'm awright with that as it is helping combat disease. Animal testing for cosmetics n' such is something i highly disagree on. They could easy give someone some money that would like to participate in it rather than forcing an animal to be their test dummy. I'm pretty confident that the animal will get stressed out with the things they put on them. Anything else other than the reaserch for medicine i disagree on.
  14. daxma Hei Long: Unrivalled under the Heavens

    May 14, 2007
    Ireland somewhere
    I think animal testing/Animal Disection is not right from any degree.Animals are living things.they need food,love and care.the dream just like us.Any company that uses animal testing should be tested on themselves.It would be ok if the animal died of natural causes and then it might be ok but other than that it's disgusting.
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