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  1. no-reality_allowed ¢ℓαιяνσуαηт ℓσνєкιℓℓ

    i got this game a couple weeks ago and simply adore it ^-^

    it is just so intense and sweet.......i like to think of it (if you have a ps2) as the halo for the ps2.........the way the infected just pop out at you and keep coming......its so cool.........and also those black-ops enemys..........i love their badass looking:cool:

    i totally recommend getting this game if you have a ps2 or xbox....haha GCube doesnt get it!!!:p

    im currently at the underground cave thingy.....i think its called 'the bridge'.......yea im getting owned right when i have to pull this lever in a room.....then all these dudes just throw jb gernades at my *** sucks......
  2. naxes Merlin's Housekeeper

    Nov 7, 2006
    and while you were playing the game did you notice all the little signs of like real cover ups... ook so the fake landing on the moon was very obvious... but like some water tanks say walkerton ( long story ).. and all the refrences to the bermuda triangle....

    AND YES I LOVED AREA 51 to bad it did not get the publicity it deserved
  3. no-reality_allowed ¢ℓαιяνσуαηт ℓσνєкιℓℓ

    162 deserved alot my praise than what it got :(

    people i know didnt even think it was a real game >.<
  4. Ranger_vega87 Traverse Town Homebody

    Oct 2, 2006
    Area 51

    That game was cool I really didn't get a chance to play that much cause it was my brother's but it was cool. I really liked the way some of the weapons looked and worked.
  5. blarphe Merlin's Housekeeper

    Nov 13, 2006
    never land
    area 51 is a good game, i still only played it about 30 minutes tho because i borrowed it from my step bro. but when i do play it i might be able to help you on the part your at
  6. no-reality_allowed ¢ℓαιяνσуαηт ℓσνєкιℓℓ

    oh i beat it like a week ago........i just woke up at midnight, couldn't sleep and just started playing it xD

    the ending level was so intense though, i was shaking and everything........although i was playing on hard o.O