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    (Note: this will not be replacing MLFS2 or What Happened, it's just a prject I'm working on, based on my own feelings and views)


    The man looked down onto the people in the city and laughed. Not the kind of laugh you'd expect from the kind of man he was, a larger, heartier laugh. "What do all those people think they're doing?" The voice asked him. "You again?" the man asked. "No matter how hard you try, I will not go away." The voice said maliciously. "Oh, well then." The man said. "I wonder if you'll come with me!" The man jumped off the skyscraper and stabbed himself wih the sword he was carrying, making sure too run it through his heart. "YOU FOOL!" The voice shouted, followed by a splatter of blood on the pavement below.
  2. SpazticFantaztic >:3 Kingdom Keeper

    Chapter One

    The man woke up in a hospital bed, none of his dark clothes or weapons on him. He looked up to see a nurse standing over his bed. He cursed under his breath. "Why am I here? I jumped for a reason!" He shouted at the nurse.

    "You can't expect us to just let you die." The nurse retorted. "What is your name? We haven't been able to locate any of your family members or anyone who knows you." The nurse asked. "My name..." the man started. "I don't think I... have... a name. As for my family," the man looked away. "They're all dead." The nurse fell silent.

    After a good 3 minutes, she smiled. "We'll call you X for now." X nodded. "So," she started."Why'd ya do it? You know, jump?"
    X stirred, trying to get up on his elbow. "That's... personal." He waited for a response from the voice. Nothing happend. He was puzzled.

    "Did you... happen to recover any other bodies, beings, anything from the scene where I jumped?" The nurse shook her head. "No. Why, was there someone else?" X just looked down. How could he not be here, or there? he thought.
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    Hehe, that was good. X is going crazy and is hearing voices!